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FOCL Brand Ambassador

In life, feeling better is everything. When we feel better we can truly show up at work, in our relationships, and for ourselves. That’s why FOCL is passionate about using the best of Mother Nature’s ingredients to support your body and mind, so you can feel better and focus on what matters - your wellness. We seek partners who share this passion and can authentically share our mission of plant-powered wellness.

We are excited to announce our new brand ambassador, world-class celebrity Family Law attorney and CEO of It's Over Easy, Laura Wasser. While building a successful career and dealing in the high-stress environment of divorce (handling high-profile, high-net-worth dissolutions for Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Liam Hemsworth), Laura has leaned on plant-powered wellness for support along the way. Laura successfully balances a demanding, high profile career, runs a popular podcast, is a dedicated mom and regularly supports and speaks on panels about approaching conflict with compassion. She’s working to make the hardest time in people’s lives a little easier. Laura is truly an example of how plant-powered wellness can support a next level lifestyle.

We spoke with Laura to get her insights on wellness, relationships and self-care in life (and during quarantine).

FOCL: You’re a full-time mom, a high-stakes lawyer, and a successful female entrepreneur. How do you keep it all together?  

Laura: I don’t! At least not always. One of the most important things I have learned as a working mom is that some days (weeks) are just going to suck. You will feel like you have failed as a parent and as a professional. Give yourself a break. Tomorrow will be better. 

What has your relationship with wellness been like? How has your wellness journey evolved throughout your life (becoming a mother, building a successful career and business)? 

Wellness has always been a focus in my life. My parents were very active while my brother and I were growing up. They jogged, biked, swam, snow & water skied and were generally quite fit. I worked my way through undergrad and law school as a certified aerobics instructor and have always deferred to both cardiovascular and strength training as stress reducers. If I need centering, I run. To calm down and focus, Pilates has been my go-to since the ’90s. Not only does this provide physical positives, but the psychological benefits are also essential for my high-stress life. Eating well and making certain that I get the necessary vitamins, minerals and hydration have also played a big part in wellness maintenance throughout my journey. 

Why do you believe in plant-powered wellness? 

Plant powered wellness makes sense to me. A natural resource for mind and body self-care is something I can get behind particularly given the fact that my relatively high-stress lifestyle does not always give me the opportunity to eat, sleep or relax in the most optimal manner. I have never felt comfortable with the notion of using chemicals to alter or ease life on a regular basis. To the extent that more natural options exist and are effective, I will choose them every time.

“To the extent that more natural options exist and are effective, I will choose them every time.”

Any specific self-care tips for mom as schools are canceled and many are trying to balance work and family while stuck at home? 

Some specific self-care tips that have been effective for me throughout this safer at home period are maintaining a schedule; getting up at a regular time each morning and getting some physical activity to begin the day are key. Eating regularly and healthily, but because I am bored or have food available since I am home as opposed to at the office or in Court. Staying hydrated and getting some sun when it is out and shining. I have also been taking baths along with my evening FOCL Night supplement. I’ve found this really calms me and my sleep is sounder and less interrupted. 

What is your daily wellness routine and how do you educate yourself about new health and wellness trends? 

FOCL Day has been my savior. I take two capsules in the morning and whether I am off on a run, driving carpool or heading downtown to court I am focused, energized and calm. Now more than ever, these plant-based supplements are really helping me keep it all together with my schedule, my kids remote learning, a new puppy and the uncertainties of our current global situation. 

What are your go-to FOCL products?

The plant-powered formulas in both FOCL Day and Night are a perfect fit for my lifestyle and give my body and mind just the right support. The Lion’s Mane and B-6 in Day give me a clarity and mood boost and the Valerian Root and Griffonia simplicifolia are calming and soothing and promote sleep.

“Lion’s Mane and B-6 in Day give me a clarity and mood boost and the Valerian Root and Griffonia simplicifolia are calming and soothing and promote sleep.”

How are you changing your day-to-day in order to adapt to the COVID-19 “stay-at-home” orders? 

It really is mostly in the wardrobe. My days are still spent working just in a different office and in a different outfit. I also get to spend more time with my kids which is huge. Remote working and learning is somewhat daunting but the positives are more time together and less time rushing and driving in traffic. Trying to find the positives like having lunches together or going for a neighborhood walk or swim after school during times I would not usually be home has been really lovely for me and my kids. We have a new puppy who takes a lot of time and attention - perfect for quarantine living! He keeps us scheduled and focused on what is going on in our living space. 

You’re a family lawyer for A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Angelia Jolie, and yourself have a high-profile career. What are your daily wellness tips on how to stay calm under pressure with this kind of demanding lifestyle? 

A lot of it is mindset. It can be demoralizing to spend so much time with people who are sad, frightened, frustrated, angry and heartbroken. Approaching my job as a problem solver who will usher individuals through a difficult time and into their next chapters is very fulfilling. Morning workouts, balanced diet, time aside for friends and family and regular resets whether they are daily breaks for  laughter or hugs or weekends on the beach help create balance and better quality of life. 

What should couples be mindful of during this time? What are some signs or common triggers that we can all be aware of? 

Be mindful that, this too, shall pass. There is no question that being cooped up with someone for weeks on end can be difficult. Establish some physical and emotional boundaries so that you each have space. Make a quarantine schedule and divide up household responsibilities so nobody feels resentful about having to do all of the work. Use the three C’s Cooperation, Consideration and Communication to try and achieve even better problem solving tools and a deeper connection than you had going into our safer at home period. Also, make sure you are taking care of yourself and your wellness. Get a good night of sleep and take time to destress, so you feel good and can fully show up for your partner. 

What are some other interesting trends that are you seeing with so many families/couples forced to cohabitate? Do you have any predictions? 

I am seeing family game nights, meal preparation, hikes and movie viewings. Families may be driving each other crazy right now but we are also getting closer and rediscovering our familial bonds by being forced to hunker down together. I know there are many predictions that the divorce rate will spike after the quarantine orders are lifted. Although it might be good for business, I hope those predictions are wrong. I have enough business. I predict that couples will be quite happy to resume their freer lives when the pandemic clears but that they will do so with greater insight and appreciation for their significant others.

“Families may be driving each other crazy right now but we are also getting closer and rediscovering our familial bonds.”

With so many people working from home these days, we’re seeing a lot of companies and businesses trying to adapt. However, you were online long before COVID-19 forced so many to turn to digital tools. Why? 

After the positive response to my book in 2013 it became evident to me that there were many people who do not have the financial wherewithal to hire and pay for attorneys to guide them through the dissolution process. Nevertheless, those people need information and access to the Family Law system in order to move through the difficult times and into the next phase of their lives and the transformation of their families. Our online divorce platform, It’s Over Easy, enables people to get information, work their way through the legal forms and resolve their separation and divorces via mediation and settlement all from their homes.This resolution oriented platform is really what my vision of the future of divorce is all about. We call it the Evolution of Dissolution; a better approach to divorce which allows for people to be the masters of their own destiny and move on to their next chapters in happier healthier ways.