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The 14 Best Melatonin Gummies of 2024 in Every Category

Over the last decade, melatonin gummies have gone from niche wellness products to some of the most popular over-the-counter sleep aids on the market. Compared to many prescription medications, they provide an affordable and low-risk way to promote restful sleep. But how can you find the best melatonin sleep gummies to help you rest?

This is a common challenge with dietary supplements, because there are so many choices and so little government oversight of the industry. You need to seek out companies that go above and beyond when it comes to careful sourcing, clean manufacturing, and transparency.

That’s the approach we use at FOCL. All of our sleep and wellness products, including our best-selling CBD and melatonin gummies, are made from top-quality ingredients using the same manufacturing standards recommended by the World Health Organization.

We also want our customers to understand all their options before buying — your safety is more important than our sales pitch. That’s why we’ve prepared this in-depth list of the best melatonin gummies for sleep, based on our research into the science of slumber. We’ll talk you through the selling points and drawbacks of the top-ranked melatonin gummies, helping you choose the optimal support for your sleep cycle.

#1. FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies: Best Gummies With Melatonin

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Like many of the most effective sleep gummies, our Deep Sleep Gummies blend melatonin with relaxing plant-based sleep boosters for a powerful multi-factor sleep effect.

It all starts with a mild 1 mg dose of melatonin per gummy, enough to help many people sleep but not enough to cause grogginess. We also add 100 mg of L-theanine to help fight stress.

Then we round out the formula with a tailor-made blend of cannabinoids: 25 mg of CBD, which can enhance the effects of melatonin for sleep, plus 15 mg of CBN, and 2.5 mg of THC. This combo triggers the relaxing and mood-lifting effects of cannabis without the psychoactive high.

Like all of the best CBD gummies with melatonin, FOCL Deep Sleep gummies undergo thorough testing by outside laboratories to prevent contamination. We share the test results online so you can verify that our edibles contain the right concentration of every ingredient (and no harmful impurities).

We’re so sure you’re going to love our gummies that we offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, giving you several weeks to assess the changes in your sleep patterns. Most competitors give you 30 days or less, making it hard to know if their melatonin supplements are really making a difference.

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#2. Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Melatonin Gummies: Best Pure Melatonin Gummies

white plastic jar of Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Melatonin Gummies

Want a dose of melatonin with as few extra ingredients as possible? These vegan melatonin sleep gummies are pretty much just melatonin, plant-based gels, and natural flavors.

Like FOCL, Nordic Naturals makes it easy to view the Certificates of Analysis from third-party testing labs. They also use a gentle dose of melatonin so you can scale your intake up or down as needed.

The downside: returns are only possible within the first 30 days, and Nordic Naturals doesn’t offer a full satisfaction guarantee. Some reviewers also complain about the goopy, gritty texture.

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#3. Natrol Melatonin Gummies: Cheapest Melatonin Gummies

bright red gummies next to purple jar of Natrol Melatonin Gummies

Customers on a tight budget may be happy to see the affordable price of these melatonin gummies. A container of 90 is available on Amazon for about $15, the lowest price per melatonin gummy out of all the supplements we’ve reviewed.

Each serving of two gummies contains ten milligrams of melatonin, which is higher than many users need. Be careful because taking too much at once could leave you feeling overly sleepy the next day. Some reviews also indicate that Natrol gummies have an unpleasant chemical smell.

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#4. CVS Health Melatonin Sleep Aid Gummies: Best Melatonin Gummies With Organic Sweeteners

clear plastic jar of CVS Health Melatonin Sleep Aid Gummies filled with red melatonin gummies

These generic-brand melatonin gummies are also fairly budget-friendly. As a bonus, they use organic sugars and oils, which can be nice for those concerned about the impact of industrial farming. Keep in mind that melatonin is technically a synthetic ingredient, so you won’t find 100% organic melatonin gummies anywhere.

Users are divided on the flavor of these gummies. Some liked them, while others reported an unpleasant “waxy” taste and texture.

