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9 Best CBD Products for Sleep in 2024 (Gummies, Oils & More)

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is rapidly gaining a reputation for enhancing restful sleep. However, it can be hard to know where to start if you’re looking into it for the first time. The market is teeming with CBD sleep products of countless types: edibles, creams, oils, capsules, and so on. How can you figure out which ones are right for you?

We’ve tried to make the search easier by highlighting top-quality CBD products in different categories. This article reviews our favorite sleep-friendly CBD gummies, capsules, oils, and more. We’ll explain what makes each unique and discuss the pros and cons of each product category.

How We Evaluate CBD Products for Sleep

Dishonest and unsafe practices plague the CBD wellness market. At FOCL, we hold our CBD sleep products to higher standards of quality, consistency, and transparency — and we only recommend other brands that do the same.

Here are the critical criteria we look for when assessing each CBD product:

  • Quality ingredients. Great CBD starts with great hemp, so you need to know where companies are sourcing CBD oil.
  • Potent sleep formula. The concentration of CBD and other sleep-promoting ingredients will make a big difference in any product’s effectiveness.
  • Third-party testing. Companies producing reputable CBD products are not shy about having their contents tested by independent labs to ensure their purity.
  • Clean manufacturing. Responsible production practices are critical when producing a safe and effective CBD product.
  • Transparency and honesty. We prefer brands that share as much information as possible with customers (and don’t make misleading health claims).
  • Brand reputation. It’s always a good idea to look at what customers, independent review sites, and certifying bodies like the USDA have to say about a CBD company.

Now, let’s review the best CBD products for sleep in every category.

Best Full-Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies: FOCL Deep Sleep Gummies

jar of FOCL Deep Sleep

Popping in a tasty and chewable gummy is one of the most popular ways to take CBD for sleep. Edible CBD may also kick in more slowly than other forms, but the effects tend to last longer, which is nice if your goal is to sleep soundly until morning.

Well-made CBD gummies also make dosing easy because each contains a consistent, pre-measured quantity of any active ingredients.

Not everyone will like eating a sugary treat shortly before bed, but most of the best CBD sleep gummies have only a couple of grams of added sugar per serving.

If you’re not familiar with CBD terminology, it’s worth noting that these are full-spectrum CBD gummies. That means that along with cannabidiol, they contain traces of every other active ingredient found in the cannabis plant, which some studies indicate can improve the overall effect of CBD.

Why FOCL Full-Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies?

Every product we offer at FOCL is produced according to WHO-recommended Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and tested by ISO-certified labs.

Our Deep Sleep gummies are made with premium USA-grown organic hemp. Their delicious blue raspberry taste comes from natural sweeteners and flavorings. Plant-based pectin gives them the perfect plump, chewy texture and means they’re entirely vegan.

The Deep Sleep formula includes 15 mg of CBN, a secondary cannabinoid that seems to improve sleep quality, and a small amount of THC — not enough to intoxicate you, but enough to make you drowsy. We round out the formula with moderate doses of melatonin (the brain’s natural sleep signal hormone) and L-theanine (an amino acid with stress-relieving effects).

This potent blend should help soothe your anxiety, quiet your racing thoughts, and lull you into a refreshing slumber. Glancing at our sleep gummy customer reviews, most users wholeheartedly agree.

What if they don’t work for you? Well, all of our sleep products come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. During that window (twice as long as most CBD companies offer), you can return our gummies for a full refund if you’re unhappy — no questions asked.

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Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies: FOCL CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies

Jar of FOCL Good Night Broad Spectrum Sleep Gummies

If you’re interested in CBD's benefits for better sleep but don’t like the idea of ingesting THC, a broad-spectrum CBD product might be your best bet. These products contain every active ingredient the hemp plant offers except THC. Broad-spectrum CBD products might be slightly less helpful for producing short-term drowsiness, but many people still find them useful for fighting various sleep disorders.

The other benefits and drawbacks are identical to those of other types of CBD gummies: slower but longer-lasting effects, easy dosing, and a fun taste and texture.

Why FOCL Broad-Spectrum Gummies?

We apply the uncompromising quality standards described in the last section to all our sleep products, including our THC-free sleep gummies. They use the same high-grade organic hemp, plant-based flavors and sweeteners, and ultra-clean manufacturing practices.

The sleep formula is a little different, though. Our broad-spectrum gummies contain the same robust dosage of CBD, CBN, and L-theanine as our Deep Sleep Gummies but without THC or melatonin. In their place, we’ve added some extract of Passionflower, an herbal remedy known for helping with sleep quality.

The result is a deliciously calming gummy that makes it easy to fall asleep even when life has you stressed.

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Best CBD + THC Sleep Gummies: Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies

Jar with purple and pink label

Melatonin is a common ingredient in CBD sleep gummies because it helps regulate sleep cycles. However, it may not work well for everyone — some people find it makes them feel groggy or suffer a headache the next day.

