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CBD Gummies For Focus and Concentration

It can often be difficult to stay focused. With the ever-present internal monologue going off like a fire alarm, you might feel distracted when you’re performing tasks that require complete concentration.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some reasons why you struggle to focus, things you can do to up your concentration game, and how CBD might be able to help you along. 


Key takeaways

  • Issues like lack of sleep, medications, pain, hunger, and stress may cause poor focus and concentration.
  • By promoting reduced stress and more energy, CBD may help you stay focused throughout your day.


What causes poor focus and concentration?

There are a lot of reasons that you might struggle with poor focus and concentration, and many of them have to do with your lifestyle. Let’s get into some of the reasons you might be having a hard time keeping your eyes on the prize. 

Lack of sleep

There are many reasons why it’s essential to get between seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Not getting enough sleeping or poor sleep can cause your body to produce more cortisol, which is the hormone that makes you feel stressed.

When you’re stressed, it’s harder to stay focused and can cause slower reaction times, lowered comprehension, and cognition impairment, which can all lead to difficulty concentrating and focusing.


Not getting enough sleep can lead to stress, but even if you do get enough sleep, there might be other things in your life that make you feel stressed out. Upcoming deadlines, financial responsibilities, at-home tasks, raising a family, or just being a human with cortisol can lead to stress, which makes it harder to concentrate and focus. 


There’s no shame in seeking professional help and if you need to be on medication for physical or mental ailments, but it’s well-known that some medications and drugs may have some pesky side effects, including messing with your focus and concentration abilities.

Side effects like drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, and others can make it hard to keep your mind on the task at hand. Always talk to a medical professional if you feel like your medication isn’t right for you and is messing with your ability to function at your best. 

Hunger or dehydration

We all get hangry once in a while, which can wreak havoc on your concentration abilities. Instead of skipping meals to meet a deadline or get things done, make sure you’re fueling your body so it can be in tip-top shape.

Also, make sure you hydrate properly. Making sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated can help you stay focused and improve your concentration. 

Proper nutrition

Yes, you have to eat. Yes, it’s okay to get a burger and some fries once in a while. However, as a lifestyle choice for better focus and concentration, it’s important to make sure your diet is nutritious (for the most part, don’t forget to treat yourself sometimes too).

Making sure you have a balance between eating lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, proteins, legumes, and seeds is essential. It’s best to stay away from too many added sugars, sodium, saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol. 

Pain and discomfort

Millions deal with aches and pains, from chronic pain to mild discomforts caused by injuries and the like. When you’re in pain, it can affect your physical, emotional, and mental state and a study has shown a direct link between pain and concentration, also messing with long- and short-term memory. 


Do focus gummies work?

There are tons of gummy supplements that promise to improve your focus and concentration, and they might just help. While making sure your lifestyle and day-to-day habits are healthy, focus gummies containing compounds like CBD may help you stay focused and keep your attention sharp. 


Can CBD help you focus?

CBD, or cannabidiol, may be helpful if you’re lacking focus and concentration. Because CBD has many potential benefits to your general well-being and health, CBD may also help you stay attentive and power through your to-do list. 

How does CBD work for focus?

CBD and other compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plants react with the endocannabinoid system, which can help regulate many bodily and mental functions.

A study has shown that people who use CBD benefitted from the effects when it comes to dealing with fatigue, increasing energy, stress, quality of life, pain and inflammation, focus, cognitive function, and sleep quality.


CBD for focus and concentration

Here are some ways that CBD can help your body prepare for better focus and concentration:

  • Pain and discomfort: CBD is used by many people to help deal with pain and discomfort, from headaches and muscle discomfort to topical injuries and chronic pain. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of CBD have been researched with promising results. When you feel good, your focus is bound to reap the benefits. 
  • Sleep: getting enough sleep and making sure the sleep quality is great is another way for your brain to function properly so you can focus and concentrate. CBD is used by many as an effective sleep aid, helping them relax and calm down, fight off insomnia, and fall into a slumber after counting just a couple of sheep. Plus, this is science-backed
  • Stress: we all deal with it. You’re sure to feel stressed at some point, maybe even now. The calming effects of CBD and other cannabinoids may help lower cortisol levels through the direct effects and help you get more sleep, which can improve focus and concentration.
  • Energy levels can also affect your focus and concentration. While CBD is known to help you relax and calm down, feeling at ease can also help you feel more motivated and energized because it helps to ease those thoughts racing through your head. 


Other benefits of CBD for wellness

CBD has many potential benefits for general well-being and a good wellness routine. Let’s get into some of our favorite products and why we love them so much. 

FOCL Day is the go-to for the early bird go-getter. While this supplement is packed with premium hemp-derived CBD to help your body and mind stay focused and relaxed, the capsules also contain a blend of energetic adaptogens to help get your day started with a bang.

Organic Lion’s Mane supports cognitive performance, organic Rhodiola Rosea fights fatigue and improves energy levels, L-theanine can be helpful in memory and focus, Vitamin B6 can help regulate your mood and support overall brain health, and organic Bacopa Monnieri supports focus, so a morning capsule of this unique combination of focusing and relaxing compounds is the perfect start to a good day.

If you’re looking for a CBD-only option, go for FOCL Premium CBD Drops. FOCL uses clean and simple ingredients to help calm body and mind with soothing effects that help you focus on whatever you need to get done, whether that’s hitting the gym, working away at the office, cooking a meal, running errands, or hitting the hay.

Pick between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD in 1000, 2000, or 3000mg dosages, and choose one of the four delicious and organic flavors: natural, mint, orange cream, or cherry. 

If you’re curious about FOCL products but don’t know where to start, consider putting the FOCL Focus Bundle in your cart. The bundle includes FOCL Day with energizing adaptogens and calming CBD, FOCL Premium CBD Drops with broad-spectrum cannabidiol to help you refocus and soothe the mind, plus Better Together, which is a morning supplement that can help amplify productivity and ease your mind so you can focus on what needs to get done. 


Where to buy CBD focus gummies online

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized all hemp-derived cannabis products containing less than 0.3% of THC on a federal level, so you can (probably) get CBD focus gummies online wherever you are. Make sure to double-check with local and state laws to see if you apply.

For the best focus gummies, check out FOCL Premium CBD Gummies. Deliciously available in sour watermelon, tropical punch, and mandarin orange is just an extra when it comes to the benefits of your choice of 25mg of broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD per chewy delight.

Taking CBD in a yummy gummy form makes it feel like more of a treat than a supplement, and you’ll love the effects that’ll leave you feeling more focused and attentive.