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Can You Take Too Much CBN?

What’s cannabinol? Is it the same as CBD? How much can I take? These are some of the most common inquiries when trying cannabinoids like CBN

As the market has expanded, hemp products with new cannabinoids have become increasingly popular. This is why we have gathered first-hand information about a specific new minor cannabinoid: CBN.

If you want to know how much CBN you can take, what’s the correct dosage, and if you can take too much of it, we’ve got you. 

So let’s explore the world of CBN, how it can work with CBD and our recommendations for trying this potential natural sleeping and anxiety aid.


What is CBN 

Let’s start with the basics. CBN, or cannabinol, is one of the minor compounds found in the hemp plant. 

Specifically, CBN is found thanks to the degradation of delta 9 THC. Some people also refer to this cannabinoid as the reason why you feel drowsy when consuming old hemp or cannabis.

While compared to other major cannabinoids like delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, and even CBD, there’s still a lot to understand about CBN. What we do know is that CBN has some affinity for the CB1 receptor of our endocannabinoid system.

Thanks to its origin of THC degradation, cannabinol is known for having pretty minor psychoactive properties yet still having several therapeutic benefits. 

A 2019 study noted that CBN doesn’t provide noticeable “highs” or intoxications, while the binding to the CB1 receptor could potentially help with muscle pain.

 Other potential benefits of this cannabinoid are:

The latter has been studied since 2012 when researchers concluded that cannabinol could provide an alternative as a non-psychoactive way to help manage eating disorders and promote increased food intake.

As you can see, CBN has plenty of potential for different treatments and ailments while still being a natural compound. However, it is important to understand how it works, how to use it, and its side effects. 

Let’s dive deeper into that.


CBN side effects

While there’s still a lot to know about this cannabinoid, there is very little evidence of CBN causing relevant side effects.

With that said, the general recommendation with most cannabinoids is to avoid consumption if you are currently breastfeeding or pregnant

There are also a few noticeable side effects that users have reported, such as grogginess, drowsiness, and dizziness. This could also be partly due to CBN products being paired with CBD, which can cause this reaction in certain users.

Also, according to the entourage effect, other cannabinoids can be potentiated. A study of CBN in 2006 noticed that CBN increased the psychoactive effects of its sibling cannabinoid, THC. 

While cannabinol on its own didn’t provide any major psychoactive effects, it did make THC’s effects more powerful. Because of this, we do recommend being careful when taking CBN with THC products.

Suppose you are thinking of trying cannabinoids to help you aid with insomnia. In that case, we always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider or health professional before adding any sort of supplement to your diet, including natural-based products.


How to use CBN

This is a little complicated, as it all depends on the type of product you want to use, your metabolism, and even if your product also has other cannabinoids. And in general, CBN is often paired with CBD products to have a stronger effect.

With that said, you can feel relieved that CBN can be used during the day on its own. When paired with CBD, we’d recommend using it before going to sleep, as using CBN at night can lead to drowsiness thanks to the mix of both cannabinoids.

This last part can be great if you are looking for sleep aid, but as always, we recommend trying CBN at home with lower doses and listen to your body and its reaction. 

If you want to use this cannabinoid to promote better sleep, we recommend trying out a small dosage (about 5mg) around 30 minutes before bed. 

Once you know the effects, you can always up the dose after a few days to a week. This method is called microdosing, and it is often used when using cannabinoids for their therapeutic effects.


Can you take too much CBN?

CBN is considered to be safe in large amounts, and there is no evidence that you can overdose on this cannabinoid. Even so, taking a high dose of cannabinol is not recommended due to its sedative effects. 

Users have reported that high CBN could lead to sleeping more than you intended, having trouble staying alert, or even feeling dizzy. And as an appetite stimulant, you might not feel satiated in higher doses, but this is mostly anecdotal evidence from users.

You should also take into account that CBN is usually paired with CBD. That means that you might also have a huge dose of CBD rather than a major CBN dose. This could be one of the reasons you might feel groggy or even sleepy during the day. 


How much CBN is too much

Now, as we stated above, you cannot overdose from CBN. However, we recommend not using more than 50mg of CBN daily, as it can affect your day-to-day activities. 

While there is no present toxic dose for CBN, the “toxic” dose for CBD products falls around 20000mg in a single dose.

Most CBD presentations contain anywhere from 300 to 1500mg of CBD per tincture bottle or CBD gummy container.

As with CBD and CBN products, due to their relaxing and sedative potentiated properties, we recommend starting with small doses and slowly increasing as you meet your requirements.

But rest assured that there is no evidence of overdose of these cannabinoids.

Regarding dosage, most experts recommend a 20mg of CBD to 5-10mg of CBN dose per day. To reach the known toxic level of CBD, you’d have to ingest about 13 and 300 bottles of CBD + CBN tinctures.

This is pretty hard in a single take and a little of a stretch to consider consuming it all at once.

We’ll explore the better dosage if you want to use the CBD and CBN combo for sleeping and anxiety down below, so you can have a starting point depending on what you look for.


CBN dosage for sleep

You might be wondering, what’s the best dosage if I want to start taking CBN to get better rest? Or simply put, a guide on how to take CBN

Well, while cannabinol is a natural compound, you should start with microdosing. This means starting with lower doses and slowly increasing as you feel the effects.

Everybody reacts differently to cannabinoids, but as a general rule, we recommend starting your intake at 5mg. After having your first experience with CBN, you can start increasing to 5mg per week and up to 15 through 20mg of CBN.

As we explained above, CBN with CBD can make you feel drowsy, which is great for sleeping but not so much during the day. So stick with a higher dosage only if you are using this mix as a sleeping aid.

You can also add CBG to the mix if you want to help your sleep quality, and you can read the difference between these cannabinoids in this article.


CBN dosage for anxiety 

Now let’s talk about using CBN for anxiety.

As we have explored, CBN has very few side effects but when ingested with CBD, you can make you feel a little bit groggy, hence why we recommend sticking to lower doses if you are having a stressful moment or anxiety symptoms.

A 5mg of CBN and 15mg of CBD dose should do the trick, as it can be very helpful towards alleviating certain symptoms that are anxiety-related. As always, try consulting a healthcare provider before starting any supplement-


Where to buy CBN 

If you want to try this cannabinoid, we fully recommend trying it out with other cannabinoids like CBD to get the entourage effect for better potency. Our CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies are an incredible option to try out while being fully safe. 

Each of these gummies contains 25mg of premium CBD extract, in broad spectrum or full spectrum formulations, which pairs up with 15mg of CBN for an incredibly potent formula. These edibles are formulated to help you sleep better, letting you go to sleep easily while also repairing your sleep quality.

If you want something more discreet and pocketable, try our Sleep Drops, combining our premium broad spectrum CBD extract with CBN and MCT oil as a carrier. These also have organic lavender and peppermint extracts and stevia to give them a sweet, soothing flavor. 

By using the relaxing boost from these natural compounds, these CBN products can potentially help and support fighting certain symptoms of insomnia. They contain zero THC, so don’t worry about its psychoactive effects. 

Being fully vegan, and super discreet, enjoy these supplements as a treat while recovering from your sleep.