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5 Ways to be Resilient During Tough Times with Bas Rutten

by Bas Rutten

There’s no doubt we are living through some very challenging times, and that prioritizing self-care and wellness is not self-serving, but critical when it comes to being successful, productive, and healthy in times of chaos. And amidst so much uncertainty, overcoming obstacles with resilience can help us navigate change with more clarity and less anxiety to create real change. Because it’s not the challenges that define us, but how we handle them that makes a difference.

So how can we take care of ourselves in these times of crisis and change? We asked Bas Rutten, retired UFC world champion mixed martial artist, wellness advocate, and family man, to share some of his tips on resiliency when it comes to health and wellness. As a high performing athlete and motivational speaker who grew up with severe asthma and eczema which led to being bedridden and bullied as a child, Bas’s commitment to resilience when overcoming obstacles is inspiring.

Here’s what he said...


Take a detour, but stay focused on your destination.  

You may need to pivot to accommodate the new normal, but don’t steer too far away from your goals. Use your ego for good and let it motivate you so you can achieve your personal best.  Maybe the road ahead looks slightly different than you imagined, but it’s worth exploring the detour and learning every step of the way. I’m a busy guy that’s often pulled in a million directions, but family is my top priority. I focus on my mental and physical wellness so I can show up for them every day. With a little help from FOCL, I’m able to face whatever’s in store and keep that work/life balance in check.

Pro tip: Face difficulties with courage, confidence, and perseverance.


Get fearless. 

Finding out what is best for your health and wellness takes “trial and error,” but if you are resilient, you will find out what’s best for you. The mark of a resilient person is one’s willingness to try new things and enjoy the journey along the way, without fear. That kettlebell class that’s always intimidated you, now is the time to experiment. Even closer to home, the kitchen is the perfect place to try something new while spending time with family. 

Pro tip: Find the perfect mix that makes your mind and body sound and prepared for whatever life’s got in store.


Stick to a routine. 

Once you find something that works, stick to it. Having a routine helps you stay on track and building steady habits that become non-negotiable and unbreakable will help. For instance, I always use my turn signal, even when the roads are empty, and nobody is watching. I go to bed at ten every night and wake up at 6 am every day. Though at times you may not like some aspects of a routine or workout, you can learn to love them as you become better and master your goals. That’s where the real work is, and that’s where change happens.

I also take FOCL Day every morning. It’s loaded with top-shelf CBD, adaptogens, and botanicals that keep me calm, focused, and super productive. It’s the kickstart I need in the morning. At night, I use FOCL Night to help my mind relax and my body recover. I’m conscious of ingredients and what I put in my body, so its premium Hemp CBD and ingredients like Ashwagandha and Valerian Root to promote better quality sleep impressed me. I wake up refreshed and ready for whatever in’s store. I think of these supplements as resilience/routine boosters.  

Pro tip: Get into the groove with daily activities to keep you motivated and moving, and work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths.


Be humble. 

As a kid, I had severe asthma and often had to be in bed 24/7 for a week. I also had a severe skin disease, and I got bullied often because of it. Even though that was tough, I knew that there were people with asthma who were sick for two months straight versus my week. I’m always mindful that somebody somewhere is suffering more than I am, and I am forever grateful for my family and my success,  and staying humble has helped me get through difficult times.

Pro tip: Remember that no matter how bad things seem, there is always somebody who has it worse than you do.


Get creative. 

I love the idea of a desert island workout. The kind you can do anywhere, and at any time with minimal props and equipment. The past few months have seen many of us working out at home, and getting creative when it comes to a work out that’s not dependent on going to the gym. So what’s your desert island workout?  Mine is an audio workout that I developed with fast-paced punch, and kick combinations. It also incorporates different kinds of push-ups, sprawls, squats, sit-ups, and when I have rubber bands or anything I can find as a weight available, I add shoulder and biceps exercises.  

Pro tip: Creativity helps with motivation, persistence, and challenging your mind and body.


Allow yourself some indulgences. 

Putting in hard work is terrific but take the time to enjoy life in all its deliciousness. I love In-N-Out and can’t resist a Double-Double with fries and a light lemonade. When at home, stay healthy by jazzing up your food, not with salt, but something spicy like Carolina Reaper. It will make fish and protein taste great and is excellent for vegetables too. Another healthy indulgence is the FOCL Relief Cream. Aches and pains are a souvenir from my years as a mixed martial artist, and the ritual of using the cream for my joint pain is soothing, calming, and helps me recover after a workout.

Pro tip: Resilience is about balance. Work hard, but make time for play too.

Bas Rutten Using FOCL Relief Cream

Caring for yourself in difficult and disruptive times should be non-negotiable. Being prepared for the unexpected takes strength, determination, and of course, resilience. I find that staying connected to health and wellness and sticking to a routine helps build the resilience needed to weather any storm.