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The 8 Best CBD Gummies For Women’s Libido

Nothing kills the vibe in the bedroom like anxious feelings. Chronic stress is one of the most consistent predictors of sexual dysfunction in women, which is why CBD gummies can be so amazing when you’re trying to spice things up. They can increase blood flow to intimate areas, enhance awareness of sensations, and provide a feeling of gentle relaxation. The best CBD sex gummies improve arousal while making it easier to let go of your troubles and focus on your pleasure.

How can you tell which ones will be right for you, though? The internet is flooded with cannabis products, many of them from less-than-reliable sellers. There’s nothing sexy about heavy metals or insecticides, yet many CBD gummies are tainted with these kinds of contaminants. Even those free of toxins may have inconsistent dosages that can mess up your experience.

Issues like these are exactly why FOCL exists — to ensure that anyone interested in CBD or other natural supplements can find safe, trustworthy options. That means offering total transparency about what’s in our sexual wellness products. It also means sharing what we know about the industry to help you make the right choice for your body.

In this article, we’ll review how and why CBD can be such a helpful addition to your sex life. But first, we’ll talk you through the pros, cons, and unique benefits of the 8 best CBD gummies for female libido.

#1: FOCL Full-Spectrum+ Feel Good CBD Gummies

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You don’t have time for false modesty, and neither do we. So we’ll just say it: we’ve created the best CBD gummies for women’s libido. Our Feel Good candies will help you get into a relaxed, mildly euphoric headspace that makes it easy to have great sex.

As full-spectrum CBD gummies, they contain the complete package of active cannabis compounds, which enhance each other’s effects when taken together. The main ingredient is a moderate 25 mg dose of CBD to reduce stress, get your blood moving, and improve your mood. A bonus 5 mg of THC turns up the volume on sensory pleasure without causing intense psychoactive effects.

These gummies also contain a daily dose of L-tyrosine, a dietary supplement your brain uses to build crucial neurotransmitters like dopamine. Along with elevated mood and energy levels, users often report that taking tyrosine helps with both sexual arousal and enjoyment.

The other reason to love FOCL’s Feel Good gummies is our unswerving commitment to quality and transparency. Our products are:

  • All-natural. We use high-quality hemp-derived CBD, natural flavors, and plant-based dyes.
  • Clean and safe. We share the test results from third-party labs that guarantee our gummies are free of contamination and correctly dosed.
  • Cruelty-free. Our vegan gummies are made without animal products or animal testing.

Here’s how certain we are that these CBD gummies will make your toes curl: we offer a no-questions-asked 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Why is this industry-leading refund policy so important? Because many people will need to take hemp products for several weeks to feel the full benefits. The short-term effects of CBD gummies for sex can be lovely, but taking them as a daily supplement unlocks their true power. With regular use, you should be able to shed your anxiety, get in touch with your body, and have more satisfying sex.

Our guarantee exists because we want you to have plenty of time to discover whether our Feel Good gummies light your fire. If you’re like most users, you won’t look back.

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#2: cbdMD Full Spectrum Calming Gummies

Bottle of cbdMD Calm Gummies with three dark-colored gummies on a white background

Although they’re marketed mainly as a way to help you calm down, cbdMD’s gummies may also have some stimulating effects. Each serving includes 300 mg of an herb called Ashwagandha, which has a long pedigree within Ayurvedic medicine as a way to relieve stress — and enhance fertility and sexual desire. Recent clinical studies show that it may help promote hormonal balance and improve arousal, natural lubrication, and orgasm frequency in women.

These gummies are further boosted with calming supplements like chamomile and valerian that should help you unwind. This combo should be a huge help if anxiety has been getting in the way of your fun.

That said, some people may find the calming effect a little too strong. All those soothing herbs, plus a hefty 200 mg dose of CBD, could leave users feeling more sleepy than sexy. Many customers also complained about the excessive bitterness. You should only use these as CBD sex gummies if you’re not prone to drowsiness and you don’t mind a medicinal taste.

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#3: House of Wise CBD Sex Gummies

Three brown gummies beside a pack of House of Wise CBD Gummies

The dosage of CBD in these gummies is a little lower than ours — 15 mg as opposed to 25 — but they’re chock-full of other herbal ingredients believed to help with female sexual health. These include:

  • Horny Goat Weed. Extracts from this plant, which is rich in phytoestrogens, have been traditionally used to enhance libido and treat menopausal symptoms.
  • Maca Root. Many women with sex drives impacted by antidepressants or birth control report that this plant helps restore their desire.
  • Ashwagandha. As we noted above, this shrub seems to work as a female aphrodisiac in addition to its stress-relieving properties.