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#5. Future Kind Vegan Melatonin Sleep Gummies: Best Cruelty-Free Melatonin Gummies

jar of Future Kind Vegan Melatonin Sleep Gummies with blue label next to images of blueberries and dark red gummies

If you prefer a melatonin supplement with the smallest possible environmental footprint, consider these plant-based gummies from Future Kind. The company is a certified B Corp, meaning its sustainability and social impact have been rated favorably by an independent nonprofit group.

These gummies are delivered in eco-friendly recycled packaging and sent using carbon-neutral shipping. The company also donates a portion of its profits to support animal sanctuaries.

Despite their earth-centered approach, Future Kind doesn’t use organic ingredients. In addition, their satisfaction guarantee only applies for 30 days — only half as long as FOCL offers.

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#6. Just Nutrients Melatonin Gummies: Best For Adults and Seniors

clear plastic jar of Just Nutrients Melatonin Gummies with red gummies in front of images of berries

Some people find that taking a melatonin supplement helps with insomnia as a result of age-related brain changes. This approach may call for stronger sleep gummies than kids or young adults would use. With a 10 mg dose in each melatonin gummy, these edibles from Just Nutrients could do the trick.

There’s a strong chance they’ll be too strong for the average user, though. Even if you bite a gummy in half, you’ll get the maximum recommended dosage. Taking more than you can handle could lead to unwanted side effects like dizziness or grogginess.

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#7. Vitamatic Sugar Free Melatonin Gummies: Strongest Pure Melatonin Gummies

clear plastic jar of Vitamatic Sugar Free Melatonin Gummies with blue label and filled with bright red gummies

Vitamatic has you covered if you think you need the absolute highest potency of melatonin to help you sleep. Each strawberry-flavored gummy contains 30 mg, so they could be worth a shot if you’ve tried a lower dose without success.

For average users, they’re likely to be stronger than necessary. Many customers report bad dreams, daytime drowsiness, and other symptoms from excessive doses. These gummies are also softer than many competitors, causing them to melt together easily in the bottle.

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#8. OLLY Sleep Blackberry Zen: Best-Tasting Sleep Gummies With Melatonin

Jar of OLLY Sleep Blackberry Zen with reddish-purple gummies

Flavor preferences for melatonin supplements are always subjective, but we found lots of reviews confirming that these blackberry mint gummies taste great. They combine synthetic melatonin with natural botanicals that can help induce sleep and relieve stress: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Passionflower. Like our own Deep Sleep gummies, they also include the relaxing amino acid L-theanine.

While many of the best sleep gummies are vegan these days, OLLY uses gelatin, which is derived from animal products. That may be a deal-breaker for users who prefer cruelty-free gummies.

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#9. Sacred Roots Sleep Gummies: Best Melatonin Gummies With Magnesium

Plastic jar of Sacred Roots Sleep Gummies with dark red melatonin gummies

A Sacred Roots sleep gummy can double as a dietary supplement, adding some extra magnesium to your diet. Some studies suggest that this nutrient — which may be deficient in up to 30% of the population — can play a role in healthy sleep.

Topping off your magnesium supply with a nightly melatonin gummy could help you get better rest. It may work particularly well on insomnia resulting from cramps or restless leg disorder.

Sadly, the company doesn’t share any independent test results, so you’ll have to take them at their word about the dosage. They also don’t accept returns on opened products.

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#10. Lunakai Low Dose Melatonin Gummies: Best Texture

Colorful jars of Lunakai Low Dose Melatonin Gummies next to strawberries

The pleasure of chomping into a gummy is part of the appeal of edible melatonin supplements. Lunakai’s proprietary non-sticky formula gets this right. They’re nice and squishy, but they don’t melt together or stick to the teeth as much as many of their competitors.

The mild dosage may also be nice for those who are taking melatonin gummies for the first time. That said, the price is a bit high for just 1 mg of melatonin with no other sleep-promoting ingredients. Lunakai also doesn’t provide any lab results on their website, though they claim their gummies undergo third-party testing.

