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The Best CBD Products For Women: Our Top 10 Brands Reviewed

The past few years have seen an explosion of interest in cannabis products for female wellness, especially those featuring cannabidiol (CBD). Is this just the result of marketing hype, or can these capsules, oils, creams, and gummies really improve your health and well-being?

The research in this area isn’t well-established yet, due in large part to legal barriers resulting from anti-marijuana laws. Still, early studies suggest that there may be several important.

CBD benefits for women. Cannabidiol may help relieve:

Choosing the right CBD brands

Unfortunately, finding reliable CBD products isn’t always easy. This compound’s regulatory status is still murky, and lack of oversight means many products are inaccurately dosed or contaminated with noxious substances.

FOCL is different. Our company aims to rise above the quality control issues and lack of transparency plaguing the CBD industry. We do that partly by offering pure, rigorously tested CBD products. But we also strive to help customers make the best possible health decisions.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of the best CBD brands for women based on our experience in the industry. Read on to see why we love them!

The 10 Best CBD Products and Brands For Women

#1: FOCL

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Why should you believe us when we say we offer the best CBD for women? There are lots of reasons, but here are the most important ones:

  • Commitment to Quality. Our facilities comply with the WHO’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, and independent laboratories test our CBD goods to verify that they’re contaminant-free.
  • Nature-Based Wellness. Instead of synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners, we use natural ingredients like organic hemp and tapioca sugar. Everything we sell is non-GMO, plant-based, and cruelty-free.
  • Fantastic Variety. We offer a huge range of products — tasty CBD gummies, fast-acting CBD oils, topical CBD creams, and many more. Some are enhanced with herbal remedies or nutritional supplements for an extra boost.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. The only way to be certain our products are right for you is to try them yourself, so we offer a 60-day trial period with a money-back guarantee. Other leading CBD brands typically have much smaller return windows, and many won’t refund you for opened products.

Our most popular CBD wellness products for women include:

FOCL CBD Gummies

FOCL gummies are a fantastic way to get started with cannabis products. They’re delightfully chewable and tasty, with a moderate CBD dose that takes effect gradually and lasts for hours. We offer specialized formulas for a huge range of needs, including relaxing gummies for anxiety relief, CBN-infused gummies for sleep, and gummies combining both CBD and THC to give you a gentle mood lift.

Shop FOCL CBD gummies here


Our CBD tinctures kick in even faster than edible products like gummies, and they offer more freedom to experiment with your CBD dosage. They also include just a handful of simple ingredients: full-spectrum CBD, organic coconut oil, and natural flavoring. (Our Sleep Drops also include some CBN to help promote refreshing slumber). Give them a try if you want the cleanest cannabidiol dose possible.

Shop FOCL CBD drops here

FOCL Sexual Wellness Oils

FOCL’s Arousal Oil and Intimacy Oil are perfect for exploring the benefits of CBD for female sexual function. With a base of moisturizing coconut oil, they help relieve uncomfortable vaginal dryness. The full-spectrum CBD enhances natural lubrication, libido, and arousal while decreasing sexual pain.

Shop FOCL sexual wellness products here

#2: WINK Wellness

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As a female-owned and operated brand, WINK’s sales pitch is simple: it’s CBD for women, by women. You can choose a consumable like a disposable vape pen or a CBD-infused chocolate bar, or pick from a variety of hemp-based beauty products. Like FOCL, WINK uses clean manufacturing practices such as CO2 cannabinoid extraction, with third-party lab tests to verify the purity of their hemp oil.

Everything WINK sells contains full-spectrum CBD, with all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. There are only trace levels of THC, though, so you won’t get the mood-elevating effects of products like FOCL’s Feel Good Gummies.

Sadly, WINK provides few options if you’re dissatisfied with what you buy. They only accept returns within 7 days, offer no refunds (exchanges only), and won’t take back anything you’ve already sampled.

