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15 Best CBD Oil For Sex Products in 2024

CBD oil is well-known for making good times better — including time between the sheets. This natural hemp extract can promote relaxation and pleasure while decreasing worry, tension, and pain. On top of that, CBD-infused lubricants may increase blood flow and libido, making natural sexual arousal easier.

There’s just one problem: it’s hard to know which brands you can trust. The regulation of hemp-derived wellness supplements is patchy at best, and the quality of CBD products can be wildly inconsistent. Worse, research has shown that many are tainted with things you’d want nowhere near your sexy bits, from toxic heavy metals to infectious mold.

We’re working to change that. FOCL was founded to cut through the confusion and chaos of the CBD industry so customers can find the wellness products they need. And educating customers about where to find reliable, high-quality CBD oil is a key piece of that mission. That’s why we’re going to review your top options for CBD lube and explain what they can do for your sex life.

The 15 Best CBD Lubes and Oils For Sex

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#1: FOCL CBD Oil For Sexual Wellness

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When you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. That’s why FOCL made it our goal to craft the perfect CBD lubricants. These are the products we’d want to find when we reach into our bedside drawer.

You can choose between two different FOCL CBD lubes (or use them together for a delicious blended effect):

  1. FOCL Intimacy Oil pairs cannabis extracts with organic coconut oil for pleasurable, long-lasting lubrication. It’s perfect for soothing vaginal dryness and irritation while relieving pain, anxiety, and muscle tension.
  2. FOCL Arousal Oil is the best CBD oil for sex drive enhancement. It combines the libido-boosting abilities of CBD with a variety of plant extracts that provide stimulating sensations and increase feelings of desire. Cinnamon, peppermint, and ginger offer an exciting tingle, while Kava root may help combat erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Can’t decide which sounds better? You can get them both as part of our sexual wellness starter kits, which also include 60-day supplies of our plant-based Libido Gummies. Select “His Libido” or “Her Libido” and get the best blend of ingredients to improve your sexual response.

Here’s what makes our CBD lube the best in the business:

All-Natural Ingredients

We use no synthetic chemicals, just plant extracts and organic hemp. Everything we sell is non-GMO and cruelty-free so you can experience natural, zero-guilt sexual enhancement.

Superb Quality Control

Our production process complies with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for safety and quality control. All of our CBD products are tested by an independent laboratory to confirm that they’re free of impurities.

Total Transparency

You should know exactly what you’re putting on your body’s most sensitive areas. We share the results from our third-party lab tests on our website, letting you verify that our CBD oil is clean and pure.

Formulated For Arousal and Pleasure

Our CBD lubes contain the perfect dosage to enhance intimate sensations, improve blood flow, and effectively promote a sense of relaxed well-being without making you feel drowsy or dizzy. We use full-spectrum CBD so that the natural hemp compounds can complement each other’s effects.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ll give you 60 days to try our products, and if they don’t change your sex life for the better, you’ll get your money back. Other CBD lube brands typically offer a 30-day return window at most — and many don’t allow any refunds for opened products. With our industry-leading trial period, you’ll have time to experiment and make sure you like our CBD oil for sex.

Shop FOCL CBD lube here

#2: Foria Intimacy Sex Oil With CBD

brown glass bottle of CBD oil with peach-colored box

For those who like things wet and wild in bed, this CBD lube from Foria may be a good choice. It’s known for an ultra-slippery consistency that should make any body part it’s used on glide smoothly. That may not be a positive for everyone — some users prefer slightly thicker lubricants, which can be less messy and easier to work with. However, those who enjoy maximum slickness may appreciate this CBD oil.

Like our own Intimacy Oil, this product has a no-frills formula with just two natural ingredients: coconut oil and CBD. The combo should moisturize and lubricate while supporting relaxation of your muscles and relief for pain and swelling. It’s a nice blend for anyone struggling with vaginal tightness or dryness.

