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CBD Sleep Gummies Reviews: What Our Customers Have to Say

CBD sleep gummies have emerged as a popular natural remedy for millions of people struggling with sleep issues, but do CBD sleep gummies really work?

Making informed choices can be tricky, with countless CBD companies boldly boasting about the wellness benefits of their products. This hullabaloo is why reading reviews is crucial. You can’t beat honest, real-world insights from users who have tried and tested sleep gummies firsthand.

We know that scrolling through pages and pages of customer reviews can take a long time — our own FOCL brand CBD sleep products have over a thousand reviews!

We did the hard work for you by compiling a boatload of CBD sleep gummies reviews from real FOCL customers, organized by topic so you can easily find experiences that resonate with you.

In this article, we also provide insight into why CBD products are so effective for sleep and share the findings from FOCL’s independent sleep study, which investigated the real-world impact of our sleep gummies on sleep quality. Hint: The results are super impressive!

CBD Sleep Gummies Reviews for FOCL

a woman happily taking a gummy from a jar of FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies

FOCL produces a variety of CBD gummies for sleep and anxiety, from full-spectrum CBD gummies with melatonin and THC to broad-spectrum CBD gummies with a dose of CBN and no detectable THC.

Our best-selling CBD sleep gummy, Deep Sleep, has garnered over 450 reviews, with the vast majority awarding it a 5-star rating.

Let’s delve into some of the best CBD gummies for sleep reviews that perfectly highlight what makes these gummies so fantastic. Below, we’ll explore verified reviews from genuine customers who purchased FOCL sleep gummies directly on our site.

Deeper Sleep

FOCL reviewers are practically snoring with satisfaction over our sleep gummies. Many people make remarks like “I have been getting the best sleep I’ve had in years” or “Best sleep I’ve ever had!” Yet another says, “Very effective! Wonderful sleep with beautiful dreams.”

Many customers report “sleeping like a baby” with our CBD gummies. Someone even exclaims, “I slept like an embryo after taking this.” Now that’s a deep sleep!

Two customers left longer reviews, highlighting how CBD sleep gummies increased their sleep tracker scores — indicating that they spent less time tossing and turning through the night. Check them out:

“I haven't slept so good in decades. The duration of my sleep hasn't increased each night, but the quality has exploded. I wear a tracker, and my sleep score has gone from an average of low 70s to never below the 80s and, most nights, 90+. I doubt I can ever go without this product again. My life is exponentially better!”
“These help tremendously with jet lag and sleep during business travel. According to my smartwatch, my deep sleep has increased when I have taken them, which is great.”

We’re not surprised by these rave reviews. CBD has profound sleep-inducing effects that can help you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply through the night. Beyond CBD, FOCL gummies are infused with other sleep-promoting cannabinoids like CBN and calming ingredients like passionflower and L-theanine to offer holistic sleep support.

Fewer Nighttime Wakings

a cute calico cat sleeping deeply with only it's face showing under white blankets

Besides generally experiencing deeper sleep, many users report waking less often throughout the night when taking CBD gummies for sleep.

One reviewer says, “These are a must for people looking to get restorative sleep. I used to wake up at 3:30 AM and toss and turn until my 5:30 alarm went off. What a game-changer for me!”

Here are a few longer reviews from customers who were pleasantly surprised to find that FOCL gummies helped them — finally — sleep through the night:

“I have tried everything to help me sleep all night. I have no problem getting to sleep but wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep. I am also a very light sleeper, so I hear everything, and that wakes me up too. From the first night I tried the Deep Sleep gummies, I slept all night and slept hard enough that I was not easily awakened.”
“I didn't have issues with falling asleep, but rather with staying asleep. The Deep Sleep Gummies have been a tremendous help in solving my issue with waking up multiple times during the night. If I do, I quickly go back to sleep.”
“Since I started taking FOCL Sleep gummies, I've been able to fall asleep fairly easily, sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT (no three-hours-long witching hour filled with irrational anxiety and paranoia) and wake up refreshed.”

Few things are more frustrating than waking up in the middle of the night and watching your precious sleep potential slip away minute by minute. We’re thrilled to learn that FOCL customers spend less time staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night and more time enjoying quality shut-eye.

