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FOCL CBD Fruit Chews


With 3 fruity flavors, get a delicious dose of chill whenever or wherever you need it.

  • Premium CBD to help relax your mind + body.
  • Made in the USA with organic ingredients.
  • The highest quality & best tasting CBD gummies. Period.
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FOCL Fruit Chews are a delicious dose of chill whenever stress or burnout hits.

When You Need To Chill

FOCL Fruit Chews contain 10mg of CBD each. The recommended dosage is 1-3 chews per day (or whenever you need them).

Control Your Dose

New to CBD? It’s best to start low and see how your body responds before dosing up.

We blend all of our products in GMP Certified Labs that follow strict FDA Standards, ensuring a contaminant-free product. And because we’re so serious, we have our products regularly third-party tested for the highest quality and safety possible.

Free of Pesticides

Free of Heavy Metals

Free of Microbials

Free of Mycotoxins

Free of Residual Solvents

Free of Filth

THC Free

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Tastes amazing,
feels even better.

Each gummy has 10mg of Premium THC-free CBD which may help:

Calm Your
Relieve Everyday
Relax & Fall
Asleep Quicker
FOCL Products FOCL Products

Find your chill—anytime, anywhere.

Delicious, discreet and easy to enjoy. Take them with you anywhere you go for a quick and delectable dose of soothing CBD.

Your dose.
Your way.

Pop a gummy every few hours to help stay focused and calm during the day, or enjoy a few at night to help unwind before bed.

Consistency is key.

How often should I take FOCL Fruit Chews?

Everybody is different so specific results may vary, but generally effects begin within 30-60 minutes. CBD takes time to work within your body, so continued, consistent use is highly recommended.

Week 1

Start with 2 gummies in the morning for a more focused day. Have another 1-2 at night to help relax and unwind before bed. If after a week you notice no difference, increase by 2 gummies.

Month 1

Gradually increase your dosage, if needed, by 1 gummy for better focus during the day and relaxation at night as your body + mind begin to calibrate with the effects of CBD.

Month 2+

With consistent use, find your perfect balance to help you focus better, stress less and relax easier every single day.

Common Questions

  • What are CBD gummies used for?

    CBD gummies are a form of CBD edibles and just another way to take CBD. FOCL Fruit Chews are an easy and tasty way to get all the benefits of CBD. So chill out, relax, fall asleep quicker with these delicious treats.

  • When should I take FOCL Fruit Chews?

    FOCL Fruit Chews can be consumed morning or night for quick relief from everyday stressors. Keep them in your medicine cabinet, purse or desk drawer when you need a dose of chill.

  • What is the dose of CBD in FOCL Fruit Chews?

    Our chill CBD gummies contain 10mg of True Broad Spectrum CBD in each chew. As always, we recommend starting low and dosing up as you find the right dose of CBD for you. 

  • Are FOCL Fruit Chews healthy CBD gummies?

    FOCL Fruit Chews are doctor-formulated and made with organic ingredients to ensure you’re getting the most premium CBD out there. Perfectly dosed and good for you, we highly recommend adding these wellness CBD gummies to your daily routine.

  • Will CBD gummies get me high?

    No. CBD is not THC. FOCL Fruit Chews are made with True Broad Spectrum CBD, meaning they have ZERO THC, only CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids. No high, only sweet gummy relief.

FOCL Products
Better Together

Fruit Chews + 1000mg CBD Drops

Add an extra 10-2mg of FOCL Premium CBD Drops with your Fruit Chews for an added dose of chill.

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