At $44 for a 112-mg bottle, Foria offers a decent amount of lube for your dollar. On the other hand, the CBD concentration is only around 3.6 mg/ml, which is on the lower end. By comparison, FOCL’s Arousal Oil and Intimacy Oil both contain more than 10 mg/ml. Foria also uses broad-spectrum CBD containing no detectable THC. This could mean that users will miss out on the sensation-boosting effects of full-spectrum hemp extracts.

Shop Foria CBD lube here

#3: Ananda Bliss Intimate Oil

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Ananda’s sex oil is designed to help you spice up your intimate moments — both literally and figuratively. Along with full-spectrum CBD, it includes a touch of peppermint and black pepper, creating a combined hot-and-cold sensation meant to titillate your erogenous zones. Many reviewers also had positive things to say about its rich aroma, which features heady notes of vanilla and tobacco.

Though the Ananda Bliss Intimate Oil can’t match FOCL’s products in terms of CBD potency, it’s a little stronger than the Foria Intimacy Sex Oil. Most users should experience a mild but noticeable increase in relaxation and pleasure.

Like our own CBD oil, Ananda’s products are completely vegan, cruelty-free, and tested by an independent agency. The company also shares our belief in transparency, letting customers view their lab results before buying. Sadly, their satisfaction guarantee isn’t as robust. You’ll only get a 30-day trial period with this CBD lube.

Shop Ananda CBD lube here

#4: Kush Queen Water-Based CBD Lube

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Oil-based CBD lubes can be fantastic for improving sensation and easing discomfort during sex. They have one significant drawback, though: they can degrade latex, along with many of the plastics found in cheaper sex toys.

If you want to use standard condoms along with CBD lubricant, you need a water-based formula like this one from Kush Queen. It’s a mild product that should be safe for sensitive skin, and it’s free of potentially toxic chemicals like parabens and petrochemicals. The company backs up its safety claims with lab test results that anyone can download and read.

The CBD content of this lube is quite low by ordinary standards — just 1 mg/ml. This may be offset somewhat by Kush Queen’s “proprietary nanotechnology,” which is supposed to significantly enhance absorption. Still, those with a high tolerance for CBD may want to look for something stronger. Also, several reviewers mention that it can dry up quickly, requiring you to reapply more often than normal.

Shop Kush Queen CBD lube here

#5: Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

cylindrical blue box of CBD lube

Here’s another water-based CBD lube that’s safe for use with just about any type of toy or contraceptive. Though not everyone will love the risqué brand name, the company has a reputation for selling high-quality sexual wellness products. Smooth Operator, their hemp-based lube, comes in a handy pump-action dispenser that makes it easy to apply in the heat of the moment.

Speaking of heat, this CBD lube includes Aloe Vera, a natural medicine for burns, inflammation, and irritation. This may be especially helpful for people who frequently struggle with pain and chafing during sex. Some early research suggests that Aloe might also assist with post-menopausal vaginal atrophy — one of the leading causes of female sexual discomfort.

In terms of CBD content alone, this lubricant is a bit of a lightweight, offering only 3 mg/ml. It’s also one of the more expensive options, at $48 for a 30 ml bottle. (That’s double what we charge for our Intimacy Oil, which contains around 3 times as much CBD). But it could be a good option for beginners or those struggling with vaginal discomfort after menopause.

Shop Quim CBD lube here

#6: Toca QULO

box with colorful label and plastic bottle of CBD oil

In case the winking product title didn’t tip you off, this CBD lube is designed to help increase comfort, safety, and pleasure for anal sex. Toca confirms that their product is also safe to use for oral, manual, or vaginal sex, not to mention as a full-body massage oil.

QULO contains both CBD and THC, which can work together to create a more well-rounded effect. There’s not enough THC to produce a genuine high, but it may improve your mood and make sensations more pleasurable. The CBD content is reasonably strong, though not as high as FOCL’s.

The company says you can download Certificates of Analysis so you can confirm what’s in their products — but when we checked, the link was broken. The full ingredient list isn’t available anywhere on the website, though customer reports state that the components are all-natural. QULO is also significantly more expensive than our Arousal Oil but contains about ⅔ as much CBD.

