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How to Take CBN Oil

What is CBN oil

CBN oil, or cannabinol oil, marks a new wave of products derived from cannabis and hemp plants. While less popular and less studied than its more famous counterparts – CBD and CBG oils – CBN oil is showing promise, especially for those looking for a different experience than CBD and CBG oils offer. 

CBN is a non-psychoactive chemical compound. Like CBD and CBG, it does not offer the typical “high” associated with THC.

Research on its medicinal value has been somewhat limited as CBN products have limited availability. Again, this may be due to the low quantity levels extracted from hemp plants. Most of the CBN products on the market contain CBD.

If CBD is not the dominant compound, it is present in an equal ratio to CBN. The product must clearly state the amount of CBN present in the formula.

While consumers don’t have to worry about getting “high” when taking CBN oil, it can aid sleep and provide relaxation when taken in higher doses.


Benefits of CBN oil

It has been more than 120 years since the discovery of CBN. Despite that, there is limited knowledge about its potential benefits and effects. The available studies provide many therapeutic claims regarding CBN products such as oils.

The following are some of the supposed health benefits of CBN oil that you need to know before buying it. However, keep in mind that these health benefits are based on early studies and anecdotal evidence.


Most of the CBN products sold on the market are labeled as sleep aids. CBN, as a natural sleep aid, is based on anecdotal evidence that shows its sedative properties.

A scientific journal published in 1975 was the first to note the benefits of CBN for its sleep-promoting properties. However, this paper was inconclusive since the sample used for the analysis also contained THC. The study was also conducted on only five subjects, limiting its scope and data.

There is a theory that CBN at higher doses may create sleep-inducing effects. However, more research studies are needed to conclusively say that CBN is responsible and not other chemical compounds.

It also pays to know your chronotype and sleep cycle when using CBN products. According to top sleep doctors, knowing your chronotype is the first step to understanding how your body’s internal clock works, so you can use that as leverage. 

Anti-inflammatory effects

A study conducted on rodents in 2016 determined the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBN oil. The result of the study showed how the intake of CBN reduced rheumatoid arthritis in rodents.

These findings are not surprising given that most cannabinoids are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This chemical compound is closely linked to the CB2 receptors in the immune system, which supports the claim of its anti-inflammatory effects.

Appetite booster

Another test was also conducted on rodents to show the ability of CBN to stimulate the appetite. This research has shown that CBN made rodents increase their overall food consumption.

Cannabis is historically known as an appetite booster. But since CBN is less potent, its appetite-boosting benefits might be less pronounced. More research studies are needed to support this claim.

Antibacterial properties

Cannabinoids such as CBN are slowly making their way into modern medicine, and this chemical compound has been evaluated for its antibacterial properties in a laboratory setting.

The study demonstrated that it could fight off the notorious MRSA bacteria known to cause staph infections. This type of bacteria has shown resistance to several antibiotics in the past.

Due to the study's controlled setting, the research findings are inconclusive, and experts must do more research to confirm those initial findings.

Neuroprotectant effects

The neuroprotective capacity of CBN is also another area that scientists closely study. Another study was conducted on rats in a laboratory setting to determine if its neuroprotectant effects are significant.

Based on a study on rats conducted in 2005, CBN was determined to cause a delay in the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the test subjects. However, more studies are needed to explore the potential of CBN in treating a wide range of neurological diseases and brain disorders.


CBN oil side effects

There are several known side effects to consuming CBN – in any form.

Therefore, you need to use these oils wisely and be cautious about the common side effects associated with their use. It can interact with certain medications you are taking or cause serious side effects.

It is best to consult your healthcare provider about your existing conditions or medications to avoid adverse interactions. Several published studies state no side effects of using CBN oil.

However, it pays to err on the side of caution. The lack of studies on CBN is also why you shouldn't dismiss any potential side effects. Just because they aren’t known does not mean they don't exist.

It is also worth noting that every human body is unique. Your body might interact with the substance differently than another person would. With that said, here are some of the known side effects of using CBN oil.



CBN is known for its calming properties. The ability to keep your body calm is one of the reasons why many use it regularly, as it helps with relaxation and coping with anxiety.

However, the relaxing properties of CBN may also lead to drowsiness. This side effect can be potentially dangerous if you use it during waking hours. You will feel extra sleepy during the day.

If you plan on using CBN oil, try it before going to bed or if you plan on staying home for the day. Otherwise, drowsiness can be dangerous, especially if you are driving.