Such customers may benefit from melatonin-free gummies that combine the sleep-inducing effects of CBD and low-dose THC. Those should help you get to sleep more quickly than pure CBD gummies. Just note that the lack of melatonin will make them less effective for issues like jet lag that require resetting one’s normal sleep cycle.

Why Chill Frog CBD + THC Gummies?

Chill Frog uses the same clean manufacturing standards and testing procedures as FOCL, which makes it easy for us to recommend it from the standpoint of safety and purity.

These gummies also contain a well-balanced combination of active ingredients: 25 mg of CBD, 15 mg of CBN, 2 mg of THC, 100 mg of L-theanine, and 25 mg of Passionflower extract. This mix is very similar to that found in FOCL’s gummies, and customer reviews suggest that it’s highly effective for enhancing sleep quality.

While Chill Frog does offer a satisfaction guarantee, it’s not as extensive as FOCL’s. You’ll only get one month to test-drive these gummies, which we know isn’t enough time to unlock the many sleep benefits of CBD fully.

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Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Sleep: FOCL Full Spectrum Sleep Drops

Dropper jar of FOCL Good Night Full Spectrum Drops

So far, we’ve been covering different types of gummies, but there are many other ways to take cannabidiol.

For some users, hemp-based oil may be the best CBD product for sleep. It can be taken sublingually (meaning under the tongue), letting the active ingredients absorb directly into your bloodstream. This mode of application means a more significant fraction of the CBD content makes it to your nervous system and takes effect more quickly.

Some tradeoffs are involved — the quicker action also means the effects wear off faster. Figuring out how much CBD to take for sleep can also be a little trickier since you’re using a dropper instead of pre-portioned gummies. Still, CBD oil can be a great alternative to edibles if you want a rapid effect and no added sugar.


Our Sleep Drops are perfect for anyone looking for the purest possible all-natural sleep aids. They contain just five fully organic ingredients: coconut oil, full-spectrum hemp extract, lavender, peppermint, and stevia. Our CBD oil comes with the same stringent quality assurance and money-back guarantee as our gummies.

The hemp extract we use is high in both CBD and CBN, maximizing its effectiveness for sleep support. Lavender also adds a touch of relaxation — studies have shown it can help relieve anxiety, which may improve sleep when worries are weighing on your mind.

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Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil For Sleep: CBDfx Sleep Tincture

Dropper jar with white label next to purple box

If you want a fast-acting sleep aid but would rather steer clear of THC, a broad-spectrum tincture could be the way to go. You’ll get the benefits of sublingual CBD use without the psychoactive component of cannabis.

As with any broad-spectrum CBD product, this choice may involve sacrificing a little bit of potency. However, it’s probably a good idea if you’re sensitive to the intoxicating effects of THC.

Why CBDfx CBD Oil?

CBDfx checks many boxes for safety and reliability. The company uses organic hemp and extracts the active ingredients with a solvent-free, CO2-based process. Plus, it uses third-party testing to ensure its products are free from common toxins like heavy metals.

The brand’s broad-spectrum Sleep Tincture contains a nice mixture of CBD and CBN (though there is less CBN than our sleep drops). There’s also some melatonin, which might help compensate for the lack of THC.

The melatonin dosage could be high for many users. Each serving contains 5 mg of melatonin, the maximum most users take for sleep disorders. If you’re more sensitive to this active ingredient, a dose this size will likely leave you feeling sluggish the following day.

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Best CBD Topical Cream: Aspen Green Relief Cooling Cream

Glass jar with white and pink label

Ingesting CBD products isn’t your only option. Many of the compound’s helpful effects can also be obtained by rubbing it into your skin, and many creams and massage oils are designed for this purpose.

Topical CBD may not be as effective at relieving anxiety or directly promoting sleep. However, many people report that it’s a significant source of relief for problems like muscle tension, back pain, or restless leg syndrome. If you’re experiencing issues like these, a soothing CBD-based cream could help you relax and drift off.

Why Aspen Green CBD cream?

We’re big fans of Aspen Green’s commitment to using 100% natural and organic ingredients. The company also has a consistently strong reputation for quality, with all its products manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility and tested by reputable independent labs.

User reviews confirm that their Relief Cooling cream has a pleasant, non-greasy feel and provides fast-acting pain relief. Along with full-spectrum CBD and THC, it contains several botanical ingredients that fight soreness and tension, such as Arnica and Evening Primrose Oil.

The main complaint from those who’ve tried it is that there’s just not enough in the package, and it runs out quickly. That’s a shame, considering that each jar costs $89.

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Best Dessert Edibles: Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bar next to orange wrapper

Gummies make an excellent addition to a nightly sleep routine, but sometimes, you might want something more indulgent. An after-dinner CBD cookie, chocolate, brownie, or other edible can be a delightful way to help yourself fall asleep.