Faster Sleep Onset

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Staying asleep through the night is one thing, but falling asleep at bedtime is another struggle. Many of our customers were tired of counting sheep long after their heads hit the pillow. Sleeplessness is a prevalent problem, especially for those with sleep disorders like insomnia, but CBD gummies can help.

FOCL users fall asleep faster when taking CBD gummies before bed, with several customers reporting positive results like “Sleep has never been so easy” and “I can fall asleep almost instantly now!”

Here’s what some other users say about enjoying faster sleep onset after taking CBD gummies:

“I’ve had insomnia for the better part of 15 years. I’ve tried other CBD-based sleep aids, and the FOCL gummies gave me the best results.”
“I used to lie awake for a couple of hours before falling into a restless sleep. Now I am asleep within 30-45 minutes after taking the gummy.”
“I used to be convinced I needed a glass of wine every night to relax and fall asleep; now, with these gummies, I’m falling asleep peacefully booze free! Can’t live or travel without them now.”

Falling asleep faster is common with CBD gummies containing melatonin, like FOCL Deep Sleep gummies. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body at night to make you feel drowsy, but the body doesn’t always produce enough at the right time. The sprinkle of melatonin in our gummies is perfect for making up the difference.

Relief for Racing Minds

a man lying on a bed at night with his right hand placed on his forehead

CBD works wonders for relieving anxiety. This relief is one of the reasons CBD gummies are exceptionally effective at helping people wind down in the evening.

CBD gummies can offer soothing relief if you often lie awake at night with a racing mind. As one reviewer puts it, these gummies will “take the edge off” so you can enjoy a stress-free sleep.

These customers expressly point out the mind-calming benefits of our CBD gummies:

“I am so thankful for these gummies. I chew one as I am getting ready for bed, and 30 minutes later, I am ready to fall asleep. I think these gummies are key to turning off my racing mind and getting the restorative sleep my body and mind needs each and every night.”
“I have tried many different cannabis products for sleep, with no success. With Deep Sleep I am able to gently fall asleep. If I do wake during the night my mind does not toss and turn with worries. I easily fall back to sleep.”
“I take the Deep Sleep when I know my mind/body is rattled from the day, and it’s worked great!”
“I really struggle with waking up at 1 AM with my mind off running away with my to-do list, so a friend gave me one to try, which worked nicely, so I had to get some for myself!”

A few other reviewers highlight the anxiety-reducing effects of our potent sleep products. One person says, “I have a hard time getting to sleep due to anxiety, so the blend of CBD and CBN is so helpful in helping me relax enough to fall asleep.”

Another states, “Between menopause and my anxious nighttime thoughts, I had the hardest time falling asleep. These gummies are a gentle way to slowly feel relaxed and nod off to sleep.”

Refreshed Mornings

a woman sitting up in bed and stretching toward the ceiling in the morning

When reading reviews on CBD gummies for sleep, we frequently encountered complaints about conventional sleep aids inducing unwanted drowsiness or leaving users feeling groggy the following day.

Thankfully, several reviewers are happy to report that FOCL sleep gummies do not share this unfortunate side effect. Unlike prescription sleeping pills, CBD won’t make you feel tired and disoriented but will promote a soothing sense of relaxation to help you slip off to dreamland with a calm and clear mind.

The consensus among customers is that FOCL sleep gummies leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Someone says, “No groggy hangover feeling in the morning.” Another reviewer agrees, saying, “No after effects or feeling sluggish in the morning.”

One reviewer mentions explicitly the hangover feeling you can get from prescription sleep aids, saying, “I am in love with the sleep gummies!! I struggle with chronic insomnia and hate taking sleeping meds due to the hangover the next day. These gummies help me sleep with zero hangover!! Life changing!!”

Several other reviewers wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after taking CBD gummies the previous night:

“I sleep all night and wake up rested and not groggy.”
“It’s affected every part of waking life. Life is clearer, and I am able to concentrate better and get things done.”
“So glad I found these, they help me get the sleep I need for a productive day. No grogginess or bad taste. I’m sleeping longer with them as well.”
“Absolute best sleep gummy on the market. Taste is great, works quick, and no groggy feeling in the morning. It’s a must!”
“I love the flavor and finding a product that helps me get restful sleep without feeling groggy the next morning!”

