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CBD Oil for Tight Neck Muscles

Whether you work from home or at an office, we all suffer similar problems, like tight neck muscles. Keeping your neck in the same position for over 8 hours is just not healthy.

Even if it’s just a little tension buildup, dealing with tight neck muscles can be bothering and tiring in the long term. This is why the possibility of using cannabidiol (CBD) to help support this could be a great deal. 

CBD is being studied for its potential to help combat symptoms associated with chronic pain and inflammation, which are usually linked to tight neck muscles. Here's everything you need to know about CBD oil and neck pain. 


Is CBD good for neck pain?

CBD is pretty sought out for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This natural compound is one of the most common cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and has recently been on the look for therapeutic use.

While there is still a long way ahead before actual clinical use, there are studies that have found this cannabinoid could be a great alternative for pain relief.

Thanks to its sedative properties, it can potentially give support to day-to-day ailments like tight neck or shoulder pain from stress.

Studies like this one from 2008 reported that CBD could have an anti-inflammatory analgesic that activates our endocannabinoid system, a part of our central nervous system that plays a role in the regulation of things like sleep, pain, and relaxation. 

More recent studies like this one researched the functional effects of CBD and inflammation. By reducing the signaling from your nervous system, it can work towards supporting pain and overall inflammation.

As a result, CBD may be used to aid and support certain pain treatments. However, for each case, there are different ways CBD could act, depending on the zone.

CBD oil for neck pain

While there are plenty of ways to use CBD, oils are generally the most friendly.

CBD oil is one of the most effective ways to support pain in general without the need for other devices, keeping things pretty discreet and even creative when added to drinks or cooking.

This means that CBD oil could be a great way to introduce this all-natural compound to your diet as you build up the intake depending on your pain or use it for sporadic pain bursts. 

However, it can also help you release the stress and pain from your neck and shoulders. We’ll explore more about this, and specifically how neck and shoulder pain can get all the benefits from this cannabinoid.

Smoking, vaping, and even edibles are also good ways to enjoy it, albeit they are more recreational and harder to use in lower dosages. 

CBD for neck and shoulder pain

Nowadays, a great portion of people works at their desk or computer for over 8 hours. Stress, posture, and general discomfort could be why neck and shoulder pain is becoming so popular.

This prolongated neck position could lead to inflammation, mostly the one localized nearby the cervical spine.

Some symptoms of this kind of diagnosis are chronic neck and shoulder pain, discomfort, and even numbness. 

In this kind of chronic pain case, CBD could be pretty useful. As this cannabinoid has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it could greatly diminish the effects of that tensed muscles. 

Evidence from this 2020 review reports that CBD could help with particular types of chronic pain. While acknowledging this, the researchers also reported that CBD could have potential benefits and effectiveness as a treatment to aid the symptoms of this condition.


CBD oil for tight neck muscles

While there is much to understand about how cannabidiol interacts with our body, we can say that this all-natural ingredient can support tight neck muscles. Specifically, CBD-infused oil could be a great way to help to relax the affected area.

Research has shown that cannabidiol-based supplements have been increasingly consumed by athletes to improve muscle regeneration. This review noted that there were significant changes in the long term towards repairing muscle damage and recovering performance.

The prolonged state of dealing with chronic muscular pain could lead to degeneration. This is why CBD oil could be great for tight neck muscles.

Strong workout sessions could be much better by helping your body regenerate muscle tissue in the long term, relaxing and impeding the degeneration process.

There are several ways in which cannabidiol could be potential support for these cases. 

Whether there are sporadical neck tension and pain or you have long-term muscle or stress around the area. Let’s explore some of the ways it can treat neck muscles.