Shop WINK CBD products here

#3: Chill Frog CBD

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Chill Frog has a relatively narrow product line: they’re laser-focused on selling high-quality CBD gummies. Their four options are narrowly tailored for purposes like sleep, calm, and general feel-good vibes. All of them are manufactured in the U.S. and made from domestically grown, GMO-free cannabis.

Chill Frog includes between 2 and 5 mg of THC per gummy. That should be enough to give most users a mild euphoria without the stronger psychoactive effects of marijuana. Look for another option if you’re worried about passing a drug test or simply dislike THC.

The lack of variety is probably the biggest knock against Chill Frog’s catalog, but this brand is a decent choice if you’re interested in CBD gummies for women. Their 30-day satisfaction guarantee is better than WINK’s, though not as robust as FOCL’s.

Shop Chill Frog CBD products here

#4: Equilibria

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Another one of our favorite women-owned CBD brands, Equilibria makes a diverse array of wellness goods derived from Colorado-grown hemp. From roll-on CBD topicals designed to help with muscle soreness to CBN-boosted sleep gummies, they offer ready-made solutions for many different wellness needs.

What makes Equilibria unique is that they pair customers with professional wellness coaches for help navigating their extensive catalog. They can offer advice on the right CBD formulation or dosage for your specific health complaints, and you can call them for support while trying out the products.

This boutique experience comes with a substantial price tag, though. For example, a 30 ml bottle of their full-spectrum tincture costs only a dollar less than FOCL’s ($58 vs. $59) but has less than a third of the CBD content (300 vs. 1000 mg). You also can’t get a refund unless your order arrives damaged.

Shop Equilibria CBD products here

#5: Our Remedy

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This U.K.-based wellness brand sells two different types of CBD oil for women, both of which combine broad-spectrum CBD with a blend of essential oils. Their Moon Swings tincture is designed to help with menopausal symptoms and menstrual discomfort, while the Pretty Peaceful formula incorporates calming aromatherapy herbs.

Both options are independently tested to ensure purity, although unlike many other leading brands, Our Remedy doesn’t share their Certificates of Analysis. The company also has a strong environmental commitment, demonstrated through options like plastic-free product refills and recycled packaging.

On a less positive note, the price per gram of CBD is significantly higher than FOCL products, even without factoring in the cost of overseas shipping. Our Remedy also limits you to broad-spectrum CBD, meaning you may not get the full “entourage effect.” Finally, there’s no satisfaction guarantee — you can only return unopened products.

Shop Our Remedy CBD products here

#6: Ananda Professional

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Ananda Professional has long been a leading CBD brand. They played an active role in pushing for the legalization of low-THC hemp sales, and they continue to partner with medical professionals to advance the scientific understanding of how cannabinoids affect the human body.

Customers can shop for CBD formulas targeted at pain relief, relaxation, sleep, and women’s sexual health. That last category includes a lubricating, stimulating CBD arousal oil and a hemp-based topical cream meant to help balance the vaginal microbiome.

Ananda Professional has a good reputation for reliability, and you should be able to trust that their ingredients and dosages are as advertised. Just be aware that the CBD concentrations of most of their products are on the low side. The refund policy also only offers a 30-day window.

Shop Ananda Professional CBD products here

#7: House of Wise

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House of Wise delivers several types of CBD products for women's health and wellness. They first came to our attention for their CBD Sex Gummies, which we featured in our roundup of the best CBD gummies for women’s libido. Along with natural hemp extracts, these candies include herbal aphrodisiacs like Maca root, which has been reported to help women whose sex drives are diminished by hormonal birth control.

Other attractive offerings include stress-relieving CBD drops, caffeinated CBD gummies for a mellow midday pick-me-up, and pH-balanced CBD lube. All of them are made with the quality and transparency standards we look for in a top CBD brand.

We’d rank them higher, but House of Wise is among the costliest vendors on the market. A 30-day supply of their Sex Gummies is nearly twice the price of our Feel Good gummies — which contain more CBD.

Shop House of Wise CBD products here

#8: Winged Wellness

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The products from Winged Wellness combine CBD and natural botanical extracts, creating formulas intended to help women manage the stresses of daily life.

