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10 Best Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies for Sleep (2024)

Picture this: You’re nestled in bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows and billowing blankets, drifting off to sleep without a care. Doesn’t this sound serene? Unfortunately, sleep doesn’t always come so quickly.

Enter full-spectrum CBD gummies — your ticket to Slumberland.

Among the countless sleep gummies on the market made from CBD isolate, full-spectrum chews stand out for delivering the full soothing potential of the entire hemp plant: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and all.

Full-spectrum CBD also contains small amounts of THC, which works synergistically with CBD and other hemp-derived compounds to enhance their relaxing effects.

Grab your favorite blanket and prepare to catch some z’s. We’re unveiling some of the best full-spectrum CBD gummies for sleep packed with calming compounds.

Best Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies for Sleep

Top Choice: FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies

Jar of FOCL Deep Sleep gummies

At FOCL, we manufacture our favorite full-spectrum CBD gummies for sleeping (which probably makes sense). Why? Many CBD brands boast about sleep benefits, but at FOCL, we deliver proven results.

In an independent sleep study involving 178 participants struggling with sleep, 87% reported that FOCL Deep Sleep is the best sleep aid they’ve ever tried. On average, participants gained almost two hours of sleep per night while taking these CBD gummies.

We can thank the synergistic sleep blend for these impressive results. Each gummy delivers 25 mg of CBD and 2.5 mg of THC to promote relaxation, 15 mg of CBN to support deep sleep, 100 mg of L-theanine to calm your brain activity, and 1 mg of melatonin to regulate your sleep-wake cycle.

You can verify the purity and potency of these gummies yourself — all FOCL products are third-party tested, and the results are publicly available. The hemp itself is sourced from organic American farms, ensuring no unwanted contaminants end up in these gummies.

If that’s not enough, FOCL offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee — one of the longest money-back trial periods in the industry. If you don’t notice improvements in your sleep quality, just reach out for a full refund. That should help you sleep at night!

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Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies

Jar of Chill Frog ZZZs gummies

Like our FOCL gummies, these full-spectrum gummies from Chill Frog contain 25 mg of CBD, 15 mg of CBN, and 2 mg of THC. The company also adds L-theanine and passion flower to ease your brain into a state conducive to sleep.

We love that Chill Frog posts its third-party test results so you can verify the cannabinoid content in these chews.

Be aware that this formula is free of melatonin. This formulation means the gummies might not work as well if you’re trying to shift your sleep schedule, but they still offer numerous benefits for relaxation and sleep support.

Looking at the reviews, It’s clear that customers love this product. Several reviewers report an easier time falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up the following day.

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Medterra True Full-Spectrum Deep Sleep Gummies

Jar of Medterra Deep Sleep gummies

Medterra presents another top contender for the best full-spectrum CBD sleep gummies.

These treats boast a potent blend containing 25 mg of CBD, 2 mg of THC, and 3 mg of various minor cannabinoids. Additional cannabinoids might include CBN, but the exact composition varies from batch to batch. Every chew also contains 3 mg of melatonin to help you fall asleep faster.

Medterra infuses these gummies with organic fruit juice for flavor, but a few reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the taste. Fortunately, the company offers a 30-day risk-free trial for new customers, so you can get a refund if you’re unsatisfied.

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cbdMD Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies for Sleep

Jar of cbdMD gummies next to three stacked gummies

At first glance, it looks like these gummies from cbdMD contain twice as much CBD as other brands, but the 50 mg dose of CBD is a two-gummy serving. Per gummy, the CBD content stacks up with many other brands on this list.

The full-spectrum CBD in these gummies is accompanied by a blend of calming herbs, including lemon balm, chamomile, ashwagandha, and valerian root. cbdMD also added a few natural sleep aids, namely L-theanine and GABA, to further facilitate a soothing slumber.

We were surprised to see 5 mg of melatonin on the ingredients list, as that’s the highest dose of the ‘sleep hormone’ in any of the gummy brands we reviewed. Studies suggest that lower doses of melatonin — between 1 mg and 3 mg — are just as effective at improving sleep quality, but higher doses can remain in the body into the morning, causing grogginess during the day.

