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Do CBD Gummies Help With Erectile Dysfunction? We Break Down the Science (2024 Update)

In recent years, the wellness space has embraced CBD products for health concerns in a big way, and for a good reason: CBD has shown promise for everything from reducing anxiety and chronic pain to restoring healthy sleep patterns.

It’s no surprise, then, that men might turn to CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction (ED), a problem many confront at some point in their lives.

So — Do CBD Gummies Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

This is your classic good news/bad news situation. The bad news (or maybe the neutral news) is that there hasn’t been much research on CBD-infused gummies and erectile dysfunction.

For a whole host of reasons, the science behind CBD products has been slow to accumulate, likely because CBD and related compounds have been legally restricted for so many years.

The good news is that what evidence does exist suggests CBD products may provide some help in reducing anxiety, enhancing blood flow, and encouraging general wellness. These factors may provide some help in the bedroom and some promise for users employing CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction.

The Science on CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the best-known of a large group of chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. Known collectively as cannabinoids, this group of chemicals is being investigated for a long list of potentially beneficial applications.

It’s only in the past decade or so that the specific benefits of CBD have become apparent, and scientific research has yet to catch up. This lag would explain why there don’t appear to be any studies examining CBD and erectile dysfunction specifically.

There is, however, some limited research about cannabis in general and its relationship with erectile dysfunction. And since almost all cannabis contains CBD, that research might give us some clues as to whether CBD gummies could help men in need of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Cannabis and Erectile Dysfunction

A study published in the journal Sexual Medicine in 2020 found that men who used cannabis enjoyed generally greater sexual function than control groups, reporting better strength of erections as well as overall sexual satisfaction.

Similar results were reported in a study published in the journal Healthcare in 2021. The study, which was focused on people aged 18 to 30, also found that cannabis users experienced better sexual performance. Participants who regularly used cannabis recorded higher levels of sexual satisfaction and fewer sexual problems, including those with erectile function.

On the other hand, a review study conducted in 2019 found that cannabis use was associated with almost four times more occurance of erectile dysfunction when compared to controls. Clearly, the science here is not settled.

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CBD and Erectile Dysfunction

While the relationship between ED and cannabis can provide helpful clues, none of these studies looked at CBD products specifically, let alone CBD gummies.

Most cannabis used recreationally contains at least some CBD, but it also contains many other compounds. So, whether the effects found in the studies mentioned above can be attributed to CBD is really anyone’s guess.

One of the areas where CBD has shown incredible promise is in curbing anxiety.

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t make you feel “stoned” or otherwise intoxicated. But many people who use it say it can provide a feeling of calm, reduce anxiety, and help support one’s health in a variety of other ways. The science seems to back up these claims.

There is also some evidence that CBD may interact with the circulatory system in ways that can alter blood circulation. Such interactions may also have some implications for erectile dysfunction.

Since anxiety can be a prime contributor to erectile dysfunction, the evidence above may indicate why so many people tell us that CBD gummies have helped their ED. As there are many other risk factors for erectile dysfunction — including heart disease and obesity — ED rooted in any such conditions can easily be worsened by nervousness or anxiety in the bedroom.

In short, if CBD products help you relax and reduce your anxiety, you may find they make it easier for you to achieve and maintain an erection. For anyone experiencing ED, that help would likely be welcome.

But beware! There are many companies who will exaggerate these claims, hoping to make a quick buck on men hoping to reduce ED. We’ll take a look at that in the next section.

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Beware of CBD for Erectile Dysfunction Scams

More than 30 million men experience erectile dysfunction, and unfortunately, a market that large is bound to attract scam artists.

It’s no surprise that there are unscrupulous marketers out there looking to cash in on men who are desperate to find remedies to their erectile dysfunction symptoms by selling CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction in misleading ways.

If you look around on the internet, you’ll find no shortage of CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction for sale, often from manufacturers making truly outlandish claims. We’ve seen sellers claim that their CBD gummies will cure ED in minutes, an impossible promise.

Some also make not-too-subtle claims that their CBD gummies will increase the size of your, ahem, equipment, and generally make you into some kind of sexual superhero.

Any company willing to lie to make a sale isn’t worth doing business with. We’ve already talked about how little scientific evidence is available on this subject. It’s safe to say even the best CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction can't make you larger down under, and not even powerful pharmaceutical ED drugs work instantaneously.