These added ingredients come at a premium, though. House of Wise charges $125 for a 30-day supply. For comparison, 30 doses of our Feel Good gummies are just $59.

Like our #1 and #2 entries, the House of Wise CBD Sex Gummies are full-spectrum CBD gummies. They only include minuscule levels of THC, though. That’s nice if cannabis tends to make you nervous or detached, but it’s not so good if you like the way THC can heighten sensitivity and pleasure.

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#4: Alchemy Naturals CBD Gummies for Sex

One resealable bag of Alchemy Naturals CBD Gummies

We’re always happy when we can recommend a company that shares our values. Alchemy Naturals makes their full-spectrum CBD gummies from all-natural, vegan ingredients. And like FOCL, they share their lab test results so that customers don’t have to worry about impurities or inconsistent dosage.

Speaking of dosage, these gummies contain about twice as much CBD as ours. If you’ve tried CBD gummies for female arousal and you prefer a higher potency, this could be the right product for you. The amount of THC is substantially smaller, though. You may not get the same mild euphoria and enhanced sensitivity that FOCL’s gummies provide.

Along with hemp compounds, Alchemy Naturals CBD Gummies For Sex contain 20 mg of Maca root extract. We mentioned above that this plant has a reputation for treating low libido due to medication. It’s also shown some promise in relieving female sexual dysfunction resulting from menopausal symptoms.

One slightly less encouraging factor is the low number of customer reviews. There are only a handful of testimonials from past users, and unlike FOCL, Alchemy Naturals only provides a 30-day trial period to see how well these gummies work for you.

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#5: VIIA Hemp High Love THC Libido Gummies

One bottle of VIIA High Love Gummies on a white background

Though they’re listed as “THC Libido Gummies,” these nifty candies only contain 5 mg of delta-9 THC, the compound responsible for most of the “high” of cannabis. They also include 10 mg of CBD, putting them at the lower-potency end of our list, and some natural aphrodisiacs like Horny Goat Weed extract and Damiana.

What makes VIIA Hemp’s gummies unique is that they also contain THCv, a variant cannabinoid known for producing a feeling of energy, alertness, and focus. It’s a very different feeling from the sleepy and giggly effects of “standard” THC.

This could make these CBD gummies great for morning sex (or staving off drowsiness for late-night loving). Many happy reviewers vouch for their ability to help set the mood and enhance the pleasure of sexual activity.

Note that although THCv is naturally present in the cannabis plant, it’s often in fairly small amounts, and its effects on humans haven’t been studied much. It’s often compared to Adderall, suggesting that some users may feel more like cleaning the house than getting frisky. Sadly, VIIA Hemp only offers a 10-day guarantee, so you won’t have very long to decide whether you like these CBD gummies for sex.

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#6: Penguin Female Libido + CBD Gummies

Penguin CBD has made a splash with their fun, colorful CBD gummy worms. Their product line includes tons of different types of supplements tailor-made for specific purposes, and these Female Libido gummies caught our attention right away.

Along with a mild dose of CBD, they incorporate several kinds of herbs reputed to enhance female sexual function, including:

  • Zinc. Deficiencies in this mineral nutrient may contribute to hormone imbalances.
  • Tongkat Ali. A Malaysian herb traditionally used to boost sexual desire.
  • Ginseng. One of the best-documented natural aphrodisiacs.
  • Maca Root. Can help relieve low libido resulting from menopause or antidepressants.

We did notice a few downsides. For one thing, Penguin’s products have a fairly low concentration of cannabinoids compared to most of the other sex gummies we’ve reviewed. That’s fine if you’re using cannabis for sexual enhancement for the first time, but experienced users might prefer something more potent. Also, the high sugar content may be a turn-off for some.

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#7: Joy Organics Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies

One jar of Joy Organics Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies

Most of our favorite CBD gummies for sex are full-spectrum, meaning they contain at least trace amounts of all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp. You might prefer to avoid THC entirely, though. Maybe you have to pass drug tests for work, or maybe you just get anxious in response to the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

In that case, these broad-spectrum (meaning THC-free) gummies from Joy Organics may be just what you’re looking for. As the brand name promises, they’re fully organic CBD gummies, and they also contain no artificial flavoring, corn syrup, or animal products. Just like FOCL, Joy Organics publishes their test results from an independent laboratory so you can be sure of their product’s purity.

