Welcome Ali Manno to the FOCL Family - FOCL

Welcome Ali Manno to the FOCL Family

Introducing the newest member of the FOCL family: entrepreneur, trusted influencer, and loving wife and mama Ali Manno! After learning Ali was a fan of our product, it was a no brainer for us to work together. The passion she has for sharing her story about how CBD has changed her life has been transformational for her community.

Whether she’s in mom mode with kids Riley and Molly, planning the next family adventure with her husband Kevin, or sharing her latest home-decorating tips on her blog- Ali takes on life with a big smile and a positive attitude. She’s an advocate for sustainable self-care because she knows it’s what gives her the energy and peace of mind to show up every day as her best self, happily sharing everything from her exercise tips to her favorite sleep supplements to help her community do the same.

“I used to take melatonin and I always woke up feeling so groggy and wasn’t productive the next day. Now that I take FOCL Night and Sleep Drops- I get the most well rested, deep sleep and wake up feeling amazing!” - Ali Manno.

Together, we want to build the foundation that allows people to live their most vibrant lives—and we’re just getting started. Because feeling better is everything.