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What’s the Best CBN Dosage For Sleep? How to Find Your Ideal Amount

Getting better sleep can be one of the simplest but most effective ways to improve your well-being. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done with all the stresses and distractions of the modern world. One solution that may help is cannabinol (CBN), a natural sleep aid derived from the hemp plant. The right CBN dose can help you get a good night’s sleep without the unpleasant side effects that often come with prescription sleeping pills.

So how much CBN should you take to promote sleep? The answer will depend on factors like your body size, your sensitivity to cannabinoids, and the severity of your insomnia. You’ll also have to consider how you’re consuming your sleep aid, since not all CBN products have the same absorption rates. We’ll review all these factors and more to help you find the ideal dosage of CBN for sleep.

If you need a quick suggestion for fast-acting relief, we’d suggest starting with a CBN oil tincture like our Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Drops. They offer an optimal CBN dosage for sleep, along with CBD to ease anxiety and induce gentle relaxation. Our drops are fully organic, vegan, and free of toxic additives and contaminants. Plus, our 60-day satisfaction guarantee means you’ll have more than a month to experiment and discover the right CBN dose for you.

CBN Benefits For Sleep

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CBN is just one of more than 100 known cannabinoids — components of the cannabis plant that can interact with the human central nervous system. For decades, it’s gotten little attention compared to CBD or THC. However, in recent years, scientists have been taking note of the possible benefits of CBN.

So far, there’s only been a small amount of research on this molecule, and its effects aren’t fully understood. But some studies suggest that taking CBN could help promote better sleep:

  • A small experiment in 2021 found that CBN tinctures appeared to reduce sleep disorder symptoms.
  • A 2021 study concluded that a combination of CBN and THC led to longer, more restful sleep.
  • A 2023 experiment found that people who took CBN were less likely to wake up during the night. Many also reported improved sleep quality.

CBN may work better for sleep support when combined with other hemp compounds like cannabidiol (CBD). This is such a common theme in cannabis research that scientists have nicknamed it the “entourage effect.” It’s the reason we include both CBD and CBN in our own sleep gummies and tinctures.

How Much CBN Should I Take To Sleep?

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Research into the benefits of cannabinol as a sleep aid is still in its infancy, so there’s no standardized CBN dosage chart to consult. However, early results do offer some guidelines.

Most of the successful studies on CBN for sleep involved daily doses of between 5 and 20 mg. At least one study found that participants slept better when taking 4 mg of CBN or less each night, with no other active ingredients.

Sensitivity to cannabinoids can be very different from one individual to the next. That’s why we usually recommend starting with a low dose when you take CBN oil. Try taking 4-6 mg of CBN for sleep per day for a week or so.

If you’re still having trouble getting enough rest, you can increase your dose by roughly 5 mg. Raise your CBN dosage gradually until you’re getting the healthy slumber you need. Going slowly should help you avoid taking too much CBN and triggering unpleasant effects.

Key Factors When Choosing Your CBN Dose For Sleep

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It’s important to remember that the CBN dosage recommendations above are only rough guidelines. A few crucial variables can affect how much CBN you should take for better sleep.

The first is your body mass. Larger individuals almost always require higher doses. A decent rule of thumb for beginners might be to take around 1 mg of CBN daily for every 15-20 pounds of body weight.

You might also need to consider how much relief you need. Users living with severe insomnia might want more CBN oil than those just hoping for slightly deeper slumber.

Individual tolerance makes a difference too — some people simply have a greater sensitivity to certain ingredients. If you tend to have much stronger reactions to cannabis products than others of a similar age, weight, and sex, you should begin with a lower dose of CBN.

CBN Dosage Recommendations By Product Type

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One other vital question when considering CBN dosage is how you’re consuming it. CBN products come in many different forms that can affect how much of their cannabinoid content reaches your bloodstream.

Dosage For CBN Oil Tinctures

The quickest and most efficient way to get CBN into your system is by taking a tincture of CBN oil sublingually (under your tongue). The cannabinoids will be absorbed quickly by blood vessels in your mouth’s soft tissues.

This means almost all of the active ingredients will reach your bloodstream. You can use a lower CBN dose with tinctures than edible cannabis products, which always lose some of their potency during digestion. For new users of CBN oil tinctures, a dosage of as little as 5 mg may be enough.

Dosage For CBN Capsules

You can also take CBN for sleep in capsule form, swallowing a small hard-shelled pill that looks much like any other medication. Because these capsules have to be digested and filtered through your liver before hitting your bloodstream, they are less efficient than CBN oil. You’ll probably need at least 10-15 mg to feel noticeable effects.

On the plus side, capsules may allow for a more precise dosage than CBN tinctures. The benefits may also last longer since the cannabinoids reach your system gradually rather than all at once.

Dosage For CBN Gummies

Chewy, flavorful gummies are another popular way to take CBN for sleep. The bioavailability of capsules and gummies are generally similar. However, you may feel the benefits of gummies a bit faster, since the hard shell of a capsule can take longer to digest. We’d suggest a CBN dosage of 10-15 mg if you’re taking it in gummy form.

