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CBD for Sexual Performance

Sex – a word that elicits wide-ranging reactions from people. 

For long, it has been a taboo topic not spoken about freely in public spheres. But not anymore; the world is much more liberal and open. We now talk about how to boost sexual performance like we’d talk politics or investing!

The key to having good sex is understanding how the body works. Everybody is different, so the notion that sex is a one-size-fits-all is a fallacy. Different things turn people on, and what feels good for one person may not feel the same way for another. 

Nonetheless, the common denominator is that everyone wants good sex. Indeed, a healthy sex life is good for you physically and emotionally. For starters, sex strengthens bonds between people, whether in a marriage or not. When a person has an orgasm, they release numerous feel-good hormones that give the body a natural “high.”

    Having a healthy sex life depends on how well you look after yourself. Physically, this means keeping in shape, practicing safe sex, regularly testing for STDs, and regular visits to the doctor.

    We also know that feeling good about yourself, being comfortable with sex, accepting your sexual orientation and identity, and having fulfilling relationships contribute to a healthy sexuality. 

    There is no doubt that intimacy and sex can lead to higher self-esteem and happiness. So, what if there could be a way to boost sexual performance without investing in expensive products claiming unproven sex-enhancing properties? 

    Well, many people are increasingly turning to natural supplements to boost their health and overall wellbeing. One that has been somewhat of a revelation is cannabidiol (CBD) – a cannabis compound believed to possess numerous beneficial properties.

    CBD is one of the many cannabinoids existing naturally in cannabis. One of its appealing qualities is it is non-psychoactive. That means it does not make users “high,” even though most people think anything from cannabis is intoxicating.

    Why do we think CBD may help boost sexual performance? Its wide-ranging beneficial properties make us believe so. Some are circumstantial, but a growing body of research suggests that CBD’s properties may positively impact your sexual performance.


    How do you use CBD for sex?

    You can use CBD in many ways, depending on which you find most convenient.

    The most common way to use a CBD oil is sublingually. This method entails placing the required dose of a CBD oil, like our Premium CBD Drops, under the tongue for roughly a minute before swallowing. This method often uses a dropper to ensure you get the correct amount of CBD.

    But more importantly, sublingual administration has two main advantages. One; it enables the CBD to enter your systemic circulation faster. That is because the area under the tongue has a rich network of capillaries coupled with thin skin. Two; CBD enters your bloodstream directly, implying higher bioavailability.

    Bioavailability is an important aspect of pharmacokinetics. It infers the amount of a drug that enters your systemic circulation and reaches the target action sites. You see, during drug metabolism, some bit of it is metabolized by the liver into metabolites the body cannot use.

    So, these are ejected as waste. This process is called first-pass metabolism, and oral drugs are typically subjected to this process because they first get into the stomach.

    The overall effect is that sometimes less than the optimal amount of the substance gets into your circulation. Obviously, drug manufacturers take this factor into account so that an effective dose of a drug reaches the target action sites, notwithstanding the first-pass process.

    If you want something sweet and playful, CBD gummies might be your best bet. Our Premium Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, for example, are a delicious way to incorporate top-shelf CBD into the bedroom and take your moments of intimacy to the next level. 

    CBD can also be used topically, i.e., applied to the skin. Products like our Relief Cream are designed to offer the benefits of CBD in an easy-to-use cream that you can apply directly on your skin. 

    That is because the skin is porous and can absorb substances. The effect of topical CBD is more localized compared to that of ingestible CBD because, typically, the CBD does not enter the bloodstream. Instead, it activates CB receptors in the skin to trigger the desired effects.

    To sum up, you can use CBD before sex, during foreplay, and during sex to improve your sex life. CBD oils and capsules are convenient for use before sex, say, 30 minutes to an hour before shaking sheets. 


    Does CBD improve blood flow?

    You may have heard the cliché “sex is in the mind” and probably wondered how true this is. It turns out the brain is the most powerful sex organ, and if everything is okay upstairs, then sex is likely to be great! 

    The mind, as you know, informs your every action and behavior – “as a man thinks, so is he.”

    This is an area where CBD may be of some real importance. We know how stress, for example, can affect the mind and sexual performance.


    CBD oil for sexual performance

    So you may have heard some people claim that smoking marijuana makes them hornier. Well, it turns out this claim might have some truth. 