Even our Deep Sleep gummies — which contain a hint of melatonin — are unlikely to cause grogginess, but we realize that some people are particularly sensitive to the effects of melatonin. If this is you, try CBD gummies without melatonin, like FOCL’s CBD + CBN sleep gummies.

Great Taste

a close-up shot of a woman's mouth while taking a bite of a red CBD sleep gummy

Taste is an essential factor that can affect your experience with CBD gummies, especially when you take them daily. It’s common for CBD gummies to have an earthy flavor when they’re made with full-spectrum hemp rather than CBD isolate.

Some of this earthy taste comes from the terpenes in hemp, aromatic compounds that support and intensify CBD’s calming effects. CBD itself can also have a slightly bitter taste.

While some people enjoy the earthy flavors natural to hemp extracts, others do not. This disparity is why we add natural fruit flavors to FOCL gummies. They seem to do the trick, as many reviewers mention the pleasant taste:

“I appreciate the taste, not too sweet, and no lasting earthy aftertaste.”
“I loved these sleep gummies! They have a very pleasant taste and are easy to consume.”
“They taste great and have no weird aftertaste.”
“These are the first gummies I have found that help me sleep through the night! They taste great and truly help me with my sleep!”
“Love these gummies! Sleepless nights are no longer a problem. Helps relax me into a great night's sleep. Fast and effective. Taste great, too!”

Of course, taste is subjective, and you can’t please everyone. One reviewer says, “They worked great, but the taste wasn’t the best.”

A slight aftertaste is unavoidable in products containing a large amount of high-quality hemp extract. And each FOCL sleep gummy delivers a potent 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD and 15 mg of CBN.

If you notice an earthy aftertaste, take it as evidence that our gummies are packed with hemp goodness and bursting with body-benefiting compounds.

29-Day Sleep Study: FOCL’s Deep Sleep Gummies

a woman in pajamas sitting at the foot of the bed while taking a gummy from a jar of FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies

While user reviews can offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of CBD gummies for sleep, the objective data from our independent sleep study is different.

FOCL partnered with a third-party organization to test the efficacy of our Deep Sleep gummies, ensuring accurate and unbiased results. The study recruited 178 participants struggling with sleep and had them take Deep Sleep gummies for 29 days. We’re happy to report that the results speak just as highly of the chews as our customers.

FOCL Sleep Study Findings: Fall Asleep Faster - 3 out of 4 participants reported being able to fall asleep faster.
FOCL Sleep Study Findings: Wake Up Less - from 2.9 times a night to 1.7 times a night.
FOCL Sleep Study Findings: More Time Asleep - average 5.5 hours a night increased to 7.3 hours a night.
FOCL Sleep Study Findings: Quality of Sleep - 76% reported their quality of sleep increased.
FOCL Sleep Study Findings: Quality of Life - 70% said taking FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies resulted in a higher quality of life.
FOCL Sleep Study Findings: Recommended - 87% say they would recommend to others.

Here’s what we found:

  • On average, participants gained an extra 1 hour and 48 minutes of sleep a night.
  • Three in four participants were able to fall asleep faster.
  • 70% said the gummies helped improve their quality of life.
  • 87% reported that FOCL Deep Sleep is the best sleep aid they’ve ever tried.

Beyond these impressive stats, participants also had some positive feedback to share. One reported, “Prior to using the product, I struggled with restless sleep. I’d usually wake up 3-4 times a night. These gummies allowed me to sleep through the night better than I have in years.”

The secret behind our Deep Sleep gummies is their powerful blend of premium botanical ingredients. With a formula boasting full-spectrum CBD, CBN, melatonin, L-theanine, and a hint of THC, we guarantee these gummies will improve your sleep.

You can even try FOCL sleep gummies risk-free for 60 days to see how they work for you. We’re happy to offer a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, but as multiple reviewers say, “You won’t regret it.” Head over to our product page to find your new bedtime treat!