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Next-level wellness is here.

24/7 news cycles. Social media noise. Inbox overload. In today’s chaotic world, it’s difficult to focus on what’s important - your health. That's why we created FOCL. Hemp-derived CBD plus powerful adaptogens and botanicals for 24-hour wellness.

Ditch Stress
Recover Faster
Concentrate Longer
Sleep Deeper

Feel better fast.

That stress? Drop it like it’s...chill. Made with organic MCT oil and in three delicious flavors, our hemp-derived CBD tincture delivers serious calm and focus. This is Modern Mother Nature. 

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The rise & shine stack.

Made for power moves. The first-ever CBD daytime supplement is packed with brain-boosting, stress-busting botanicals like Rhodiola Rosea and Lion’s Mane. Go on, show those back-to-back meetings who’s boss.

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Rest. Recover.
Sleep like a baby.

Meet your dream team! Premium CBD meets calming Valerian Root, Ashwagandha and soothing botanicals. Get better zzz’s at night. Wake up rested and ready for a new day. 

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We take your trust seriously.

That’s why we focus on the quality of ingredients and believe in radical transparency. You’ll always know what you’re taking with clear labeling and honest practices.

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Understanding CBD and the FOCL difference.

Check out the FOCL Formulas Guide for more details on how our CBD wellness stacks can dial up your focus and productivity during the day, and support calm and restful sleep at night.

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Perform. Rest. LIVE BETTER.

Need help falling and staying asleep? Get FOCL Night. Need to perform better and increase productivity? Get FOCL Day. For best results, get both.