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#11. Vicks ZzzQuil PURE Zzzs Melatonin Gummies: Best Herbal Gummies With Melatonin

purple bottle of Vicks ZzzQuil PURE Zzzs Melatonin Gummies with white label

The low-to-moderate dose of melatonin in these gummies is augmented by several herbs frequently used as sleep medicines: Valerian root, Chamomile, Lavender, and Lemon Balm. Taken together, these plant extracts should produce a calm, drowsy feeling to help you fall asleep faster.

On the other hand, these gummies also contain some artificial dyes and preservatives. Those who prefer all-natural ingredients will want to look for a different option. The sugar content is also higher than you’ll find in most melatonin supplements.

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#12. NatureMade 10 Mg Melatonin Gummies: Top Rated Melatonin Gummies Brand

jar of NatureMade Melatonin Gummies with red gummies with yellow label

Choosing a melatonin gummy supplier often comes down to trust. As one of the oldest and best-known supplement companies, NatureMade has earned a lot of goodwill from pharmacists, who frequently rate it as the best brand for purity and reliability.

Industry survey results should always be taken with a grain of salt, of course, and we wish they included links to their test results for customer peace of mind. There are also lots of user reports that these melatonin gummies are harder to chew than most.

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#13. Bulletproof Sleep Gummies: Best With GABA

a jar of Bulletproof Sleep Gummies

These sugar-free gummies from Bulletproof combine melatonin, L-theanine, and a molecule called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. Your body uses this neurotransmitter to slow down brain activity, regulating stress and sleep. Some studies suggest that taking it orally can help improve sleep quality.

It’s a relatively new supplement, though, and the research is not yet conclusive. It may not be more than a placebo, in which case Bulletproof sleep gummies aren’t very cost-effective — especially since their official serving size is three gummies, meaning a standard jar contains just twenty doses.

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#14. Charlotte’s Web CBD For Sleep Gummies: Best Low-THC CBD Gummies With Melatonin

Plastic jar of Charlotte’s Web CBD For Sleep Gummies with black and pink label

Lots of customers find that CBD sleep gummies with melatonin offer an especially effective form of sleep support. But those who are highly sensitive to the psychoactive effects of cannabis may want an option with minimal THC. Charlotte’s Web gummies are a good option since they contain only trace amounts of THC.

Note that they also deliver a relatively low dose of CBD (10 mg per gummy), which may not cause significant effects unless your tolerance is low. But because each gummy contains 3 mg of melatonin, you won’t be able to scale up your serving size too much without risking melatonin side effects.

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Melatonin Gummies For Adults vs. Kids

Many parents whose children have trouble sleeping through the night have found themselves wondering if melatonin could help. Some studies suggest that it can be useful and safe, especially in kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

However, experts are cautious about recommending melatonin for kids due to the lack of long-term studies on its effects. If you’re considering melatonin gummies to help your child sleep through the night, it’s probably best to start with a very mild dose under the supervision of a doctor. Avoid the higher potencies often found in sleep gummies for adults.

Zarbee’s Children’s Sleep gummies might be a good choice for kids. They’re flavored with natural honey and designed by a pediatrician, containing only 1 mg of melatonin each.

How Much Melatonin to Take For Sleep

Person taking a dark blue gummy from a FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies jar

Although we’ve offered some general suggestions on dosage above, the most important advice we can give is to start with a lower amount than you think you’ll need. The FDA doesn’t have any official guidelines on melatonin dosing, but there’s evidence that as little as 0.3 mg can be enough to promote restful sleep in some people. Most experts advise against taking more than 5 mg per night unless specifically recommended by your doctor.

A good approach for many new users is to choose gummies with a low dose of melatonin — around 1-2 mg per serving. You can eat half of a melatonin gummy each night for a week or so and see if it makes a difference. If not, bump it up to a full gummy, and so on. See our complete guide to sleep gummies for more information.