Note that it’s rare to find pure CBN gummies, since this chemical is thought to work better in combination with other cannabinoids. You’ll usually find it as an added ingredient in CBD sleep gummies or similar products.

The Best CBN Products To Support Sleep

Looking for the perfect way to start taking CBN for sleep? We’ve developed two fantastic options:

Best CBN Tincture: FOCL Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Drops

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Those who prefer the rapid action and high bioavailability of CBN oil will love our premium sleep drops. Each serving contains 6 mg of CBN to induce sleep and reduce restlessness, along with 33 mg of CBD to relieve anxiety and tension.

Our CBN oil tinctures don’t contain a bunch of pointless additives. They’re made with just five organic ingredients — hemp extract, MCT oil from coconuts, lavender, peppermint, and stevia. They contain:

  • Zero GMOs
  • Zero animal products
  • Zero heavy metals
  • Zero bacterial or fungal germs
  • Zero pesticides
  • Zero artificial flavors

You can’t get great sleep without peace of mind. That’s why our CBN products are tested by independent laboratories to certify their cannabinoid content and the purity of our ingredients. The results are posted publicly on our website so you can see for yourself that FOCL Sleep Drops are clean and safe. Take a dropper or two each night to relax, de-stress, and settle into slumber.

Find our CBD + CBN tincture here

Best CBN Gummies: FOCL Full Spectrum Plus Deep Sleep Gummies

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If you prefer the more gentle and gradual effects of CBN edibles, try FOCL’s deliciously chewable Deep Sleep Gummies. They’re made with the same uncompromising commitment to quality and transparency as our tinctures. Pop one in as you start your bedtime routine, and you should be feeling pleasantly drowsy by the time your head hits the pillow.

To account for the lower bioavailability of edibles, our gummies have a higher CBN dosage (15 mg each). They also include 25 mg of CBD, creating a perfect blend for sleep and anxiety relief. There’s also a small 2.5 mg dose of THC to help improve your mood and 1 mg of melatonin, a neurotransmitter that signals to your body that it’s time to sleep.

How well does this combo work? In an independent sleep study, 87% of participants who tried our Deep Sleep Gummies said they achieved better rest, getting an average of 1 hour and 48 minutes of additional sleep.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the effects of THC. If you prefer to avoid any hint of psychoactive effects, you can opt for our CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies, which are available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum versions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take for CBN to kick in?

Cannabinoids like CBN take effect at different speeds depending on how they’re consumed. When you take a CBN tincture like FOCL Sleep Drops, it should begin to kick in within 15-20 minutes. Edibles like FOCL Sleep Gummies typically take 30-60 minutes, though they may be a bit slower if you take them on a full stomach.

Is CBN better than CBD for sleep?

Research on CBN as a sleep aid is still in the very early stages, and there’s currently no reason to think that it works better than CBD. Instead, current evidence suggests that these cannabinoids may complement each other’s effects. While CBN may promote sleepiness and reduce nighttime wakefulness, CBD can help get rid of pain, stress, anxiety, and other barriers to sleep.

How long does CBN last?

The effects of CBN can last anywhere from 2-8 hours, though 4-6 hours is more typical. The duration varies based on things like body weight, metabolism, dosage, and what kind of cannabis product you’re using.

Can you take too much CBN?

In theory, it’s possible to take too much CBN, resulting in unwanted effects like excessive drowsiness, nausea, or dizziness. That said, it would be difficult to consume a harmful overdose with most CBN products on the market.

A typical container of gummies or drops contains anywhere from 300-1500 mg of CBN. While there’s no known lethal dose of this cannabinoid, researchers have estimated that a fatal overdose of CBD (a very similar molecule) would require consuming around 20,000 mg.

Does CBN make you tired the next day?

There’s no evidence that you’ll feel groggy the day after taking CBN. As we noted above, drowsiness or fatigue can be possible side effects if you take too much. However, if you follow our dosage recommendations above, you should be able to avoid these drawbacks.

Does CBN help with anxiety?

At present, there’s no evidence that CBN can ease anxiety. That’s one reason why it may be helpful to pair it with CBD, which has shown more promise for relieving worry and promoting calm.

Is CBN addictive?

No, CBN does not seem to have addictive properties. The existing research shows only mild psychoactive effects, and there have been no reports of dependency.

Rest and Recharge With FOCL CBN For Sleep

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Whether you like the fast-acting relief of tinctures or the long-lasting effects of gummies, FOCL’s CBN products can help you get your sleep cycle rolling smoothly again.

Thanks to our all-natural ingredients and rock-solid quality standards, you won’t have to worry about toxins, additives, or inaccurate CBN dosage. And our 60-day guarantee means you’ll have plenty of time to learn how your body responds to your chosen formula. Check out our Sleep Drops or Deep Sleep Gummies and find out how better sleep can transform your waking life.