• Daily Calm Full Spectrum Drops
    Daily Calm Full Spectrum DropsDaily Calm Full Spectrum Drops
    Daily Calm Full Spectrum Drops
    Our best-selling CBD drops, formulated to give you the maximum benefit of CBD in a clean, junk-free formula.
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  • Daily Calm Full Spectrum Drops - 1000mg Variety Pack
    Daily Calm Full Spectrum Drops - 1000mg Variety PackDaily Calm Full Spectrum Drops - 1000mg Variety Pack
    Daily Calm Full Spectrum Drops - 1000mg Variety Pack

    Our best-selling CBD drops, formulated to give you the maximum benefit of CBD in a clean, junk-free formula.

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    • Feel Good Drops
      Feel Good DropsFeel Good Drops
      Feel Good Drops
      Our clean, sugar-free drops are packed with happy-makers like CBD, THC, and terpenes. Enjoy them on their own or added to your favorite drink.
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    • Good Night Full Spectrum Sleep Drops
      Good Night Full Spectrum Sleep DropsGood Night Full Spectrum Sleep Drops
      Good Night Full Spectrum Sleep Drops
      Potent, clean CBD drops for easier, more restful sleep.
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    • Deep Sleep Drops
      Deep Sleep DropsDeep Sleep Drops
      Deep Sleep Drops
      Our most potent sleep gummies are now available in drops. Get the benefits of CBD, CBN, a hint of THC, and a microdose of melatonin in fast-acting, sugar-free drops. No next-day grogginess.
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      Why Choose FOCL Full-Spectrum CBD Oils?

      six clear glass mason jars filled with juice with fruit slices

      Mouthwatering Natural Flavors

      CBD products aren’t always fun to ingest due to the natural bitterness of hemp oil. But we’ve worked hard to find the perfect balance of plant-based flavorings and sweeteners to make our CBD drops taste delicious. The result is a delicious (but not overpowering) burst of flavor with no nasty aftertaste.

      FOCL offers several tasty varieties of our flavored full-spectrum hemp oil:

      • Mint. Our mint CBD oil is mildly sweet and gently cooling, like a sprig of mint in your cocktail glass.
      • Orange Cream. The smooth, tangy sweetness of a drop from a melting creamsicle.
      • Natural. A neutral flavor with just a whiff of earthiness.
      • Lavender Peppermint. This refreshing floral taste is like taking a sip of semi-sweet herbal tea, perfect when you’re using CBD oil for sleep.
      • Citrus. Our citrus-flavored CBD oil has a bright, tart taste that’s perfect for daytime relaxation.

      Your search for the best-tasting CBD oil is over.

      Pure, Organic Ingredients

      We aim to give our customers the cleanest possible wellness products. FOCL’s full-spectrum, organic CBD oil uses a streamlined formula with no synthetic dyes, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or other unhealthy junk.

      The process starts with pesticide-free hemp grown in the USA under strict quality controls. Next, we use a solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction process to obtain the highest quality CBD full-spectrum oil. This rich extract is dissolved in MCT oil, a simple and natural carrier derived from organic coconut oil. Finally, our drops are flavored with a few simple herbal and fruit flavors to give them their delicious taste.

      The result is a full-spectrum cannabinoid oil consisting of just three ingredients, all of them derived from organically grown plants. To ensure total purity, our CBD oils are tested by independent, ISO-certified labs (with the results posted on our site for customers to view).

      Potent and Rapid Relief

      Whether you’re using CBD because you want to sleep better, feel happier, or simply relax your body and mind, FOCL’s high-grade CBD oil is a superb choice. All of the varieties shown here include the complete range of phytochemicals that contribute to the healing effects of hemp. FOCL full-spectrum CBD oils are also subjected to rigorous quality control and testing for maximum purity.

      When you take CBD oil as intended, it’s among the strongest and fastest-acting forms of cannabidiol. Unlike edibles, CBD oil can travel directly to your bloodstream through the soft mucous membranes of your mouth. This means you absorb it faster and more efficiently, taking in a greater proportion of the active ingredients.

      Results that speak for themselves

      • Linda L.

        Relieved Anxiety

        These were great in bringing my partner and I some anxiety relief. The citrus flavor really masks the hemp, so we love the flavor. I don’t have trouble sleeping, but my partner has some difficulty. He seems to stay asleep longer taking these drops. We would highly recommend them!