Shop Toca CBD lube here

#7: Glissant Huile D’Amour Spray Lubricant

spray bottle of CBD lube and black case

If you’re mainly interested in CBD oil for low sex drive, Glissant’s Huile D’Amour could be worth a try. Containing a blend of popular plant-based aphrodisiacs, it can pull double duty as a topical CBD lube or an oral spray meant to rev up your libido. Several of the components, like Horny Goat Weed and Maca root, are common ingredients in sex gummies for women.

Along with CBD, Huile D’Amour includes CBG. This lesser-known cannabinoid is thought to have an important role in the pain-relieving powers of the cannabis plant. Combined with the many other vitamins, antioxidants, and stimulating topical herbs, it could make Huile D’Amour nice for women struggling to have satisfying sex after menopause.

Note that the listed concentrations of cannabinoids aren’t particularly high. If you’re mainly interested in the effects of CBD, Glissant might not be your best choice. The long list of ingredients also increases the chances that your body may be uncomfortably sensitive to this CBD lube. Finally, you’ll have to take it on faith that this spray contains no unwanted contaminants since there are no testing results available online.

Shop Glissant CBD lube here

#8: Flora and Bast APHRODISIA Intimate Arousal Oil

spray bottle containing yellow CBD oil

Like the Huile D’Amour CBD lube, APHRODISIA from Flora & Bast combines CBD for libido, relaxation, and pleasure with CBG for pain relief. But this one offers a much stronger dose. In fact, with around 20 mg/ml of both active cannabinoids, this is the highest-potency CBD lube on our list.

That means it’s probably not great for beginners or anyone with a low tolerance. If you take more CBD than you can handle, it can lead to some very unsexy side effects, including sleepiness, nausea, and diarrhea.

APHRODISIA contains all-natural ingredients, and the formula is refreshingly simple. It’s mostly hemp-derived CBD and carrier oil, plus a bit of cardamom and cinnamon to bring some heat to your intimate areas. We were also happy to see that Flora & Bast source their hemp from regenerative family farms.

The return policy leaves a little more to be desired. Opened merchandise can only be exchanged for store credit, so if you try out their CBD lube and you aren’t satisfied, you can’t get your money back. That’s a shame, especially since a 50 ml bottle will cost you $99.

Shop Flora & Bast CBD lube here

#9: GoLove Intimate CBD Serum

two white bottles of CBD lube

Designed by a Ph.D. sex educator and tested by dermatologists, the GoLove Intimate Serum is a gentle, hydrating CBD lube. Though it does include some synthetic chemicals, it’s free of parabens, alcohol, glycerin, and other known irritants. The medium-strength CBD dose should help with sexual pleasure and arousal, while ingredients like hyaluronic acid act as powerful moisturizers.

This is a water-based lubricant, so it’s safe to use with most condoms and toys. Many reviewers note that it has a thicker, silkier feel than typical water-based lubricants. That said, there are reports that it can dry up quickly.

GoLove lets you view their Certificates of Analysis to verify the purity of their ingredients. As we noted above, that’s important given how little oversight there is in the CBD market. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, but it’s for 30 days only, and there’s a 15% return fee. We’d prefer a longer trial period, given that you may need 4-6 weeks to get the full results of CBD for libido.

Shop GoLove CBD lube here

#10: Bawdy Intimate BLOW

red boxes and red bottle of CBD oil on red background

The idea of using CBD lubricant for oral sex might sound strange, but lots of customers report that this oil took their mouth play to a whole new level. Reviews suggest it tastes excellent, and it’s completely vegan, organic, and fragrance-free. And, of course, it’s pH-balanced to make it safe for vaginal use.

The ingredient list is short, including things like Camellia oil and Vitamin E to help nourish your skin. Like several of the other CBD lubes we’ve listed, it incorporates CBG, which may help reduce anxiety and pain. The dosage is on the higher end, at around 16.7 mg of CBD per ml of oil. BLOW might be a good choice for those with a robust tolerance for cannabis.

