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How Much Do CBD Sleep Gummies Cost? (A Budget-Friendly Guide)

We understand the struggle to find effective products that don’t break the bank, and CBD sleep gummies are no exception. A good night’s sleep should not be a luxury expense.

So, how much are CBD gummies for sleep? Hemp-infused sleep supplements come in a range of prices to fit most budgets, with the average cost falling between $15 and $100 for a container.

Why such a wide price range? Several factors influence the cost of CBD products, from the manufacturing processes used to the amount of CBD packed into each serving.

If you’re looking for CBD gummies that whisk you off to dreamland without the sky-high price tag, let our cost-conscious buying guide clarify your groggy mornings. We’re demystifying CBD pricing so you can shop confidently and get the refreshing sleep you deserve.

We’ll also break down the pricing of some popular sleep gummies to help you find a product that fits your needs and budget. As the team that makes them, we’re big fans of FOCL sleep gummies for delivering premium ingredients at an approachable price — with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure your first purchase is entirely risk-free.

How Much Do CBD Gummies for Sleep Typically Cost?

As we mentioned, the cost of a bottle of CBD sleep gummies can vary widely, with the average container costing around $60. However, there’s more to the story than the sticker price on the package.

Here’s why CBD product pricing can be misleading:

  • Gummy count: Pouches or bottles can contain anywhere from a handful to over 100 gummies, with a cost per individual gummy typically ranging from $1 to $2. A larger bottle might seem more expensive up front, but the cost per gummy might be lower overall.
  • CBD potency: The strength of CBD sleep gummies also varies widely. A $1 gummy with 10 mg of CBD is less potent — and, by that metric, less cost-effective — than a $2 gummy containing 25 mg of CBD.

Looking at the total amount of CBD in the product is a more accurate way to compare prices. With some math — simply divide the total cost by the total CBD content — you can calculate how much you're paying for each milligram, regardless of the gummy count or potency.

Expect a range of $0.04 to $0.12 per mg of CBD in sleep gummies.

Which Factors Typically Influence the Price of CBD Sleep Gummies?

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The price of CBD gummies for sleep can vary based on several factors, including the quality of the ingredients, the type of CBD used, the amount of CBD in the gummies, and how rigorously the product is tested for quality and purity.

Ingredient Quality

Reputable companies source their hemp from organic U.S. farms to ensure their end product is free from pesticides and other harmful impurities. These intensive growing practices increase the cost of hemp, but the resulting CBD extracts are consistently safe, pure, and potent.

Some sleep gummies contain additional active ingredients, such as calming herbs, melatonin, and L-theanine. The addition (and quality) of these ingredients also contributes to the cost of CBD gummies.

Pricing further reflects the quality of ingredients used for sweetening, binding, flavoring, and coloring the gummies. The best CBD gummies contain high-quality ingredients like natural flavors and colors, fruit pectin, organic tapioca, and cane sugar. These inputs come at a premium price compared to artificial flavors and colors, gelatin, and corn syrup.

CBD Type and Extraction Method

The type of CBD extract used in sleep gummies significantly impacts both potency and price. Here’s a breakdown of the three main types:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: This extract contains all the beneficial compounds naturally present in the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC (but always less than 0.3% to comply with federal limits). Preserving these compounds requires a complex and expensive CO2 extraction process, producing a more potent but pricier product.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: This extract contains most of the hemp plant’s beneficial compounds, but any THC is removed. Like full-spectrum hemp extract, producing broad-spectrum extract requires expensive equipment, increasing the cost of the final product.
  • CBD isolate: This extract consists of pure CBD isolated from all the other hemp compounds. CBD isolates are much cheaper to extract and make it easier for brands to standardize product content, reducing the cost and potency.

CBD Content and Bottle Size

CBD gummies containing higher levels of CBD tend to cost more than gummies with less CBD. This disparity is directly related to the cost of CBD extract, which is often the most expensive ingredient in CBD products.

Remember that larger bottles with more gummies typically cost more upfront, but these often offer better value per mg of CBD. When production costs like packaging and shipping expenses are spread across more gummies, brands can provide larger quantities at a reduced cost per unit.

