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Complement Your Creativity Naturally with CBD

CBD and creativity go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or salt and pepper. Or Day and Night. But don’t just take our word for it – let’s dive into why. 



Creativity is quite a niche word that is difficult to explain and even more difficult to channel. If you consider yourself a creative person – congrats! Creativity is one of the few things in life that many highly creative people believe cannot be taught. So if you think you’ve already got creativity down pat, good on you, you’re ahead of the game. 

If you don’t necessarily consider yourself a creative person, but don’t believe the nay-sayers who think creativity can’t be learned, we may have just what you’ve been looking for.


Cannabidiol (CBD) for Creativity

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. So if you consider yourself to be a creative, then you probably have honed in on your specific art – music, language, drawing, writing, painting, building, dancing – the list goes on.

And if you are the creative type, you presumably also deeply understand the process of getting into the creative spirit. Whether it’s meditation, working out, listening to music, being in nature, or simply waiting for inspiration to strike, creativity doesn’t tend to come easy. 

While 30 jumping jacks just might get the creative juices flowing for you, we’ve discovered something that might be even better: CBD. 

Because CBD is believed to calm the nervous system and help bring the body to homeostasis, it makes sense why it complements creativity quite nicely. Homeostasis refers to the maintaining of optimal conditions for the body, which ultimately promote proper functioning. 

By influencing the Endocannabinoid System, which controls functions of the body like mood, appetite, pain sensation and memory, CBD may allow us simply to feel better. And when we feel better, we can relax, focus, and get in the zone. So taking a bit of CBD just might make it a bit easier to concentrate on whatever creative pursuit is at hand. 

Founder and CEO of FOCL, Ken Lawson, notes that this increased focus is a major advantage of CBD in his own life. So much so that he keeps a bottle of CBD gummies on his desk at all times for when he “needs to get the creative juices flowing and stay in the zone.”


CBD Oil + Music

While CBD is great for channeling all forms of creativity, music and CBD are an especially noteworthy pair. If you know any musicians (or are one yourself) you know that music creation is no easy feat and it takes the right space to really get in the groove. 

While most commonly THC is the cannabinoid that gets all the love from musicians for music creation and easy listening, CBD may give THC a run for its money. 

THC may well be valuable in music creation, as research has indicated that THC can affect how time is perceived. In this way, it makes sense that musicians could get creative if they are able to hear the timing of notes in a different way than normal. 

So how does CBD compare? While CBD may not have an obvious effect on our perception of time like THC, it very well may get you in the zone just the same. What we know is that CBD allows us to relax. And when we are able to relax and get rid of those everyday anxious feelings, we can focus our attention on, say, the timing of music. 

All of us know the feeling when we really get in the groove of something we enjoy doing and all of the sudden it’s the middle of the night. Because CBD is believed to calm the nervous system, it may allow us to focus our energy and attention into new outlets. So while CBD does not necessarily make you enjoy music any more, it may let you hear it a bit differently and create something new. 


CBD + Art

Some of the most influential artists in history dream up their creations. From Salvador Dalí to René Magritte, these artists see their next art piece in their dreams and then create them upon waking.

What this means for us is that we need some really great sleep to get creative. And we know CBD is great for helping us get to dreamland. By calming the nervous system and increasing GABA levels, CBD products may help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and dream up your next masterpiece. 

Jake, our awesome Customer Success Manager, is a musician. One of his favorite ways to use CBD is to help him “get better rest after [his] late night gigs.” Whether you’re using CBD to dream up your next art piece or get to sleep after your latest creative endeavor, it’s the perfect supplement to your routine.

Our amazing Head of Marketing, Ali, is also a professional dancer and choreographer.  Ali uses “1000mg CBD drops right before a big audition or performance to calm [her] nerves” and get in a creative mindset. She also uses FOCL Day, which combines CBD with other adaptogens, to “keep [her] productive and creative during long rehearsals.”

So if you’re in need of some creative energy, try CBD!