Unfortunately, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, there’s not much you can do about it. Returns are only offered on unopened items. That stings a bit when you’re talking about a product that costs $69 for a 30 ml bottle.

Shop BAWDY CBD lube here

#11: House of Wise CBD Sex Serum

black tube dispensing creamy liquid

Users who like lube with a thicker, creamier consistency might be pleased with this latex-safe offering from House of Wise. Some may find it too sticky, but if you’re irritated by the drippy, runny feeling of some CBD lubes, it could be worth a try.

Like the Smooth Operator lube featured above, this product contains Aloe Vera and Sunflower oil to soothe and nourish your skin. Meanwhile, the full-spectrum hemp seed oil should improve blood flow, arousal, and sensation. The product is lab-tested to ensure it’s pure and free from toxic contaminants.

This is a relatively low-dose CBD lube, so don’t expect intense results. It’s affordable and should be good for beginners, but it’s probably not going to blow your socks off. Note that there are no returns offered for opened products.

Shop House of Wise CBD lube here

#12: Uncle Bud’s CBD Lubricant

silver tube of CBD lube

Newcomers to CBD for sex can sometimes be put off by the pricing. Uncle Bud’s CBD lube is a budget-friendly pick that might work for anyone looking to experiment without spending a lot of money. For just $16, you can get a 114 ml tube that should last you a while, even if you and your partner truly can’t keep your hands off each other.

The downside is that you don’t get as much CBD with each use. This is a very low-potency formula, containing less than 1 mg/ml. It may still help a bit with blood flow and muscle relaxation, but the effects on your mood, pleasure, and sex drive may not be very noticeable.

Uncle Bud’s has a pleasantly slick texture that should greatly reduce any physical difficulty or discomfort during sex. The tangerine scent is a little more divisive — not everyone finds citrusy aromas sexy. The good news is that if you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days.

Shop Uncle Bud’s CBD lube here

#13: Privy Peach CBD Infused Intimate Oil

pink packet of CBD oil

Privy Peach’s Intimate Oil is meant to improve sensory pleasure on every level. While some CBD lubes have an earthy hemp odor that can be off-putting, this one offers a light, fruity smell that gets high praise from most users.

It’s also mostly solid at room temperature, cutting down on the mess that often goes hand-in-hand with personal lubricant. You can simply dip your fingers into the tidy packet, grab a healthy amount, and apply it where it’s needed. Your body heat will melt to form a silky-feeling liquid.

Of course, though this delivery method is convenient, it’s also wasteful. Dispensing lube in single-use packets means you may end up tossing out quite a bit of unused product. Even if you use every drop, that’s a lot of packaging to go through.

Shop Privy Peach CBD lube here

#14: O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil

a bottle of CBD oil with silver cap

Here’s another CBD lube designed to enhance erotic sensations with stimulating plant extracts like cinnamon and ginger. The O-Shot Arousal Oil also features Kava root, a plant found to increase female libido by delivering a pleasant, tingling warmth.

Another bonus: it’s totally edible, with a chocolate and mint flavor that gets very favorable reviews from customers. Mixing in oral play is normally a no-no when you’re using lube, but not with this tasty concoction. The oil is completely natural and contains no animal products.

O-Shot uses broad-spectrum hemp extract, with no THC included. Some people prefer this type of CBD oil, but it does mean sacrificing the “entourage effect” that can cause different types of cannabinoids to work better in combination. You should also keep in mind that returns aren’t allowed once you’ve opened the product to test it out.

Shop O-Shot CBD lube here

#15: Kiskanu Hemp CBD Intimacy Oil

orange bottle of CBD oil with pump top and orange box

This product from Kiskanu falls somewhere between a CBD lube and a pleasure-enhancing topical treatment. It provides some added wetness, but it’s lighter than most of its competitors and will quickly soak into your skin. It could be a nice option for those who just need a little extra moisture to get things going but prefer to avoid the slick or tacky feeling of longer-lasting lubes.

