Sore Muscles? How to Relieve Them Naturally

Apr 16, 2020

by Ashley Tibbits

From sitting at a desk (or these days a makeshift work-from-home situation) to your go-to fitness routine, your body can go through a lot on a daily basis — and with a busy schedule you might not always be giving it the proper recovery. Or maybe you’re not exactly sure how to recuperate. Thankfully, getting relief from soreness and stiffness might be easier than you think. Topical CBD muscle creams have become a hot new trend for post workout and relief from sore or stiff muscle pain, and they could be a game-changer for you. Here, we explain just why a CBD cream like our new FOCL Relief Cream can be so effective at soothing sore and stiff muscles.


How CBD & Natural Pain Relief Creams Work

A little insight into how CBD muscle creams work: hemp-derived CBD is considered a super supplement because it stimulates the body’s own endocannabinoid system, which is involved in how you sleep, how you adapt to stress, your hunger levels, your mood and how you experience pain (among other things). And while you’re probably already familiar with the ways you can ingest CBD to aid with everyday stress or occasional sleeplessness, applying cannabinoids topically — or transdermally, to get scientific — can have a similar effect on your joints and muscles. Studies have shown that when used on the skin, CBD still offers similar benefits. Not only that, but according to research from the University of Kentucky, one of the benefits of topical CBD application is that it can have a therapeutic effect on minor aches and pains without major side effects.

CBD pain-relief creams — like the doctor-formulated and FDA-approved FOCL Relief Cream — can up the ante by combining this super ingredient with other plant-based ones that have a history of use for soothing sore, tired and achy muscles. One such ingredient is arnica, which has been used for centuries to help with bruising and inflammation. In fact, the British Homeopathic Association shares that Swiss mountain guides used to use the daisy-like flower to prevent injury from climbing. Add in pain-relieving camphor bark oil, anti-inflammatory eucalyptus leaf oil, and a slew of other calming, nourishing natural ingredients, and you’ve got a recipe for powerful relief.


How to Use CBD Topical Creams

So when and how should you use CBD muscle creams if soreness is your main issue? For those who suffer from delayed-onset muscle soreness after a workout, applying a product like FOCL Relief Cream after exercising can help speed up muscle recovery. The same can be said if you’re experiencing similar discomfort from another type of physical activity (even sitting uncomfortably for too long!). But it is worth noting that CBD creams are not necessarily a solution for chronic pain, as this is your body’s way of telling your brain there’s trauma. Your best bet then is to see a doctor to get to the root of the problem.

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How to Pick the Right Relief Cream for You

Think a CBD muscle cream might benefit you? There are a few things to look for when shopping for one. Look for brands like FOCL that use third-party testing and have FDA-approval (our Relief Cream is one of only a handful of CBD topicals to have the department’s stamp of approval). Second, check out the ingredient list. Plant-based, naturally soothing ingredients may be an added bonus, but make sure the product doesn’t contain any known allergens; and if there’s anything you’re not sure of, ask your doctor before using. And last, check the amount of CBD. For example, Relief contains 500 mg per bottle, so dose yourself accordingly. Start small, because you can always work your way up. 

Once you’ve got all your questions answered and you’ve chosen the product that suits you, all that’s left to do is apply it, sit back and let the soothing begin.


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