      • Vann

        Just what I needed

        I have tried and used other high quality name brand cbd oils but the Feel Good Drops are heads above the others! I use them right before bed to help me relax and get a good nights rest! They work wonderfully!

      • Jordan D.

        Love the taste, definitely helps with sleep!

        I love the peppermint-lavender flavor -- perfect for sleep! And these drops really do seem to help me stay asleep longer (and fall back asleep faster when I do wake up in the middle of the night). Will repurchase for sure.

      • Melissa N.

        Stress free day

        First time using CBD drops and I was very happy to find that they not only taste great, but they work well also. I’ve found that they take away the anxiety and bring calm to my day. I don’t find there to be any side effects. I feel clear headed and at ease.

      • Traci C.

        Insomnia is gone!

        Wow! Absolutely works like a charm. Deepest sleep in a long time for me. One dropper and I sleep sound and wake up with no grogginess.

      • Camilla

        Best CBD for anxiety

        This is by far my favorite cbd full spectrum oil i have tried. I got the 3000mg and use 1/2 a dropper in my morning juice. Its not about u starting to feel something taking this, its more of what u dont feel by taking these. For me, my anxiety! Its not there! Also the energy! I started small and went up til i found my perfect dose. Highly recommend these!

      • Meg M.

        My Sober Curious BFF

        I have cut back on alcohol but still want a nice way to unwind on a Friday night, so these drops have become my new best friend. I mix one dropper with a La Croix on ice - delicious! Not consuming all those calories and not feeling like crap the next morning has changed my weekends in such a positive way. As a mom and business woman - I don't have time to be hungover or sleep bad, so these have really changed my wellbeing.

      • Lisa L.

        CBD+CBN sleep drops

        Very helpful for sleeping! They help with getting back to sleep after my nightly bathroom break. Drops are pleasantly flavored and work quickly.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is full spectrum CBD oil?

      Full spectrum CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant’s complete array of biologically active phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The primary component is cannabidiol (CBD), but there are trace amounts of other ingredients like CBG and CBN. Unlike broad-spectrum extracts, full-spectrum CBD contains THC, though not enough to cause a psychoactive high.

      Since these other elements are believed to play a role in the beneficial effects of hemp, such as relaxation and pain relief, full-spectrum CBD oil may have a more potent and balanced effect than other varieties.

      What is full spectrum CBD oil used for?

      Full-spectrum CBD oil is commonly used for things like promoting relaxation, improving sleep quality, elevating mood, relieving pain, and supporting post-workout recovery. Most users find that it enhances their resilience to both mental and physical stress.

      Where can I buy CBD oil?

      The best way to buy CBD oil is to order it online directly from manufacturers like FOCL! You’ll usually get better deals by cutting out the retail middleman, and you can take a detailed look at the brand’s entire product range. Alternatively, you can get CBD oil from large online retailers letting you compare multiple brands side-by-side, or go to a local smoke shop for more personalized service.

      How do I use CBD oil?

      The most effective way to take a full-spectrum CBD tincture is to use a dropper to place the liquid under your tongue and allow the cannabinoids to permeate through the soft tissues there. This is called sublingual application. You can also use CBD oil as an edible by swallowing it or mixing it into a drink, but it will kick in more slowly and absorb less efficiently.

      How long should I hold CBD oil under my tongue?

      It’s best to hold CBD oil under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. This gives your body enough time to absorb the active ingredients.

      How much CBD oil should I take?

      You’ll usually want to take a low dose of CBD oil at first — perhaps around 10-20 mg — and increase a little bit at a time until you get the results you’re after. The right dosage for you will depend on your size, your metabolism, your tolerance, and the desired effects (for example, the best CBD dosage for sleep is often different from the best dose for anxiety or pain relief).

      How many mL does a CBD oil dropper hold?

      A dropper of FOCL full-spectrum CBD oil holds 1 mL, but other brands may use different dropper sizes. Our droppers are also marked at the 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75 mL levels to let you easily adjust your dosage.

      How long do CBD oils last?

      The effects of CBD oil typically last around 4-6 hours if taken sublingually. If you swallow your dose instead, it may last closer to 6-8 hours.

      What is the highest mg of CBD oil available?

      The highest potency CBD oil FOCL offers contains 3000 mg in a 30 mL container, for a concentration of 100 mg/mL. You can buy stronger varieties of CBD oil — some up to 200 mg/mL — but we’ve found that this potency level is unnecessary for most users. Many people get the effects they need from our standard 33 mg/mL strength, and for those who don’t, our extra-strength variety is usually enough to do the trick.