Along with organic hemp and coconut oil, Kiskanu’s formula prominently features calendula oil. This helpful herb is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antifungal, so it may be able to reduce the risk of UTIs. Some research also suggests it can be soothing for mucous membranes, helping vaginal tissue recover more quickly from abrasion.

One note of caution: there are reports that Kiskanu’s Intimacy Oil can cause stains. Be careful when handling it, and consider laying down a towel.

Shop Kiskanu CBD lube here

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CBD oil for sex?

CBD oil for sex can take many forms. The most common are CBD-infused lubes like those shown above, which can be applied directly to your body when you’re getting intimate. This allows libido-enhancing cannabinoids to be absorbed directly through the skin and mucous membranes.

Other CBD oil preparations are meant to be taken sublingually (under the tongue) to circulate through your bloodstream. There are also a variety of hemp-infused edible products meant to improve desire and sexual performance, such as CBD gummies.

Is CBD oil good for sex?

While reactions to CBD oil can vary from person to person, lots of users say it’s a huge help in the bedroom. Possible beneficial effects on your sex life include:

  • As a vasodilator, CBD may increase blood flow, making arousal easier, raising sensitivity, and combating erectile dysfunction
  • Natural vaginal lubrication may be improved in women who use CBD and other cannabinoids
  • The stress-relieving effects of CBD can reduce anxiety so that it’s easier to get in the mood
  • CBD has been reported to increase overall feelings of well-being and increase your perception of pleasurable sensations
  • Using CBD lube could promote muscle relaxation, cutting down on pelvic pain and reducing the risk of injury during anal sex

Remember that CBD isn’t a perfect substitute for drugs like Viagra, and you shouldn’t expect it to give you a larger penis or give you multiple orgasms every time. It can be helpful, but its effects are generally subtle and gentle.

Does CBD oil help with stamina for sex?

There’s no direct evidence that CBD oil or CBD lube will help you last longer in bed. However, since performance anxiety often plays a large role in premature ejaculation, the calming properties of this cannabinoid might help you last longer. Using CBD oil for sex performance might also help you take things more slowly and deliberately with your partner, which could extend the pleasure for both parties.

Can you use CBD oil for women’s sex drives?

CBD lube may make it significantly easier for women to get excited. It can decrease pain, irritation, and tension, all of which are frequent barriers to arousal. Some reports even indicate that CBD gummies or other edible products might directly increase female libido.

How to use CBD oil for sex?

The simplest way to use CBD oil for sex is to place a small amount on your fingers and gently rub it over your desired erogenous zones. You could also use it as a massage oil, rubbing it over your partner’s body.

The hemp compounds will slowly permeate the skin or soft tissues until they reach the body’s cannabinoid receptors. Because it can take time to kick in, it’s often best to use this type of product as part of a slow, sensual foreplay session.

Some products may provide alternative applicator styles, such as spritzers or droppers, enabling you to apply them directly. Many oil-based CBD products are also edible, allowing you to use them as a tincture if desired.

It’s usually best to start with a small dose of CBD lube or oil until you know how strongly it affects your body. Increase the dosage little by little until you find the amount that works best for you.

Where do you apply CBD oil for sex?

It’s generally safe to apply CBD sex oil anywhere on the surface of the skin, as well as to the genitals or anus. It’s best to check the packaging to be certain, though, and stick to products specifically formulated for intimate use.

How long does it take for CBD oil for sex to work?

You’ll usually start feeling the effects of topical CBD oil within 15-45 minutes. The exact timing can depend on your heart rate, CBD tolerance, and body composition.

How long does CBD sex oil last once applied?

The mood and muscle effects of topical CBD usually last for 3-6 hours after application.

Level Up Your Love Life With the Best CBD Oil For Sex

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Ready to discover how CBD can increase your arousal and enhance your enjoyment? Get started with our potent, all-natural sexual wellness oils. Whether you prefer the gentle lubrication of our Intimacy Oil or the invigorating heat of the Arousal Oil, you can count on FOCL CBD oil to add a new dimension of pleasure to your sex life. And thanks to our 60-day guarantee, you can try it risk-free!