For example, their Happiness softgels include Chaste Tree and Black Cohosh, which may help with hormonal balance and postmenopausal syndrome. Meanwhile, their Relaxation gummies contain soothing herbs like Chamomile and Lemon Balm. And Winged’s Love Bites earned a place in our list of the best sex gummies for women.

Like virtually all the best CBD sellers, Winged Wellness lets you view the test results confirming that their products contain no contaminants. However, their return policy only gives you 30 days to test out what you’ve ordered. As we’ve discussed, this may not be long enough to get a real sense of how a CBD product affects you, especially not when you’re taking it as a daily supplement. Many users don’t feel the full results for 4-6 weeks.

Shop Winged Wellness CBD products here

#9: Sunmed

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The most unique thing about Sunmed is that, unlike your average CBD company, they have a chain of brick-and-mortar retail outlets called Your CBD store. Customers can stop in and consult with a wellness coach on staff to get help finding the right products for them.

Even if you don’t have an outlet near you, Sunmed’s online store is a good source of consistent, safe CBD for women. They carry a broad selection of gummies, tinctures, creams, and other cannabis-derived products. Some are CBD-only, while others include other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and THC.

Their labeling isn’t always as clear as we’d like. For example, you have to look up their lab test results to figure out the breakdown of CBN and CBD in certain products. Some of their selections are also more silly than scientific, such as CBD-infused bath bombs. These might smell nice, but you’re unlikely to absorb much cannabinol that way.

Shop Sunmed CBD products here

#10: Joy Organics

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If you’re looking for fully organic CBD products, Joy Organics is a great place to start. Named for its co-founder, Joy Smith, this family-owned company sells a variety of hemp-based goods both with and without THC.

We’ve profiled them before, on our list of the best CBD gummies for sleep, but they also include some nice options for those seeking relief from stress, joint pain, or simple bad moods. We’re also fans of their fast-acting softgels, which contain specially formulated water-soluble cannabidiol that should kick in faster than a typical CBD edible.

Some reviewers have noted that many Joy Organics products have a strong earthy or even bitter taste, which can be unpleasant. There are also relatively few full-spectrum choices, which is a shame for those looking to experience the full synergistic effects of cannabis products.

Shop Joy Organics CBD products here

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much CBD should women take?

There are currently no official medical standards for how much CBD a person should use, and certainly no sex-specific dosage instructions. Some research suggests that female users may be more sensitive to certain effects, such as pain and anxiety reduction. However, these findings are very preliminary, and other studies have found little evidence of differences in sensitivity.

Our recommendation for users of any gender is to begin with a mild dose and increase gradually if you don’t feel the desired effects. This should help you avoid adverse reactions if you’re especially sensitive. 10-15 mg of CBD is often a good starting dose — after taking this amount daily for a week, you can increase it if necessary.

Keep in mind that factors like body weight can affect how much CBD you need. The reason you’re taking it may matter too. You may need to take more CBD gummies for chronic pain or insomnia than you would for anxiety relief or focus.

Are there side effects of CBD for women?

We don’t have any evidence that CBD causes different side effects in women than in men. Most reported adverse results of CBD are fairly mild. They include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Drowsiness/fatigue

CBD may also have negative interactions with some medications, including seizure-preventing drugs and blood thinners. Talk with your doctor before using cannabidiol if you’re taking any prescriptions.

Is it safe for pregnant women to use CBD products?

There’s not enough research yet to say for sure whether CBD is safe during pregnancy. However, some studies in animals suggest it may have negative impacts on a developing fetus. Most health experts recommend avoiding any cannabinoid use during pregnancy.

Explore the Benefits of CBD For Women’s Wellness

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Ready to see how cannabidiol can make your nights more restful and your days more pleasant? Give FOCL’s CBD products for women a try.

Our gentle, plant-based formulas are perfect for promoting calm, enhancing rest, and relieving pain and inflammation. If you try them and disagree, our unbeatable money-back guarantee means you’ve lost nothing but a little time. Browse our collection to learn more!