Next-level wellness isn’t about quick fixes, temporary boosts or false promises. It’s about building a better baseline for your health, so you can truly show up at work, play and rest.

Meet the FOCL team that’s here to support your next-level wellness goals.

  • Ken Lawson

    Ken Lawson

    CEO & Founder

  • Jake Roach

    Jake Roach

    Head of Operations and Production

  • Brynn Masters

    Brynn Masters

    Head of Brand Marketing

  • Tanner Crisp

    Tanner Crisp

    Affiliate Marketing Manager

  • Ali Kerner

    Ali Kerner

    Customer Success Specialist

My experience with chronic fatigue was transformative and opened my eyes to the power of natural organic foods, plant-based supplements and making wellness a priority. I wanted to build a trusted wellness company that could deliver the highest quality products made to the highest standards. Our FOCL products allow me the headspace I need to focus on what matters, because when you feel better you can live better.

Ken Lawson

I have been an advocate and a believer in the power of CBD for years. I use FOCL Day and Night to help me get through the day without wearing out in the early afternoon and get better rest after my late night music gigs.

Jake Roach

The journey that brought me to this moment is not unique. It’s one that begins with untreated anxiety and depression- and leads to a path of seeking natural and holistic healing modalities. Somewhere along the way someone told me about CBD, so I decided to give it a try. After several brands failed to deliver- and almost giving up, I finally found the right one! With its attention to detail and commitment to clean ingredients- FOCL has become a staple in my daily wellness routine.

Brynn Masters

When people ask me what CBD means to me I tell them, Freedom. Freedom from the constant anxiety and overwhelming depression I dealt with for most of my life. I had coped with these feelings in the worst ways possible for many years until I discovered CBD in 2019 when I started working in the hemp industry. Little did I know, this industry was about to change my life forever. After a few strike outs with other CBD companies I was on a mission to find a brand that cared about the efficacy of their products as much as I did. The universe answered graciously and FOCL landed in my lap. Not only did I come across a brand that truly cared about the quality of their products but one that actually cared about the quality of health it was providing its consumers.

Tanner Crisp

Starting from the age of 15, I struggled deeply with acne and skin inflammation. This propelled me to find the root cause of my acne, became motivation for studying nutrition, and finding anything natural that could help treat it. From working as a professional dancer with bad skin, to wanting to study nutrition, having acne was impairing every aspect of my life. Many years ago I read an article recommending CBD for skin improvement and topical use. After suffering from debilitating acne and the aftermath of acne scars, I was sure nothing would work but medical intervention. Ultimately, using CBD as a skin serum changed my skin and my life. I loved FOCL CBD due to its clean, organic ingredients, and their use of adaptogens and botanicals in conjunction with the CBD in their supplements. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and the way in which the CBD positively interacts with the endocannabinoids in our bodies, FOCL Natural Drops and my go to skin serum!

Ali Kerner

Our Founder's Story

As a serial entrepreneur, father of four and husband, I lead a fast paced life, often trying to balance work, family, friends and my own personal time. This is one of the many reasons I prioritize healthy living. I love waking up each day with the energy and mental clarity to show up as my best self. This allows me to focus on what’s truly important in my life. However, it hasn’t always been that way. 

I grew up in poverty and in my 20s I worked non-stop to get my first business off the ground. My daily routine consisted of fast food, little sleep and an enormous amount of stress - until one day my body just gave out. 

For the next two years, I could barely function with debilitating fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, and a variety of other symptoms that doctors couldn’t explain. Finally, after seeing a specialist at UCLA Medical Center, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Many people struggle with CFS for their entire life. However, my doctor thought I had a shot at recovery, but only if I was willing to make drastic lifestyle changes. I began eating clean organic foods, exercising regularly and learned how to better manage my stress. I also learned about eastern medicine and integrated a variety of plant based supplements into my daily wellness routine. 

Over the next few years, my health improved dramatically. Not only did I feel better, I felt balanced and more productive than ever. This experience fundamentally changed the quality of my life and set me off on a journey to better understand food, nutrition and natural plant based remedies. 

Although I was feeling better than ever, I was still struggling to get quality sleep and at times, I would have short bouts of brain fog. This is when I was introduced to CBD by a top western doctor who is also trained and believes strongly in eastern medicine. He indicated that he had other patients who had seen great results using CBD and suggested I give it a try instead of turning to sleeping pills. I also spoke with a friend of mine who is a world class scientist and he concluded that while more research needed to be done, he strongly believed that CBD could be very beneficial for a variety of common issues. With that, I began experimenting with CBD and the results were incredible. After taking it regularly, I was not only sleeping better, but  I felt more balanced, more calm and more focused than ever. This was a game changer for me and I wanted to learn as much as possible about this incredible plant based medicine. 

After doing a ton of research, I was frustrated and honestly shocked by the options that existed in the market. I learned that the supplement industry in general is largely unregulated and is full of companies that care more about making money than they do about their customers' health. Unfortunately the supplement industry is full of companies who make false claims, use poor quality ingredients and make products in unsanitary conditions. 

With that in mind, I decided to combine my previous business experience with my passion for wellness and natural plant based remedies. As a result, I created FOCL, a modern wellness brand committed to quality, transparency and value. 

Many people ask what FOCL stands for. Simple. It’s short for focus. Throughout my journey, I realized that everything important in life requires focus.  When we feel good, we’re able to focus on what’s important to us - Family, relationships, work, hobbies and even self care. This is why at FOCL, we believe that Feeling Better is Everything.