Use of Third-Party Testing

The best CBD brands submit every batch of gummies to independent labs for quality testing. These third-party tests verify the concentration of cannabinoids in the product, ensuring the CBD content on the label accurately reflects the actual CBD content in each gummy.

This assay ensures you won’t experience side effects from unexpected potencies.

Testing also confirms that the product’s THC content stays below the legal limit of 0.3% and screens for dangerous impurities like pesticides and heavy metals. While lab testing adds to production costs, it provides customers invaluable peace of mind.

What Are the Prices of Popular CBD Sleep Gummies on the Market?

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To help you find the best value CBD gummy for sleep, we’ve compiled the pricing information for several popular CBD sleep products. You might be surprised that the cheapest options don’t always translate to the best value. Many lower-priced products utilize CBD isolate or contain lower CBD concentrations overall.

While cheaper options may be gentler on the wallet, spending a little more for high-quality ingredients may provide better results for your sleep quality. Keep this in mind as you explore the following products.

Note that all these brands offer “subscribe and save” options, where you can save anywhere from 15% to 25% on recurring orders. This bonus might sweeten the deal if you’re on the fence about a particular product.

FOCL Sleep Gummies

a jar of FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies against a blue background

Our FOCL sleep gummies hit the sweet spot between price and quality, offering three premium sleep formulations to fit every need and budget:

  • Good Night Broad-spectrum CBD + CBN Gummies ($44): This budget-friendly product combines broad-spectrum CBD and CBN for relaxation and sleep support with no detectable THC.
  • Good Night Full-spectrum CBD + CBN Gummies ($54): Upgrading to the full-spectrum version offers additional benefits from trace amounts of THC alongside CBD and CBN.
  • Deep Sleep Full-spectrum Gummies ($69): Formulated for those who really struggle with sleep, these gummies include potent sleep-inducing ingredients like L-theanine and melatonin. They also deliver a dose of CBN and a hint of THC to maximize their calming qualities — perfect for those battling sleep issues like insomnia.

Each of these three sleep products includes 30 high-potency CBD gummies containing 25 mg of CBD each — that’s 750 mg of CBD per jar. Our Deep Sleep gummies, with their efficacy proven in an independent sleep study, may be worth the extra cost for those seeking a more robust sleep solution.

Every batch of FOCL gummies undergoes third-party testing to ensure they are packed with calming cannabinoids and contain no unwanted ingredients. Natural fruit flavors provide a delicious taste, while our CO2 extraction method preserves all the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant.

One of the best things about FOCL is our 60-day satisfaction guarantee, which gives you one of the longest and most flexible trial periods in the business. If our gummies don’t work for you or you dislike them for any reason, you can get a full refund on your first purchase — even if your package is open or empty.

Explore FOCL sleep gummies

Martha Stewart CBD Sleep Gummies

a jar of Martha Stewart CBD Sleep Gummies

These popular sleep gummies from Martha Stewart CBD are competitively priced at $60 per jar, containing 60 gummies with 25 mg of CBD each (totaling 1,500 mg of CBD per bottle). This ratio translates to one of the best-value CBD sleep products out there.

However, it’s important to note that these gummies are made with CBD isolate, so they lack the additional sleep-promoting compounds that naturally wind up in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extracts.

While these might not be as potent as full-spectrum CBD gummies, the value is hard to ignore if you’re looking for a straightforward product made with pure CBD and melatonin.

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Charlotte’s Web Sleep CBD Gummies

jar of Charlotte’s Web Sleep CBD Gummies in Raspberry flavor

Charlotte’s Web offers full-spectrum sleep gummies with a lower dose of CBD per gummy (5 mg) combined with melatonin for additional sleep support. This option may be suitable if you’re new to CBD or prefer a milder sleep solution.

The company offers three sizes, each at a different price point:

  • 30-count container (150 mg CBD): $30
  • 60-count container (300 mg CBD): $45
  • 90-count container (450 mg CBD): $57

Note that Charlotte’s Web suggests a serving size of two gummies, or 10 mg of CBD, so the cheapest container would only last you two weeks if you take a normal dose every evening.

Regardless, we love that Charlotte’s Web offers a 30-day return policy, so you can get a refund if these gummies aren’t a good fit. We just think their grace period could be longer.