    A 2017 study showed that cannabis intoxication significantly activated the right nucleus accumbens, leading to higher dopamine levels. This part of the brain is the neural nexus between motivation and action and is involved in bodily functions like sexual reward, feeding, stress, and self-treatment behaviors.

    It is unclear which cannabis compound may be responsible for the increased response to erotic stimuli. That’s because another study investigating the effect of cannabis on male fertility presented conflicting findings. 

    It suggested that cannabis altered male fertility by affecting sperm morphology, reducing sperm viability and motility, and inhibiting their fertilization capacity. 

    In animal models, cannabis was noted to contribute to testicular atrophy, reduced libido, and sexual performance. However, these findings have not been replicated in human studies, so more research is necessary to validate them. 

    Another 2019 study on the effects of marijuana smoking on testicular function among men presented conflicting findings. It showed higher sperm counts in men who have smoked marijuana than in those who have never had. 

    However, there were no significant changes in sperm concentration between present and past users. These findings are obviously not consistent with other studies that highlight the harmful effects of cannabis on testicular function.

    Does CBD oil improve libido?

    It does not appear CBD oil directly improves libido. However, there might be other areas of your health where CBD may help and positively affect libido.

    A 2018 animal study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology showed that testosterone levels in rats treated with CBD were dose-dependent. The group given a dose of 30mg/kg of body weight recorded a 76% decrease in testosterone levels. There were no significant differences in testosterone levels in the group given a CBD dose of 15mg/kg and the control group (given sunflower oil).

    This affirms that CBD may affect testosterone levels. More specifically, higher CBD doses may negatively affect testosterone levels. In humans, testosterone is believed to regulate sex drive (libido), muscle strength and mass, bone mass, fat distribution, sperm, and red blood cell production.

    Since larger doses of CBD may lower testosterone levels (in rats), it may reduce libido. Once again, these findings are from a rat study, so it is unclear if they can be replicated in humans.

    Nonetheless, it is increasingly apparent that CBD’s effect on sexual performance, or any other health issue, is dose-dependent.


    Potential benefits of CBD for performance

    Thus far, it is not clear if CBD can directly boost sexual performance. However, it may impact your sex life, seeing how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

    The ECS is a complex network of cellular receptors and chemical transmitters called neurotransmitters that set off a series of reactions that helps the body. The “fuel” that drives the ECS are cannabinoids similar to those of the cannabis plant. At the moment, CBD and THC are the most well-studied in this regard.

    These cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body, including the sexual reproductive organs. So, a cannabinoid intake can potentially help in the following ways:

    Sexual anxiety

    Yes, some people get sexual performance anxiety, which affects their ability to have good sex. Performance anxiety is not only related to sex, it can also be brought about by issues affecting your daily life, e.g., work, relationships, finances, family, etc.

    A review of available studies shows that CBD has anxiolytic effects. It may therefore reduce anxiety disorders. One of these studies published in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry indicated that 300mg of CBD significantly reduced anxiety among healthy volunteers in a simulated public speaking test. 

    So, these properties can be harnessed to help people reduce symptoms associated with anxiety that can impede sexual performance. The only problem is standardizing dosing guidelines to make CBD applicable in clinical settings.

    Erectile dysfunction 

    Also called impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and maintain an erection during sex. An isolated case of having trouble erecting is not necessarily concerning, but it can be quite stressful if it becomes an ongoing issue. 

    ED has many causes ranging from sleep disorders and metabolic syndrome to diabetes and obesity. Some of these causes, like sleep disorders and pain, may be managed by using CBD.  

    A paper published in BioMed Research International suggested that CBD could improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels. This may lead to stronger erections and longer-lasting sex.

    Low sex drive

    Reports conflict as to CBD’s ability to increase sex drive. Some studies suggest that cannabinoids such as THC and CBD may boost libido, while others contend they have the opposite effect.

    However, if CBD can boost sex drive, it may do so by promoting reduced stress, pain, and a better mood. It also helps by increasing anandamide levels.

    Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that stimulates feelings of happiness and mental balance. Naturally, you are more likely to have more fulfilling sex when you feel good.

    Poor lubrication

    CBD lubes are the latest cannabis-based products on the market. These products aim to harness CBD creams’ moisturizing properties to reduce dryness and enhance sexual pleasure.