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Keto Coffee With CBD

With the start of fall just around the corner, it’s that time again to cozy up with your favorite holiday drink!

At FOCL, we’re obsessed with plant-power, because plants provide fuel for our bodies like nothing else. So whether you’re new to the plant-based world or a long time veteran, here is our latest favorite.


What is bulletproof coffee?

The Bulletproof coffee brand, founded by Dave Asprey, is known originally for a recipe combining coffee, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter. Bulletproof coffee soon became synonymous with butter coffee and keto coffee. 

With either of these titles, one aspect stayed the same: the coffee contained added fats. But why?

In its pure form, bulletproof coffee is simply a combination of coffee and fat. This fat can be derived from butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil (or any combination of the three). 

Now if you’re not a butter coffee aficionado, you may be wondering why someone would add a bunch of fats to their morning cup of joe. That’s where keto comes in. 


What is keto?

To understand “keto” we first have to understand what exactly something called ketosis is. Ketosis is a fancy word for the metabolic state of your body when there is a high concentration of ketones in the blood.

Which leads us to: what in the world are ketones? Ketones are acids in the body. When your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates (or glucose) to burn for energy, it burns stored fat instead. This ultimately results in a buildup of ketones which the body can use for fuel. 


Keto diet

We could go on and on about what exactly the keto diet is, but we know you’d rather just get to the recipe. So, in simple terms: 

A keto diet is very low in carbohydrates. It aims to burn fat by forcing the body to rely on fat for energy, rather than the carbs it normally relies on. For this reason, keto diets are usually high in fat. Cue, bulletproof coffee. 


Benefits of keto coffee

Coffee with added fats is said to slow the spike in energy levels associated with normal coffee-drinking. By pairing caffeine with fat like coconut oil or MCT oil, you slow down the rate at which caffeine processes. In this way, it allows for more sustained energy rather than a rapid spike.

You are of course benefiting from the caffeine in the coffee, but you’re also getting an energy burst from the added fats. For the purpose of plant-powered wellness, let’s stick to MCT oil as our added fat substance. 


Another benefit of keto coffee is that it makes drinkers feel fuller longer. The added fat allows for sustained energy and a feeling of fullness for as long as six hours. Keto coffee enthusiasts claim it's brain food, improving mental sharpness and focus.

Now, doesn’t that make you want to try keto coffee? Good, because we’ve made the perfect keto coffee blend, with a twist!


Keto Coffee with CBD

You didn’t think we would give you a recipe without our favorite ingredient, did you? Introducing your new favorite bulletproof keto coffee with CBD.

You are welcome to add any combination of MCT oil, coconut oil, butter, or ghee, but for the purpose of plant-powered wellness, we’ll stick to MCT. Plus, as an added bonus, FOCL CBD Drops already have MCT oil as the carrier oil, so your latte will be extra creamy and delicious!