Avoiding Scams

How can you avoid scams? Well, there are a few clues you can look for.

One thing we’ve noticed about these scammer brands is that they often don’t give you much information about their products. They don’t provide lab tests verifying safety or potency and often won’t even specify if their products contain ingredients other than CBD.

They also don’t offer a 60-day guarantee like FOCL does. Fly-by-night operations that make absurd claims tend to avoid long return periods, if they offer them at all.

Specific Brands to Avoid

Sometimes, we’re asked about “CBD Power Gummies,” and while we don’t have any inside knowledge, this is not a brand we would recommend as good CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction.

The company makes some very sketchy claims about penis growth and promises of instant results that should be treated with extreme skepticism. (Also, pro tip: any website selling CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction that uses hardcore pornographic images in its marketing probably shouldn’t be taken very seriously.

Some people also ask about Green Vibe CBD gummies for ED. This is another brand that we would have trouble recommending. The company makes some pretty big claims, saying its gummies will “eradicate” conditions like cardiovascular disease. That is going a bit too far, in our view, and it makes us think Green Vibe isn’t as trustworthy as the brands on the list below.

Our Top CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction

We’ve reviewed the leading brands on the market and identified what we think are the best CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction available today. Read on for our top picks.

#1 FOCL Full-Spectrum+ CBD Gummies

closeup of FOCL Full-Spectrum+ Feel Good gummies in glass jar

We know it’s a little predictable that we would say we have the best CBD gummies — but hear us out. Our team has spent years perfecting our formula, and the combination of CBD, THC, and L-tyrosine we use is calibrated for maximum effectiveness.


Our lab formulates FOCL Full-Spectrum+ CBD Gummies with a moderate dose of CBD and a small dose of THC. What does this combination do?

Well, as we discussed earlier, CBD has shown great promise in reducing anxiety. If your erectile dysfunction has an anxiety component — as is often the case — 25 mg of CBD may be just take the edge off some of those feelings without being overwhelming.

We’ve also combined that CBD with a small dose of THC. At 5 mg, it’s enough to provide some mild euphoric effects.

People have been using THC as a bedroom aid for years, and many report that it can help enhance sensory experiences in a way that might make you more present with your partner. We also include L-tyrosine, an essential amino acid that may help reduce stress hormones, especially if you’re not getting enough of it through your diet.

Add that up, and you have what we think are the best CBD gummies on the market — the ones that can help you get relaxed, stay stress-free, and focus on your partner during intimate moments.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

FOCL offers an unmatched 60-day guarantee, so you can try these gummies before you commit. Few other brands offer this level of support — many won’t even accept returns of opened packages!

We want you to try our products before you make a commitment, because we know they’ll win you over.

All Natural and Cruelty-Free

We make FOCL Full-Spectrum+ CBD Gummies with 100% all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Ultimately, we care about your health and want to ensure you’re not consuming artificial flavors or colors. We also respect your dietary needs, so we’ve made our CBD gummies vegan-friendly.

Full Spectrum Extracts

FOCL Full-Spectrum+ CBD Gummies contain only full-spectrum, high-quality CBD extracts. That commitment means these CBD gummies contain the full range of beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant.

This formulation is important because nature evolved all parts of the hemp plant to work together, in concert with your body’s complex endocannabinoid system. This phenomenon is called the “entourage effect,” When all of the various cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant work together, they deliver an effect that’s greater than the sum of their parts.

Lab-Tested for Potency and Safety

FOCL CBD gummies are independently lab-tested to ensure they contain everything you want — and nothing you don’t want.

Some CBD products out there don’t actually contain the active ingredients they claim, and some low-quality CBD oils even contain pesticides and other contaminants. We pride ourselves on quality and transparency, so we publish our results on our website.

Learn more about FOCL Full-Spectrum+ CBD Gummies…

#2 House of Wise CBD Sex Gummies

House of Wise gummies in a black pouch

House of Wise is certainly up front about the purpose of these CBD gummies — they are designed for use in the bedroom, no doubt about it.

The company is generally well-regarded, and we appreciate that it features independent lab testing on its website. You should be able to rely on these gummies to contain what the packaging claims, and publishing independent tests helps inspire confidence that this brand’s products are among the best CBD gummies out there.

Reviews are generally positive, and the company makes sure not to offer outrageous claims. Its product page even says that these gummies will not increase penis size — a vast improvement over some of the sketchy brands we’ve discussed.