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TruHarvest Full-Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies

Jar of TruHarvest CBD gummies

If you’re looking for a full-spectrum CBD sleep aid without additional ingredients like melatonin or sleep-promoting herbs, you might be interested in these TruHarvest gummies. With just 0.6 mg of THC per serving, this is one of the lowest doses we found in a full-spectrum sleep gummy.

Still, these contain a standard 25 mg dose of full-spectrum CBD and small amounts of additional cannabinoids.

We were disappointed to learn that these gummies contain artificial flavors and colors. If you prefer all-natural ingredients, these might be for someone else.

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Charlotte’s Web Sleep Gummies

Jar of Charlotte's Web sleep gummies

These gummies from Charlotte’s Web deliver the lowest dose of CBD out of all the full-spectrum products we covered.

With just 10 mg per serving, these could be a good option if you’re new to CBD, but they may not suffice for users with a higher tolerance to cannabinoids. Nevertheless, adding 3 mg of melatonin will help you maintain a regular sleep schedule.

We love that Charlotte’s Web provides flexibility with three container sizes: 30, 60, and 90 gummy counts. This variety allows you to stock up according to your needs while saving on shipping costs.

Unlike the TruHarvest gummies, these CBD gummies get their flavor and color solely from natural fruit and vegetable juices. No artificial ingredients here.

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Five Full-Spectrum CBD + THC Sleep Gummies

Jar of Five sleep gummies surrounded by gummies

Five produces two different sleep products: Knockout and Sleep.

The company’s Knockout gummy is designed to knock you out — quite literally. With an impressive 50 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC, this formula is one of the most potent full-spectrum options available.

The Knockout chew also boasts 100 mg of L-theanine and 3 mg of melatonin, which can seriously reduce sleepless nights. Note that these additional sleep-inducing ingredients are exclusive to the Knockout line.

Conversely, the Sleep gummies provide a gentler approach, offering 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC. This dosage should be ample for most, but those struggling with sleep may opt for the higher-strength option.

If it helps you decide, the Sleep gummies feature a mix of five fruity flavors in each container, creating a unique sensory experience every night.

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Aspen Green Rest Organic CBD Gummies

Open jar of Aspen Green Rest gummies with gummies inside

Another high-strength CBD gummy comes from Aspen Green. Each morsel contains 50 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC, as well as 10 mg of phytocannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBDV, and THCV.

There’s more to these chews than full-spectrum hemp extracts. Aspen Green expertly blended these gummies with various wellness-boosting botanicals to enhance their efficacy. This unique blend includes skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, and valerian root.

We love that these CBD gummies are specially formulated by physicians to promote quality rest and support a peaceful sleep experience. This pedigree adds credibility to the product. Moreover, third-party laboratories analyze every product to ensure the cannabinoid counts are spot on — we’re big fans of transparency.

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Sunday Scaries Extra Strength CBD Gummies

Jar of Sunday Scaries extra-strength gummies

These CBD gummies from Sunday Scaries are designed to tackle anxiety, but they may also help you get a good night’s rest, especially if anxiety is disrupting your slumber.

The main benefit of these anxiety-targeted chews is that you can take them during the day without feeling drowsy. This gummy contains only trace amounts of THC and no additional sleep-promoting ingredients like melatonin.

Each two-gummy serving contains 50 mg of CBD, but that’s not all. The full-spectrum extract is also infused with minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN to further promote relaxation. For more information about these ingredients, check out the company’s lab results.

On the downside, these gummies contain a few artificial ingredients for flavor and color, as well as soy, a common allergen.

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Slumber Deep Zzzs Sleep Gummies

Jar of Slumber Deep Zzzs gummies

This best-selling sleep gummy from Slumber is consciously formulated without melatonin to prevent morning grogginess. Packed with 25 mg of CBD, 3 mg of THC, and 5 mg of CBN, this full-spectrum blend is perfect for helping you unwind in the evenings and enjoy a restful sleep.

