Not Your Ordinary CBD Cream…And Here’s Why

Not Your Ordinary CBD Cream…And Here’s Why

Did you know topical products that contain CBD, Menthol, and soothing botanicals can quickly help alleviate pain from sore muscles, body aches, and even discomfort related to PMS?  

They work by being applied directly to the skin - so the powerful healing ingredients are absorbed instantly for fast-acting relief.

So what makes FOCL’s Relief Cream so special?

We start with Premium CBD, then add Mother Nature's most powerful ingredients for pain relief. From price to potency to carefully selected ingredients, read on to learn exactly what makes our topical cream the best out there.   

High Potency

FOCL Relief Cream comes in a 1000mg or "extra strength" 2000mg bottle. This CBD dosage is among the highest in the industry and unbelievably effective once combined with our other active ingredients

Pure, Organic Ingredients

We took a miraculous super healer - Premium CBD - and added other active ingredients to create the ultimate topical pain relief cream. 

This special formula was expertly crafted to ease soreness and relax muscles as quickly and as naturally as possible. 

As the Premium Hemp CBD quickly works to calm the body, oils like Eucalyptus Leaf, Camphor Bark, and Wintergreen eliminate aches, swelling, and stiffness by cooling, warming, and soothing the affected area. They are known to be ‘counterirritants’ that restore and revive the skin. 

The natural active compound Menthol then adds a refreshing minty sensation to give that instant cooling effect to aching joints and painful areas. Another active ingredient is Arnica, an almighty herb used to treat pain and swelling, that is backed by science and has been used since the 16th century. 

Finally, Aloe Vera provides a layer of protection and leaves the skin moisturized for complete comfort throughout the day.

When to Use

You should use FOCL Relief Cream 2-4 times a day for best results - restore and energize your muscles and joints in a convenient, non-invasive way. 

There are also non-traditional ways people use FOCL Relief Cream in their daily life - like for menstrual cramps, headaches (just rub a bit into your temples), and neck strains from poor sleep or an intense workout. Just be careful not to rub into your eyes or private parts! 

This formula is not a simple moisturizing cream but rather designed for fast powerful relief of sore muscles, aches, and pains. Quite simply, this is not your ordinary Relief Cream. But don't take our word for it, read our reviews and try it for yourself. As always, this incredible product is backed by our 60-day, no questions asked refund policy. 

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