However, with just 15 mg of CBD per gummy, the active ingredient concentration in House of Wise CBD gummies is surprisingly low, particularly for a product in this price range.

These CBD gummies are considerably more expensive than FOCL, at $35 for just ten gummies. (That’s about $3.50 per House of Wise gummy vs. $2.30 per FOCL gummy.) They also contain only trace amounts of THC, which we think is an oversight for a gummy designed to boost bedroom enjoyment.

Another big alarm bell for us is the return policy. House of Wise says it won’t accept any returns once a package has been opened. FOCL, on the other hand, has an unconditional 60-day guarantee. The best CBD gummies out there let you try before committing, so this return policy doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Learn more about House of Wise…

#3 Alchemy Naturals CBD Gummies for Sex w/Maca Root

a closeup image of Alchemy Naturals gummies in a red resealable bag

“Intimacy” is another gummy specifically formulated for sex, and it could be a good fit for some people. Alchemy Naturals checks the boxes we would expect from the producers of better CBD gummies, with third-party testing published on its website and a list of all-natural ingredients.

One interesting twist is that Alchemy Naturals has tried to cater to both men and women with this formulation. The inclusion of cranberry extract is meant to support female health (though it’s not exactly clear how.) The formulation also adds maca root, which may have some effect on libido.

We’re a little surprised by the minimal amount of THC contained in these CBD gummies. In our view, THC is a critical component of a gummy meant to enhance sexual function and experiences. With a maximum of just 1.5 mg, the THC content of Alchemy Naturals is far below the 5 mg offered in FOCL Full-Spectrum+ CBD gummies. We’re not convinced it’s enough.

The pricing is reasonable at about $47 for 30 CBD gummies, but the low dosage of THC may help explain the low cost. If you are nervous about THC or want to try extremely low doses as a starting point, these gummies could be a good choice.

Learn more about Alchemy Naturals…

#4 Penguin CBD Gummies

closeup of Penguin CBD gummies in red jar

Penguin doesn’t market its CBD gummies specifically for sex, but it makes our list anyway as a well-regarded and reputable brand. Like all of the best CBD gummy producers, it discloses its third-party lab testing, and it offers a reasonable 30-day guarantee, which inspires some confidence.

Penguin CBD gummies provide a bit of a nostalgic throwback. With their bright colors, classic worm and bear shapes, and sugar coating, these highly flavored CBD gummies are firmly in the candy category.

That may be a downside for those who are watching their diets. But we also like the packaging from Penguin. While that may not be your biggest consideration, they’re cheery and bright, making wellness a bit more fun.

At $55 for 30 gummies, Penguin’s price is reasonable, though the product’s potency leaves something to be desired when compared with the best CBD gummies out there. These gummies offer only 3 mg of THC with their 25 mg of CBD. As with the Alchemy Naturals product, we worry that may not be enough.

Learn more about Penguin CBD gummies…

How to Use CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction

Using CBD gummies to treat erectile dysfunction is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Above all, you want to bring a healthy dose of patience to the process. It’s a cliche, but incorporating CBD gummies into your routine is a marathon, not a sprint.

First things first: It’s a good idea to speak to your doctor before starting any supplement so you can avoid any potential interactions with other treatments.

This caveat is doubly important if you’re using CBD to help with your sex life by addressing erectile dysfunction. The goal is better sex, and that means some increased physical strain — of the good kind — so let your doctor know.

As with any CBD or hemp product, we always recommend the “go low and slow” approach when consuming CBD gummies.

Try one gummy to begin with, and see how your body reacts. The effects of CBD can be highly personal, so a gradual approach is best. You can expect that it will take about 30 to 60 minutes for your body to metabolize each gummy, so take that timeline into account as well.

Another essential point: CBD’s effects on ED can take a while to build up, so we recommend a program of daily use that lasts for at least six weeks. The potential for increased blood flow, improved relaxation, and elevated mood can take a while to set in.

This gradual uptake is part of why we offer our exceptional 60-day guarantee. We want you to have enough time to assess whether FOCL is the right long-term solution for you.

The Bottom Line

CBD is an incredible compound that is increasingly finding its way into the wellness routines of millions of people. As the science catches up with the users, we’re sure to learn more about exactly how the best CBD gummies can benefit those trying to treat erectile dysfunction. In the meantime, we’ll listen to our customers who have enjoyed so many benefits from this unique natural compound.