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4 Ways CBD Tinctures Can Jump-Start Your Wellness Routine

by Macey Wolfer

In case you haven’t heard: CBD is taking over the wellness world. From the busy college student with a CBD soda sashed in their backpack to the overwhelmed mom dropping a tincture under her tongue before work, there’s no question that people are finding success with this super supplement.

But even if everyone and your mother is using it, finding a way to incorporate it into your routine can still be intimidating and confusing, as the non-psychoactive compound can be used in ways ranging from lotions to supplement stacks to tinctures. We’ll take things back to the basics and run through how to use CBD tinctures to take your wellness routine to the life-boosting next level. 


how to use a CBD tincture energy in the morning

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1. CBD for Energy in the Morning 

Research suggests that CBD may be beneficial for promoting wakefulness. If you find yourself struggling to wake up, your morning routine may be improved by using CBD for energy. 

Remembering to take CBD doesn’t have to be a big change to your morning routine. Set your tincture out each night beside the coffee pot or blender so you don’t forget to kick-start your day. Just include a drop of tincture in your morning coffee for a calm, focused start to your day. You can also make a morning smoothie with your favorite healthy ingredients and add a drop of CBD tincture to the mix. Adding CBD to breakfast or morning coffee will only take a few seconds, but the results will go a long way. 


how to use a CBD tincture workout recovery

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2. CBD for Recovery After Exercise 

No matter the intensity of the workout, knowing how to take CBD tincture for your post-workout routine can take your wellness regimen one step further, (which can help you make the most of that workout you squeezed in after a 10 hour day at the office). The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD make it a great addition to exercise routines, especially ones that leave you feeling sore, as it can help support recovery.  

If you usually have a post-workout shake or meal, add a drop of CBD tincture to the mix. Or, you can take CBD as you’re cooling down after a workout. Take a drop while you sit and stretch, or keep it in your post-workout shower bag to take before rinsing off. 


how to use a CBD tincture stress relief

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3. CBD for Stress Relief and Relaxation 

Whether you’re winding down after long hours at the office or trying to keep your cool in the midst of a stressful day, CBD can help. Incorporating CBD into your wellness routine can have immense effects on your well-being, and researchers have found CBD can provide calming relief after a long day. Taking a CBD tincture before and after a long day may help with powering down after days spent doing the most (so you can get up in the morning feeling ready to do it all again).  

Put a few drops of CBD in your water bottle for both hydration and relaxation throughout the day, and you might see your stress levels go down. 


how to use a CBD tincture sleep

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4. CBD for a Better Night’s Sleep 

Good sleep is crucial to overall wellness. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover if you’re not resting and recharging each night, you can’t be your best. Incorporating CBD into your nightly routine may help with that. In a case study of CBD for rest, researchers found that sleep quality improved for most patients taking CBD

Add some CBD tincture to a hot cup of non-caffeinated tea before getting ready for bed. This will help you wind down and relax to prepare your body for sleep. Or, keep your CBD tincture next to your toothbrush and face wash as a reminder for your before-bed routine. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing when and how to incorporate CBD into your daily routine is key to unlocking it’s (and your) full potential. Keeping a tincture next to your coffee pot for a morning boost can help you remember to take it each morning when you can barely put one foot in front of the other. Adding drops to your water bottle to drink throughout the day gives you access to its benefits in a way that doesn’t take any extra time out of your already packed-to-the-brim schedule, leaving you ready to work hard, and play harder. 

Macey is a freelance writer from Seattle. She's passionate about cannabis, music and animals and is always trying to learn more about the world.