How Melatonin Helps You Sleep

Melatonin works for insomnia because your body is already hard-wired to respond to it. It’s a human sleep hormone that’s naturally produced by the brain’s pineal gland in response to daily patterns of light and darkness.

When everything is working as it should, your melatonin levels rise gradually as the day draws to a close. This acts as a signal for your body to start preparing for sleep.

That’s why taking an extra dose of melatonin can make you feel sleepy, and why it’s especially helpful for jet lag and other problems related to a disturbed sleep cycle. It’s also why you should generally never take melatonin during the day. Doing so could throw off your natural rhythms and make you drowsy when you need to be alert.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do melatonin gummies really work?

They may not work equally well for everyone, but placebo-controlled trials indicate that taking melatonin by mouth can be effective at helping people fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling better-rested.

How do melatonin gummies work?

As explained above, melatonin gummies deliver an extra dose of the hormone that tells your brain it’s time to sleep. This can cause a series of natural reactions that promote drowsiness and relaxation.

What is typically in melatonin gummies?

Aside from melatonin itself, melatonin gummies generally contain either gelatin or a vegan alternative such as pectin to give them their squishy texture. They also have natural or artificial flavors and sweeteners like tapioca syrup or cane sugar.

Some melatonin gummies — including several of our favorites — incorporate other sleep-promoting ingredients like L-theanine or Valerian root. Many of the best CBD gummies for sleep also use melatonin to enhance their effects.

What is the right dosage of melatonin gummies for sleep?

The most effective sleep gummy dosage will depend on the strength of the gummies, your body weight, the severity of your symptoms, and your tolerance for melatonin. We suggest starting with ½-1 gummy and increasing if necessary.

Where can you buy melatonin gummies for sleep?

Melatonin supplements are available over the counter in many pharmacies and retail outlets. They can also be purchased from large online sellers like Amazon or ordered directly from the manufacturer.

It’s often a good idea to buy your gummies straight from the brand’s website. This can unlock better deals and let you find detailed information on their ingredients, sourcing, and quality control practices.

Can melatonin gummies make you feel groggy?

Yes, if you take too much melatonin, you can feel groggy or fatigued even after a full night’s sleep. If you experience this effect, we recommend switching to a lower dosage.

Are melatonin gummies good or bad for your health?

Researchers are still investigating the long-term effects of taking melatonin, but it’s generally considered safe based on current evidence. Some studies have found other possible health benefits besides promoting sleep, including:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving growth and muscle development
  • Lowering the risk of depression
  • Treating degenerative eye disease
  • Protecting against age-related cognitive decline

How long do melatonin gummies take to work?

You’ll often start to feel the short-term effects of melatonin within 45-60 minutes of taking a gummy. However, it may take an hour or two before you feel ready to sleep.

Melatonin’s larger effects on your sleep health may take several weeks to be felt. The supplement should slowly help you bring your sleep-wake patterns back to a regular cycle, and you may feel your stress and fatigue levels decrease with repeated nights of healthy rest.

How long do melatonin gummies typically stay in your system?

After taking a melatonin gummy, the added melatonin will usually remain in your bloodstream for about five hours. This depends on dosage, though, and taking too much at once could cause it to stick around longer.

What are the potential side effects of melatonin gummies?

Any side effects from melatonin are usually fairly minor, such as causing you to feel more tired the next day. Some people also report dizziness, low blood pressure, headaches, or gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea. Certain users say they have unusually vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams when taking melatonin.

Taking melatonin with other active ingredients can alter or worsen potential side effects. For example, side effects of CBD with melatonin can include things like appetite suppression, dry mouth, and a higher risk of daytime sleepiness.

Sleep Gummies With Melatonin Can Help You Wake Up Recharged

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Unlock the power of melatonin for sleep with FOCL’s premium combination of soothing ingredients. Whether you’re anxious, jet-lagged, or just having trouble switching off your brain, our Deep Sleep CBD and melatonin gummies will help you drift gently into a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. And our unbeatable satisfaction guarantee means you’ll get your money back if you don’t love them for any reason. Head to our product page and dive into the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.