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Full Spectrum CBD:

A powerful form of CBD that retains all of the compounds naturally found in hemp and is the most effective at calming the nervous system and promoting relaxation, focus, and pain-relief.


A beginner-friendly dose of THC that calms the mind, especially when combined with CBD.


An amino acid that replenishes your neurotransmitters, which decrease when you're stressed, and aids the production of dopamine.

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What are gummies with CBD and THC good for?

Gummies with THC and CBD may help manage pain, nausea, and other symptoms associated with certain medical conditions. They have been found to help ease pain and swelling, calm your nerves, improve hunger, and assist in getting a good night’s sleep. Plus, they pack a bigger punch and last longer than other ways of getting THC into your system.

How do I store my CBD and THC gummies?

Preserving the freshness and potency of your THC and CBD gummies is key to getting the most out of them. We recommend storing your gummies in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Our gummies come in airtight containers that are perfect for maintaining their freshness and taste.

What should I expect after consuming CBD gummies with THC?

Consuming a CBD THC gummy can offer a unique experience. The onset of effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your metabolism and whether you've eaten. Generally, you can expect to feel a sense of relaxation, reduced anxiety, and an overall sense of well-being. Remember, everyone's experience can be different, so it's always best to start with a lower dose and see how you feel before consuming more.

How long do the effects of CBD THC gummies last?

The duration of the effects from CBD/THC gummies can vary greatly depending on several factors, including your body's metabolism, the amount consumed, and your tolerance level. Typically, the effects can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

Can I take THC/CBD gummies for long-term relief?

Yes, THC CBD gummies can be used for long-term relief for certain conditions like chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Our gummies offer a controlled dose of THC that's easy to manage, making them suitable for regular use. As always, you should consult your healthcare provider to establish a plan that's safe and effective for your needs.

What are the best edibles for beginners?

For beginners, the best edibles to start with are low-dose marijuana gummies (like ours above!) as they are easy to eat and the dose can be easily controlled. We recommended to start with a lower dose of a half to 1 gummy as needed and work your way up until you find the perfect level of Feel Good. Always talk to your doctor before indulging if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking medication.

What are the cons of taking edibles?

The cons of taking edibles (e.g., cannabis gummies) include a longer onset time, a slower absorption of the effects, and the potential for overconsumption due to the delayed onset. If you feel like you've consumed too much, don't panic. Find a calm and safe space, hydrate, and wait for the effects to diminish. Always remember that it's best to start with a small dose and gradually increase it. Always remember to consume responsibly and listen to your body.

Are THC gummies the same as CBD?

No, THC gummies are not the same as CBD gummies. THC gummies contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, while CBD gummies contain only CBD, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. This is an important designation and these terms should not be confused. It’s also key to note that when combined they can produce the entourage effect, which is the entire spectrum of cannabinoids working together to produce an array of positive benefits. Which is why we have formulated our gummies to make sure you Feel Good!