Just remember that using broad-spectrum CBD gummies for sex will mean you miss out on the sensory effects of THC. This product should improve your mood and help you relax, but it might not do as much to elevate the tactile pleasures of sex.

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#8: Lazarus Naturals CBD Calm Gummies

Plastic jar with orange Lazarus Naturals CBD Calm Gummies spilling out

Much like the cbdMD gummies above, the “Calm” title disguises the fact that these are excellent CBD gummies for sex drive enhancement. Yes, they contain L-theanine and Ashwagandha, both of which are commonly used to relieve stress and anxiety. But as we’ve already discussed, many women also find Ashwagandha beneficial for sexual wellness. It’s known for its positive effects on desire, physical arousal, and sexual satisfaction.

We also appreciate the fact that Lazarus grows their hemp in-house and avoids artificial ingredients in their CBD gummies. Plus, they make their test results available to the public to ensure they’re free from contaminants.

Unfortunately, reviews suggest that the taste leaves something to be desired. These gummies are quite high in sugar, but users report that it doesn’t mask the taste of the CBD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smiling couple sharing orange CBD gummies

Does CBD increase female libido?

Everyone’s body is different, so not everyone will react to CBD the same way. That said, many women who use CBD gummies for sex say it increases both their desire and their pleasure.

Research in this area is still emerging, but a 2020 study found that women who use cannabis products regularly report higher levels of desire and physical arousal. They also said they orgasm more frequently and enjoy sex more.

Keep in mind that CBD gummies aren’t necessarily an immediate “on switch” for sexual desire. Some people may get this kind of female Viagra effect, but many others experience a more gradual increase in libido and pleasure over several weeks.

How does CBD for women’s libido work?

Like all of the active compounds in cannabis, CBD interacts with a portion of the nervous system known as the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids — neurotransmitters that are mimicked by the compounds in cannabis — have many functions, but they’re best known for their effects on mood, stress, appetite, memory, and pain.

Scientists think CBD achieves its effects by slowing down the rate at which your body breaks down a molecule called anandamide. Named for the Sanskrit word for bliss, this endocannabinoid is important for pain relief and the perception of pleasure.

Taking CBD gummies for sex can increase your body’s levels of this natural “enjoyment signal”. Having more anandamide in your system may…

  • Promote relaxation so your mind and muscles are less tense
  • Lower sexual anxiety, a well-known bedroom buzzkill
  • Increase blood flow, which can help with physical arousal while increasing sensitivity
  • Improve your mood to help you feel friskier
  • Heighten the sensory pleasure of sexual activity
  • Provide pain relief, which may be crucial for overcoming age-related libido decline

Are CBD gummies for women’s libido safe?

CBD products are considered safe for most adults. Reports of significant side effects are quite rare. However, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before trying any wellness supplement, especially if you’re regularly taking any medicine. There’s a chance that CBD could interact badly with your prescription.

Other possible side effects include:

  • Nausea or diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue or drowsiness
  • Mood disruptions such as irritability

At very high doses, CBD might cause liver damage. This shouldn’t happen at the dosages used in most over-the-counter CBD gummies, including all those listed above. Still, you should be mindful of how much you’re taking and avoid going too far over the recommended daily dose.

How much CBD should women take to increase their libido?

Sensitivity to CBD supplements can vary from person to person, and different people can have very different levels of stress, tension, or pain. That’s why we usually recommend starting with a fairly low daily dose when you’re first using CBD gummies for sex.

One gummy per day, or even ½ of a gummy, may turn out to be all you need to enhance your libido. We’d suggest trying this dose for a week or so to make sure you’re not experiencing any unpleasant side effects. If you don’t notice any positive change in your mood and sex drive, you could increase your dose an additional ½ to 1 gummy.

While some effects can usually be felt within 60-90 minutes, it may take 4-6 weeks to see the full benefits of CBD for female libido. That’s why we give you 60 days to try our CBD gummies and refund you if you’re not satisfied. We only want happy customers who keep coming back for more.

Heat Up Your Love Life With The Best CBD Gummies For Women

Ready to take things to the next level in the bedroom (or wherever the mood strikes you)? We’re confident that you’ll love what FOCL Feel Good CBD gummies can do for your libido and sexual health. And if we’re wrong, you won’t be out anything, thanks to our 60-day guarantee! Stop by our product page to start feeling more between the sheets.