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What Is a Supplement Stack Anyways?

by Erica Garza

For an industry that is so often about slowing down and being mindful, the wellness world moves at what can be a dizzying pace for even the biggest self-improvement junkies. It seems that almost every day there’s a new superfood or combination of natural energy supplements you should be taking to improve your health. However, trying to fit all of them into your health regimen can feel like a tedious chore (who has time in the morning to take seven separate vitamins, anyways!?!) and end up crowding your medicine cabinet. So how do you deal? 

Enter the supplement stack. Combining powerful vitamins, adaptogens, herbs, and botanicals into a single product to achieve specific results, supplement, or wellness stacks like those found at FOCL are a revolutionary way to kickstart your health and simplify the process of getting the nutrients you need (or crave). A first of its kind, FOCL starts with premium hemp CBD and enhances it with adaptogens and botanicals to create state-of-the-art products to help you feel more balanced during the day and sleep better at night. 

If you tend to feel overwhelmed by the thought of even attempting to figure out which combination of vitamins is best for you and where you should source such ingredients, a supplement stack may be right up your alley. So read on to discover exactly what supplement stacks are, the types of ingredients typically included, and how you can tell if a supplement stack will work for you. 


What Is a Supplement Stack?

Supplement stacks may be trending in the wellness world, but the concept is nothing new to bodybuilders. Designed to compensate for nutritional shortfalls, supplements are an easy way to optimize workouts and maintain peak performance. By taking a combination of supplements to boost stamina and support muscle growth, bodybuilders “stack” all the vitamins and minerals they need across multiple products throughout the day to realize their superhero physique. 

In the same sense, supplement stacks can be made of ingredients to promote health and wellness, whether your goal is to become a bodybuilder or simply have better sleep. The modern version combines a carefully created balance of ingredients together into a single serving. That means you can skip the guesswork of deciding how much energy-boosting herbs or relaxing supplements like Valerian Root or 5-HTP you need to unlock the best version of yourself. 


How to Choose the Right Combination

Choosing the right combination of ingredients in your wellness stack depends on your health concerns. If you’re a bodybuilder looking for more muscle mass and endurance for intense workouts, you might use fish oils, fiber, multivitamins, and protein powders that include Leucine and Creatine.

If you’re looking for supplements or vitamins to boost energy and improve focus, trying the FOCL Day wellness stack can amplify productivity and creativity throughout the day. The blend includes premium hemp CBD and Lion’s Mane, a powerful functional mushroom known for improving cognitive performance, as well as Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogen grown in high altitudes that support mental stamina. Other ingredients include L-Theanine (green tea), vitamin B6, and antioxidant-rich Bacopa Monnieri, all clinically proven to support mental focus and energy

On the flip side, if your health concerns are more about winding down and sleeping better after jam-packed days, try FOCL Night, which combines premium hemp CBD with sleep-friendly botanicals. This stack also includes the ancient herb Valerian Root, which contains a number of compounds that may help reduce stress and promote better sleep. It also includes Hops Flower to support healthy rest cycles and the adaptogen Ashwagandha, which promotes a calm body and mind. Finally, Purple passionflower and 5-HTP work on brain waves and support healthy levels of serotonin and melatonin to achieve a healthy mind and a good night’s rest. 


A revolutionary product in the wellness world, FOCL uses hemp-derived CBD as its base, which ensures the formula is 100 percent federally legal and has no psychotropic effects (meaning it won’t get you high). By interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD improves a range of functions and processes like sleep, mood, appetite, and memory. 

While CBD alone can have a positive impact on our health, FOCL goes a step further by combining CBD with other healing plant-based ingredients to achieve even more powerful results, whether your goal is to have more energy during the day or sleep more deeply at night. To achieve both, check out the FOCL Bundle, which does it all. Take two FOCL Day supplements in the morning and two FOCL Night supplements at night for more motivation during the day and more restful sleep at night. It’s the best of both worlds, and your medicine cabinet can still remain tidy.   


Erica Garza is an author and essayist. Her work has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women's Health, The Telegraph, and VICE. She lives in Los Angeles.