Check out Charlotte’s Web sleep CBD gummies

Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies

a jar of Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies in Mixed Berry flavor

Chill Frog ZZZs gummies are generally priced at $60 a container. Each container includes 30 gummies with a potent 25 mg dose of CBD per piece (750 mg of CBD total).

These gummies feature full-spectrum hemp extract, including both CBN and a hint of THC. They’re infused with calming botanicals like passionflower to promote relaxation and help you wind down before bed. We love that they are made with organic hemp, which adds to their health and wellness value. These are also a fantastic melatonin-free option.

Check out Chill Frog ZZZs CBD gummies

Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies

jar of Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies in Nighttime Berry variant

Joy Organics offers one of the most cost-effective options out there. At $50 a container, you get 30 full-spectrum sleep gummies, each containing a high CBD dose of 30 mg — that’s 900 mg of total CBD. These gummies also contain CBN isolate, a hint of THC, and melatonin to round out their calming effects.

Joy Organics partners with USDA-certified organic farms to source its hemp. Additionally, the company uses a CO2 extraction process to produce high-quality CBD oil for its sleep gummy formula.

These gummies also feature one of the longest trial periods we’ve encountered. You’ll have 90 days to try them and request a full refund if you’re not happy with the results.

Check out Joy Organics CBD gummies for sleep

CBD For Life Sleep Gummies

jar of CBD For Life Sleep Gummies with Melatonin and Passion Flower in Blueberry flavor

These THC-free sleep gummies from CBD For Life are very wallet-friendly, priced at just $35 a jar. A jar comes with 30 gummies, each delivering 25 mg of CBD alongside a calming blend of passionflower, melatonin, and L-theanine for added sleep support.

These are cheaper than other options because they’re made with CBD isolate, which allows the company to use cheaper extraction methods and reduce the final price of the product.

Despite the lower price it lists and the basic CBD it uses, CBD For Life prioritized quality. The company sources its hemp from a USDA-certified organic farm in Colorado and tests every batch of hemp extract for impurities. You have 30 days to try these gummies and see how you like them, with the option to receive a refund if you don’t see results.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Sleep Gummies

a bottle of Hemp Bombs Premium CBD Sleep Gummies

Hemp Bombs offers four package sizes of CBD sleep gummies, ranging from an 8-count pouch for $15 to a 100-count bottle for $105.

While this selection provides plenty of budget flexibility, the price per mg of CBD is high, considering these gummies contain just 15 mg each. Also, they’re made with pure CBD isolate in a slurry of gelatin, corn syrup, and artificial colors and flavors — cheaper ingredients commonly considered lower in quality.

We had to turn to lab tests to determine that CBD isolate is used in these gummies because Hemp Bombs doesn’t explicitly state the type of CBD extract on each package’s statutory list of ingredients. For some consumers, this lack of transparency might be a concern.

Explore Hemp Bombs CBD sleep gummies

+PlusCBD Sleep Gummies

a jar of +PlusCBD Sleep Gummies in Raspberry flavor beside three dark brown gummies

+PlusCBD sleep gummies are a pricier option packed with premium CBD and other calming ingredients. Each $55 jar comes with 60 gummies, delivering 10 mg of CBD each for a total CBD content of 600 mg.

The quality of the ingredients in this product easily justifies the high price per mg of CBD. Along with full-spectrum CBD, these gummies also contain melatonin, lemon balm, and magnolia bark — an herb traditionally used for its sedating properties.

Unlike the Hemp Bombs gummies, these are made without artificial colors and flavors and are sweetened with organic cane sugar, so these might be a better option if you’re looking for a health-conscious product.

Learn more about +PlusCBD sleep gummies

Invest in Your Sleep

While price is undoubtedly a factor to consider when shopping for sleep-focused CBD gummies, prioritizing high-quality products is essential to your well-being. Look for reputable brands that use potent, all-natural ingredients and offer consistent dosing and safety through third-party testing.

By choosing quality over the cheapest option, you’ll be rewarded with a potent product that delivers actual results. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more time enjoying better sleep!

After exhaustive market research, we confidently recommend our FOCL sleep gummies and put them at the top of the price-per-punch list. Every CBD gummy we make is packed with premium, plant-based ingredients and rigorously tested for purity and potency. Check out our selection of delicious sleep gummies and invest in your sleep.