Dizziness is another side effect linked to using CBN oil. Again, the calming properties of CBN are believed to cause brain activity to decline, which results in a mild dizzying effect.



If you ever feel groggy after using CBN oil, don’t worry, as this is one of the most common side effects. Grogginess is common among those who use the oil during the day. Some people who’ve used CBN oil during their waking hours report losing mental focus and mild brain fog as a side effect. 

These side effects manifest within a short period of using CBN oil. The feeling of grogginess tends to wear off after a few hours.


Boost the effects of THC

A study conducted in 2006 demonstrated that patients who took CBN along with THC-filled substances reported increased psychoactive effects of the THC properties. A separate group was studied without the THC.

In 2006, a study was conducted on two groups of patients. One group took CBN along with THC-filled products, while the other took CBN independently. The first group manifested a heightened psychoactive effect with the combination of CBN and THC.

On the other hand, those who took CBN on their own did not exhibit any psychoactive effects.

When using CBN along with THC, you need to take extra caution to ensure that you do not increase the effect of THC.

How to use CBN oil 

CBN is well-known as a natural sleep aid. In addition to helping you get better quality sleep at night, this cannabinoid compound offers many health benefits. If you want to experience these benefits, you need to know how to use CBN oil correctly. 

Aside from getting the proper dosage, the method of use is critical to how effective the substance can be in bringing about the above-listed benefits.

Thanks to a growing demand for CBD products, CBN is also becoming more readily available. There are three common ways to use CBN oil: topical, sublingual absorption, and incorporating it into your diet. 

Find out more about each of these methods to see the most effective and best suits your lifestyle. 


As a topical

The topical application of CBN oil is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to use this product. Using CBN oil on your skin is also recommended for various conditions, such as supporting arthritis relief, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Apply a small amount of the CBN oil onto your skin. You may also use it with other hemp-based products for the best results.


Sublingual absorption

The majority of users prefer to take CBN oil under the tongue. Many consider the sublingual absorption method the most effective way to extract the benefits of the oil.

It is fast-acting because the properties enter your bloodstream directly and thus faster, allowing the product to work almost instantly. As a result, this oil delivery method provides instant relief. 

Our Sleep Drops are a must-have for natural relief from anxiety and better sleep. They combine organic hemp derived CBN and CBD extracts with soothing lavender to provide a clean end effective plant-powered sleep aid. 





In your food

Yes, you may add CBN oil to your food if you wish to absorb its beneficial properties. Adding CBN oil to your food is nothing new, as there are plenty of CBD-infused food products and beverages today. These products range from chocolates to gummies and baked goodies.

You can also enjoy the beneficial properties of CBN oil by using it as an ingredient in your food. The effects of consuming CBN oil with your food is known to be long-lasting. CBN does have a potent earthy flavor, though. You need to incorporate other ingredients to mask that overwhelming taste and aroma.

If you want to skip the hassle of planning recipes on how to use CBN oil, you can opt for a product like our CBN + CBD Sleep Gummies instead. These all-natural gummies are a convenient way to absorb the sleep-inducing effects of the cannabinoid compound without the hassle of making your CBN-infused food. 





Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and 15mg of CBN. They are soft-chew gummies, so they feel like a treat in your mouth. More importantly, they help you sleep faster and better, so you wake up refreshed.


CBN oil dosage

Getting the correct dosage is a crucial component of enjoying the health benefits of CBN oil. There is no recommended dosage for consumers as every individual has different needs. The cannabinoid-derived product can have different effects on each user too. 

Take these two factors into account when choosing the proper dosage to use. 

You must understand the subtle differences in different cannabinoids as they can affect the human body. A good rule is to start small, especially if you are a beginner. You can always work your way up on the dosage based on how you feel. 

When you buy a product, such as CBN oil, always check the label. It should contain information on CBN concentration and other cannabinoids in the formula. Use this as your guide to determine the proper dosage to use.

Keep a written record of your CBN use. Take note of the dosage taken, the frequency, and the effects. This written record will provide you with the data you need to perfect the dosage.

It is also essential to be extra cautious about the recent explosion of cannabinoid products. There could be vendors looking to cash in on the growing demand for CBD and CBN products. This could lead them to create products that are not tested for purity or quality. 

You could easily consume one at a dangerous level or one that contains harmful additives that could put your health at risk. Always exercise caution when consuming new products, even those labeled as natural supplements.