Like FOCL’s sleep gummies, Slumber’s are backed by an independent sleep study. 87% of participants reported that Deep Zzzs outperformed other sleep aids they’ve tried. All products are also rigorously tested to ensure they meet the company's sky-high standards, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a leading brand.

If you want to try these, you’ll have 30 days to do so, and a full refund is available if you’re unsatisfied.

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FAQs About Full-Spectrum CBD for Sleep

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Do full-spectrum CBD gummies actually help with sleep?

Many people take CBD gummies for insomnia, and most users report positive results. While research in this area is ongoing, preliminary results suggest that CBD can help with various sleep disorders, including insomnia, REM disorders, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

CBD and other hemp-based compounds work by interacting with systems in your body to relieve stress and promote a sense of relaxation. CBD also has valuable anti-inflammatory effects, which might further improve your sleep quality, especially if you’re dealing with chronic pain.

Plus, many full-spectrum CBD gummies for sleep aid contain other calming ingredients, such as melatonin, L-theanine, and herbal extracts, to help your body relax.

What strength of full-spectrum CBD gummies is best for sleep?

The best CBD gummies for sleep contain between 25 mg and 50 mg of CBD. Studies have found that 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD is effective at supporting sleep in participants struggling with anxiety and sleeplessness, though some people can benefit from higher doses.

Ultimately, how many CBD gummies you should take for sleep will depend on individual factors like body weight and tolerance, which can impact your ideal dose.

Remember that you can always take more than one or even just half a gummy as you learn how your body reacts to full-spectrum CBD.

Are full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD gummies better for sleep?

Full-spectrum CBD tends to be more effective for sleep than broad-spectrum CBD.

Both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD contain a range of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, which work harmoniously to produce more potent effects than the isolated compounds alone. The difference is that full-spectrum CBD can contain up to 0.3% THC, while broad-spectrum CBD has no detectable THC.

Even this tiny amount of THC is enough to make full-spectrum gummies more potent than broad-spectrum products.

Are full-spectrum CBD sleep gummies safe?

Full-spectrum CBD for sleep is generally safe if you buy high-quality products from reputable brands — ideally, those that post their lab results online.

Even popular products can contain allergens like coconut, dairy, or soy, so be sure to read the product label to check for any allergens before trying gummies from a new brand.

Keep in mind that full-spectrum CBD contains small amounts of THC, which is not recommended for consumption if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. If you want to avoid THC for whatever reason, opt for THC-free sleep gummies instead.

It’s also important to note that CBD can interact with some medications by slowing the liver’s ability to process and break them down. If you are taking medications, chat with your doctor before consuming CBD gummies. It never hurts to be cautious!

What are the potential side effects of full-spectrum CBD gummies for sleep?

Person talking to a doctor in a waiting room

While CBD is well-tolerated by most people, individual responses can vary. It’s a good idea to review potential side effects before taking full-spectrum CBD gummies to help you sleep.

Drowsiness is one of the most common side effects of gummies containing a range of hemp compounds, especially those that also include melatonin. Of course, this might be more of a benefit than a side effect if you're taking them before bed.

Sometimes, the hemp-derived compounds in sleep gummies can trigger gastrointestinal discomfort. Users may also experience morning grogginess, though this is more likely with products containing heavy melatonin doses. CBD gummies can also dry out your mouth, which is easily remedied with a glass of water.

The beauty of buying CBD in gummy form is that it’s easy to control your dosage. The first time you try a new full-spectrum CBD product, consider taking half — or even a quarter — of a gummy to see how you feel during the night and the following morning.

Sleep Well with Full-Spectrum CBD

Are you ready to enjoy a seamless slumber? All the CBD edibles we reviewed are packed with calming cannabinoids that help you fall and stay asleep.

If you try CBD for sleep, shop from trusted brands — the abovementioned companies are all great options. This tactic will ensure your gummies contain only safe, high-quality ingredients carefully selected to support your sleep.

FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies are an excellent choice whether you’re entirely new to CBD or looking for a product that delivers superior relaxation over CBD isolates and broad-spectrum options. Try this calming blend of cannabinoids and calming adaptogens and enter a dream world like you’ve never experienced.