The pros and cons of dessert edibles are pretty much the same as gummies, though you’ll need to be a bit more attentive to the sugar content.

Why Vital Leaf CBD edibles?

These tasty chocolate bars come in three different flavors: Classic Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Crunch, and Hazelnut Sea Salt. Customers give all three good ratings for their tastes and textures. Each contains 20 mg of CBD per segment, making it easy to adjust your dose as desired.

Vital Leaf chocolates aren’t marketed as CBD products to help sleep and contain no additional slumber-friendly ingredients like CBN or melatonin. However, users with sleep disorders resulting from anxiety, stress, or pain will likely find them helpful.

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Best CBD Pills For Sleep: Lazarus Naturals Sleep Capsules

Jar with red and tan label

Some customers might not want to have to think about the sugar content of edibles or bother with placing CBD oil under their tongues. The simplest and quickest way to use CBD for sleep may be to simply wash down a pill or two with a sip of water.

This mode of application is excellent for dosing accuracy, although it may not allow for the same level of precision when you want to adjust the amount you’re taking. Cutting off part of a gummy or taking fewer drops of CBD oil is much easier than dividing up a capsule.

Why Lazarus Naturals CBD capsules?

Lazarus Naturals grows all the hemp it uses on its in-house organic farm, allowing it to ensure superb quality. It’s also transparent with its testing results. As a certified B Corp, it works to give back to the community by funding nonprofits like the ACLU and the NAACP.

These capsules contain 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD and 10 mg of CBN, plus 10 mg of CBG, a cannabinoid believed to be helpful for inflammation and pain relief. This combo should provide gentle relief for a broad spectrum of sleep disorders, though it might lack the insomnia-fighting power of melatonin and THC.

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Best CBD Bath Bomb: Joy Organics CBD Bath Bombs

Jar with red and tan label

A relaxing soak in the tub can be a fantastic way to de-stress and prepare yourself for sleep. You can enhance its relaxing power by adding a bath bomb infused with CBD, helping your muscles unwind and relieving lingering pains.

Keep in mind that cannabidiol absorbed through the skin won’t reach your central nervous system, so bath bombs aren’t necessarily the best CBD products for enhanced sleep. But even though they don’t fight insomnia directly, they may work wonders if your aching muscles and joints are making it hard for you to fall asleep.

Why Joy Organics CBD Bath Bombs?

We like these bath bombs because they’re crafted from organic hemp and free of synthetic fragrances and other artificial ingredients. Like all of the best cannabis products for sleep, they undergo independent testing to verify they don’t contain pesticides, mold spores, or anything else you wouldn’t want to smear on your skin.

Joy Organics Bath Bombs use lavender essential oil to add sleep-friendly aromatherapy. They’re also wholly THC-free. While they might not work well for severe insomnia, they should do the trick for relaxation and ache relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can CBD products actually do anything to help with sleep?

The science of how cannabinoids interact with sleep isn’t completely settled. However, a growing body of clinical data provides evidence that CBD can help at least some people get to sleep faster and enjoy better-quality sleep. And thousands of happy users agree.

What factors should you take into consideration when choosing a CBD product for sleep?

The most crucial factor to consider is whether your CBD products come from a trustworthy supplier.

Look for companies that share their Certificates of Analysis (CoA), confirming that their claims about how much CBD their products contain are accurate and that there are no potentially toxic impurities. Knowing where to buy CBD for sleep can be a safety issue.

You should also consider your specific sleep challenges and choose an appropriate mix of ingredients.

For example, products high in CBD can be helpful if anxiety and stress are your main sleep obstacles, while added CBG may be beneficial if you have persistent pain. CBN is often good for people who wake up often at night, while melatonin is effective when poor sleep habits or jetlag have thrown off your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle).

What are the pros and cons of using CBD products for sleep?

The pros of CBD sleep aids include:

  • They may help with issues underlying insomnia, like anxiety and chronic pain
  • There’s no prescription required
  • CBD is often gentler than clinical sleep medicine, with milder side effects

Possible cons include:

Are CBD products for sleep safe for you?

Current evidence shows CBD sleep products appear safe for most healthy adults. Adverse drug interactions are possible, so you should always check with your doctor if you’re on prescription medications. We do not recommend CBD products for children or anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the potential adverse side effects of CBD products for sleep?

Side effects from CBD sleep products are relatively rare and usually mild. The most common include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Reduced appetite
  • Nausea or diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Try the Best CBD For Sleep Risk-Free

A woman opening a jar of FOCL Good Night Gummies

With our superb quality controls, independent testing, and premium ingredients, we’re confident that FOCL can’t be outdone when it comes to CBD products that help you sleep.

The best part is that you don’t need to take our word for it. Our industry-leading guarantee means you’ll get back everything you spent if you’re not 100% satisfied. So, head to our product page and take the next step toward better sleep.