Premium CBD

The FOCL Difference

At FOCL, we are determined to deliver high-quality products that work. 

We understand how important it is to know exactly what you’re putting your body and what it will do. That’s why we promise to always be transparent with our products and prioritize certifications and testing.  

Because we all deserve the best of the best.

Setting the standard in wellness.

Our Formulas

FOCL is special. We’ve taken something already remarkable (Premium Hemp CBD) and enhanced it with adaptogens and botanicals that significantly dial up the benefits of each formula.

We’ve worked with chemists, doctors, and wellness experts to identify effective ingredient combinations that will produce the best results for your body and mind.

Our Farm

In 2019, FOCL planted our own organic hemp farm, nestled in a pristine New Mexico Valley. Our team carefully tends to our 120 acres of non-GMO hemp crops and hand-selects choice bud to harvest. 

We didn’t have to start a farm. Most CBD companies don’t. But we chose the path less traveled, so that from seed to delivery you know exactly where your products are coming from and how they are made, that’s why we also collaborate with other US-based growers who operate to the highest standards.

Trust & Transparency

After approving every formula and ingredient, all FOCL products are made with non-GMO premium crops, in an FDA-approved, food-grade, GMP compliant facility. It’s more work for us, but it’s better for you. 

We go through the rigorous process of testing and meeting transparency standards to obtain top-tier certifications because we want you to feel confident that you know exactly what’s in every FOCL product. 


TRU-ID is an independent program that uses cutting-edge DNA testing to set the highest standard for measuring ingredient integrity. We sought out this coveted certification (which is rare for CBD products) to show our dedication to quality and authenticity.


GMOs are organisms that have been artificially manipulated through genetic engineering to withstand chemical herbicides and pesticides, allowing farmers to use harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for human consumption. Our Non-GMO certification is a reassurance that all FOCL products are only made with ingredients that are herbicide and pesticide-free.


We believe in the power of Mother Nature. All FOCL products are 100% vegan, so you only get all-natural, plant-based wellness. No animal products or byproducts, animal testing or animal GMOs here.


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance is widely accepted as the standard in production. These regulations are developed and enforced under the authority of the FDA and require all products to be consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. All FOCL products are made in a GMP-compliant facility, not because we have to, but because we believe in doing right by our customers.

Third-Party Lab-Tested

Third-party lab tests help ensure CBD products are safe and actually contain what is advertised. We test every batch of our products to ensure you get the most premium products, every time. And we’re not afraid to show you the results. See third-party test results for all our products:

Understanding CBD

CBD is a relatively new wellness supplement, so we know you probably have some questions.

  • What exactly is CBD?

    CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s one of over 113 naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds in the Cannabis plant. The flowers of cannabis (both hemp and marijuana) secrete a sticky resin abundant in cannabinoids like CBD, as well as terpenes and various other phytochemicals. FOCL uses hemp-derived CBD, which is federally legal to purchase and consume. CBD is legal to purchase and consume in every state. 

  • What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

    Although they both come from the cannabis plant, CBD and THC do not have the same psychoactive properties. THC gives you that “high” feeling and sense of euphoria. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make you feel “high.”

  • Will you get high?

    THC gives you a “high.” CBD does not. This point is important so let’s repeat it: CBD (the primary ingredient in the FOCL formulas) is non-psychoactive so you will not get high from taking FOCL. 

  • How does CBD work?

    The scientific community is still discovering the far-reaching therapeutic benefits of CBD. For now, here’s what we know: Your body has something called an endocannabinoid system. Imagine a traffic cop directing cars so they’re moving in the right direction and at the right time - that’s what your endocannabinoid system does. It regulates a range of functions and processes like sleep, mood, appetite and memory.

    CBD positively interacts with your endocannabinoid system to improve these processes. It supports your body and mind so you feel better.