Why FOCL CBD + CBN Gummies Are So Popular

  • Potent Sleep Support

    With FOCL hemp extract-infused gummies, sleep comes naturally. A mix of soothing cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and botanical extracts helps the body and mind let go of tension so you can slumber deeply.

  • Well-Balanced Dosage

    Our gummies offer the optimal concentration of CBD, CBN, and L-theanine for most users to get a good night’s sleep with no next-day drowsiness.

  • High-Quality Plant-Based Ingredients

    FOCL CBD + CBN gummies are made from all-natural, vegan ingredients like organic hemp and passionflower. They contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, or GMOs.

Third-party Tested
Organic USA-grown Hemp

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Premium Organic Hemp

Great sleep gummies begin with great ingredients. FOCL’s formula is based on low-THC, high-CBN hemp flower supplied by local growers following sustainable organic farming practices. We capture the plant’s active ingredients using a supercritical CO2 extraction process that leaves behind no residual solvents.

Our simple supply chain helps us eliminate the pesticides, heavy metals, and mold that contaminate far too many CBD products. We also have our hemp extract-infused gummies for sleep tested by independent ISO-certified laboratories to verify they’re totally pure.

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Untroubled, Refreshing Sleep

CBN CBD gummies for insomnia can help you fall asleep and stay asleep when you’re feeling jittery, distracted, or stressed. CBD promotes calm and relieves pain, stress, and other obstacles to sleep. Meanwhile, CBN produces a pleasantly drowsy feeling, and research suggests it provides more restful sleep with fewer disruptions.

(For a more detailed comparison, take a look at our article on CBD vs. CBN for sleep.)

FOCL’s formula is enhanced with 25 mg of passionflower extract, an anxiety-fighting adaptogen, and 50 mg of the relaxing amino acid L-theanine. This botanical combo makes our hemp sleep aid gummies extra-effective at enabling healthy rest.

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Convenient Dosing

When taking CBD and CBN for sleep, dosage requirements can vary based on factors like body weight, cannabinoid tolerance, and the severity of your insomnia. Combining 15-50 mg of CBD and 10-15 mg of CBN helps most users get restful sleep with no lingering drowsiness the next morning.

(See our detailed guide to choosing your CBN dosage for sleep if you want to learn more.)

A good rule of thumb is to begin with around half as much CBN as you think you need. If you’re still not getting enough rest after a week, increase the amount little by little. Our CBN + CBD gummies for sleep and relaxation make this easy since you can easily bite them into halves or quarters for a lower dose.

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Natural, Cruelty-Free Ingredients

Organic CBN and CBD aren’t the only eco-friendly elements of these vegan CBD gummies for sleep. Sweeteners like organic tapioca syrup and cane sugar counteract the bitterness of hemp extract, and natural flavorings create the delicious mixed berry taste.

You won’t find any synthetic ingredients or GMOs here. Every element in our sleep gummies comes directly from sustainably raised plants, down to the apple pectin that gives them their springy, chewy texture.

Note that these are melatonin-free CBD gummies for sleep. No melatonin means no need to worry about the grogginess or headaches that this common sleep aid sometimes causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CBD + CBN gummies?

CBD + CBN gummies are edible plant-based sleep aids that combine two of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Ordinary CBD gummies usually contain only tiny amounts of CBN, but CBD + CBN gummies are infused with added hemp-derived CBN to support deeper sleep.

What ingredients are in CBD + CBN gummies?

The main ingredient in most CBD + CBN is hemp extract dissolved in a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or avocado. The chewy, gummy texture can come from gelatin or a vegan alternative such as pectin. A variety of flavorings, sweeteners, and colors may be added, from natural options like fruit juices to synthetic ones like Red Dye #40.

Some brands use additional relaxing active ingredients in CBD gummies for sleep, including neurotransmitters like GABA and melatonin or herbal extracts like chamomile and passionflower.

FOCL CBD + CBN gummies contain only natural, plant-based, vegan ingredients like refined coconut oil and apple-based pectin.

What are CBD + CBN gummies used for?

The main benefit of gummies with CBN is deeper, more refreshing sleep. However, some people also use CBD + CBN gummies to support pain and stress relief or daytime relaxation.

How much do CBD and CBN sleep gummies cost?

The best CBD gummies with CBN generally range from around $40 to $80 for a container of 30 servings.

FOCL’s products fall at the mid-to-low end of that scale. You can get an order of our full-spectrum Good Night gummies for $54, and the THC-free broad-spectrum version is just $44. By sticking to a simple, no-frills formula and selling directly to users, we’re able to keep our prices affordable without sacrificing quality.

How long do CBD sleep gummies with CBN take to kick in?

Most people begin to feel the effects of CBD + CBN gummies within 45 minutes of consuming them, and the full benefits may take up to 90 minutes to kick in. The exact timing of onset depends on your metabolism and whether you’re taking them on an empty stomach.

How many CBD + CBN gummies should I take for sleep?

The average user should sleep well after taking 1-2 CBD + CBN sleep gummies before bed each night. If you’re using gummies with a significantly higher or lower cannabinoid content than FOCL’s, you can adjust your dosage accordingly. New users may want to start with ½ of a gummy per night to gauge the effects.

Where can I buy CBD CBN gummies for sleep?

Buying CBD and CBN gummies directly from the manufacturer usually gives you the best deal and the most comprehensive information on the product. You can also shop with large online retailers to compare multiple brands according to features like price and potency, or buy from local businesses to get personalized recommendations. For a look at the pros and cons of these options, take a look at our guide on where to buy CBD gummies for sleep.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Alyssa C.

    Yummy Gummy

    These gummies are yummy sleep game changers. My sleep has dramatically improved with no residual drowsiness in the morning. I’ll take a gummy around 30 minutes prior to going to bed and sleep like a baby. Great product. Highly recommend as sleep is crucial to good health.

  • Aaron

    Finally found a CBN product that works for sleep!

    I've tried a number of different CBD and CBN products to help me sleep. This one is very effective and by far the most successful of everything I've tried. Doesn't leave me groggy in the morning. I feel very well rested when I wake up. Love it!!

  • Dawn C.

    Better Sleep

    I've used several sleep gummies over the past couple of years and the FOCL brand are one of my favs. I like that these help me to relax and fall asleep without waking up groggy. And, they get bonus points for being delivered automatically!

  • Charles M.

    Sleep Aids

    Great product. Haven’t slept this good in a long time. Really good taste. Definitely helps as a sleep aid. Going to order more as my bottle dwindles down. Quick and easy ordering and delivery.

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