Why Women Love Our OTC Libido Boosters

  • Natural Ingredients

    Enjoy a natural libido boost thanks to our carefully crafted blend of herbs and botanicals. Free from artificial ingredients and safe to take every day.

  • Robust Benefits

    More than just sex gummies, these chewable supplements provide holistic wellness benefits for women, including support for hormonal balance, mood stability, and increased energy.

  • Delightful Edible Gummies

    Taking sexual supplements should be fun! Our convenient, delicious gummies are the perfect edibles for sex drive and women’s wellness.

Third-party Tested
Organic USA-grown Hemp

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High-Quality, All-Natural Ingredients

Discover libido gummies crafted with the finest all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients to ensure you get the best in sexual wellness. Our commitment to quality shines through in every bite, with a third-party tested formula free of pesticides and artificial chemicals.

Our gummies are made with drug-free, natural ingredients commonly found in dietary supplements and herbal remedies, so you can easily incorporate them into your daily routine — no prescription required.

Among our potent blend of aphrodisiac herbs, you’ll find fenugreek, turmeric, and Irish sea moss. These botanicals are renowned for what many find are libido-enhancing properties. We also include horny goat weed — aptly named for its traditional use in enhancing sexual arousal — and several other passion-igniting plants.

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Holistic Support for Women's Sexual Health

Sexual health is deeply connected to many other aspects of your well-being, influencing your mood, energy levels, self-esteem, and the quality of your relationships — both with yourself and your partner. This is why taking a holistic approach to sexual wellness is crucial.

Her Libido gummies, crafted specifically for women, act as potent libido enhancers to spark passion and boost sexual desire by targeting all areas of women’s wellness. Whether you’re experiencing low sex drive or simply looking to fire up your vitality, our gummies can help ignite those flames.

Our libido gummies can also help restore hormonal balance and relieve common menopause symptoms like low energy and mood swings, so you can embrace your sensual side and enjoy a more satisfying sex life at any stage.

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Delicious, Edible Gummies

Are you looking for natural products that can help boost libido without a prescription? Consider over-the-counter sex gummies as a healthier alternative to prescription libido pills.

With a convenient edible format, our FOCL gummies are some of the best female arousal gummies you can get, and they taste great too. Savor the flavor of Strawberry Cream, reminiscent of romantic indulgence and sweet pleasure — no sugar included.

Whether you’re new to the world of libido supplements or a seasoned enthusiast, you’re bound to lust over these adorable edibles and their soft, satisfying texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do women’s libido gummies cost?

Women’s libido gummies typically range in price from $20 to $60 per jar. Our FOCL libido gummies fall right in the middle of this spectrum, delivering an effective female wellness product at a price that’s gentle on your wallet. Investing in high-quality ingredients is key when choosing the best sex gummies, even if it means spending a little more.

What are sex gummies for women?

Women’s sex gummies are dietary supplements designed to support enhanced female sexual desire, arousal, and overall sexual health. Because they rely on plant-based ingredients like medicinal herbs, libido gummies are typically available over the counter. These gummies offer a natural alternative to prescription medications, enhancing sex drive without the side effects.

What ingredients are in libido gummies for women?

Libido gummies contain a range of herbs and vitamins that enhance women’s libido. Common ingredients include fenugreek, horny goat weed, burdock root, pine bark, guarana, turmeric, Irish sea moss, and sometimes even CBD for relaxation. Vegan libido gummies are made with plant-based pectin and tapioca instead of gelatin.

What are sex gummies used for?

Sex gummies are popular among women seeking to enhance their libido, sex drive, and arousal. Women may also take these gummies as a hormone-free helping hand for perimenopause and menopause symptoms. The herbs used in these gummies are believed by many to have hormone-balancing, mood-stabilizing, and energizing properties.

Do libido gummies really work for women?

Many women experience positive results when taking gummies for intimacy, often enjoying increased sex drive and better sexual satisfaction overall. An over the counter women’s libido enhancer may naturally improve blood flow, reduce stress, and support hormonal balance, all of which play an important role in sexual drive and desire.

How long do libido gummies take to work?

Most libido gummies are meant to be taken as daily wellness supplements rather than on-demand libido boosters. Women will experience peak benefits after four to six weeks of consistent, daily use. Fenugreek gummies, like FOCL’s Her Libido gummies, have a gradual effect on hormone levels and need time to work their magic.

How many libido gummies should I take?

Women can take one to two libido gummies every morning, with full benefits typically appearing within a few weeks. Our FOCL gummies are designed to deliver a single-gummy serving, but starting with two can give your libido an extra boost in the beginning.

Where can you buy sex gummies for women?

You can buy women’s sex gummies from various online retailers and brands, including our own website, with no prescription required. This is the easiest and most discreet way to get libido gummies. While some grocery stores and pharmacies carry over-the-counter libido supplements, finding female arousal gummies in-store can be more challenging.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Rachael B.

    Love Love Love

    The libido gummies have been a great way to help kick start my mood! The flavor is not only great but I truly feel like they have helped ignite the 🔥 again! 😍😍

  • Emily D.

    Honestly. Very helpful.

    I have been taking this product for almost two months and I have seen an overall increase in my libido and I very excited and grateful. I do not love the flavor of the gummies, but I don't see that as a reason to not use a product that works.

  • Ryan S.


    I was skeptical but I must say, I'm very happy with these gummies! Love the taste, but love how they make me feel! Balances me out and helps me get in the mood much easier.

  • Nikkol G.

    I’ve been taking the libido gummies every day now for about 2 months and I do Find that it helps kick it in gear especially when I combine them with the oils. Definitely has helped in that area

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