Ways CBD oil treats neck muscles 

As we explained before, CBD can have several pathways to support and alleviate pain from built-up tension around your neck-muscle area. Here are some of the most important:

  1. It is a powerful analgesic. CBD has strong analgesic properties which may help alleviate the pain pathway when used for certain treatments.
  2. It has strong anti-inflammatory effects. As stated before, evidence suggests that CBD may have an input and help decrease inflammation.
  3. Its sedative properties may relax the affected area. Thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, this compound may have a synergy to aid as a pain-relief while also relaxing you.
  4. It may help restore damaged tissue. While much research is needed, CBD has the potential to help you restore damaged cell tissue. So if you also plan on using CBD post-workout, it could be a helpful complementary treatment.
  5. If mental stress is one of the factors, it may help you calm your mind. If tight neck muscles are part of major stress or anxiety problems, CBD may help you eliminate some of the external stressors.

As you can see, cannabidiol could potentially support tight neck muscles in several ways. While it might seem simple at first glance, it can act in several ways to decrease overall discomfort and let you recover your overall quality of life.

CBD is also known to help with mood-lifting, as it interacts with the part of the nervous system that can alter our mood. If neck pain has also taken its toll on your mood lately, CBD could help with possible irritability, bad mood, or tiredness. 

Just make sure to also work on the causes for these factors to appear alongside the CBD-based supplement.


How to use CBD for neck pain

The best way to use CBD for neck pain is through a CBD tincture, which is in essence, CBD oil. It’s used sublingually, can be easily microdosed, discreet, and can be absorbed between 15 and 30 minutes.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of CBD, microdosing might be the way to start a new compound on your body. Microdosing is essentially a way of building up the dose week by week until you get to feel the desired effects. 

This is usually done by starting with a small dose (5 through 10mg of CBD) and escalating the dose every week, depending on your desired dosage. The recommended dose for severe chronic pain oscillates between 30 and 50mg of CBD, while minor stress and pain problems should be fine with 25mg.

Remember that neck pain can also have several factors, including stress or mental health issues. We always advise that when you start taking CBD oil to alleviate these problems, you also take up a good reflection to find what is causing the stress and pain. 

If needed, we would also recommend you to build healthier habits related to stress management. Taking a few seconds to get in contact with nature, going on walks, stretching, or even taking a breaks throughout your day. All these habits could help you soothe tight muscles over time.

Before you start any supplement, we always recommend checking with your healthcare provider. Remember, all bodies react differently, and you’ll need to test the supplement in increasing doses to help you understand your pain and even resistance.


Best CBD oil for chronic neck tension

If chronic neck tension due to stress or other external factors is something you live with daily, CBD could potentially improve your quality of life.

Here at FOCL we believe that nature can provide a lot of insight into our bodies, especially when there’s scientific research to back up this knowledge.

This is why we think our Premium CBD Drops could help relieve neck tension. Thanks to its analgesic effects, our premium CBD can help you ease your mind and relax while melting all your ailments away.

Our drops are available in broad spectrum and full spectrum options; both come in a 30ml presentation with 5 different flavors, with no grassy or herbal aftertaste.

You can also choose the different strengths depending on your pain: 1000mg, 2000mg, and up to 3000mg of high-quality CBD per bottle.

All of our ingredients are fully catered to and grown in the USA, including its manufacturing and processing. So don’t worry about lower-quality products, as our CBD oil is third-party tested for quality, 100% plant-based, and made in a food-grade facility for the best product we can deliver.

Best CBD oil for neck nerve pain

Now, if neck nerve pain is something that also keeps you from working or staying at night, we also have a different all-natural solution. Our Sleep Drops are an incredible natural remedy that has the potential to help you regain your quality of life with some drops to ease the pain.

Unlike our regular drops, the Sleep Drops promote a night of better sleep and the overall protection of our nervous system thanks to CBN. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid has plenty of uses and has been lately on the research radar thanks to its strong relaxing capabilities.

These drops contain 1000mg of our top-shelf CBD + CBN broad spectrum formula, with a premium MCT oil. This CBD + CBN oil is completely THC free and has a mild organic peppermint and lavender for some natural soothing action. 

The Drops are also fully organic, non-GMO, and use all-natural ingredients backed up by our third-party testing.