FOCL Immunity 3-Pack - FOCL
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Your ultimate plant-powered immune support.

FOCL Immunity 3-Pack


Elevate your immunity beyond standard supplements with our CBD-free blend of medicinal mushrooms and healing adaptogens.

  • Medicinal Mushrooms: Help boost white blood cells & reduce inflammation.
  • Herbal Adaptogens: Support immune function with natural antiviral properties.
  • Amplified Immunity: Expertly formulated to enhance each ingredient’s
    benefits together.

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Every Day

FOCL Immunity may be used any time of day consistency is key to unlocking all of its benefits.

Take 4 Capsules

The recommended daily dose is 4 capsules. Do not exceed 4 pills in a 24-hour period.

With a Full Glass of Water

FOCL Day can be taken on a full or empty stomach. We recommend taking with a full glass of water.


It’s antiviral abilities help shorten cold and flu symptoms, while helping soothe stressed out nerves.


Reduces inflammation, supports heart health, and is packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals.


Stimulates white blood cell activity and supports their natural ability to fight infections. Help soothe fatigue and combat stress.


Heart, metabolism and immunity boosting mushroom rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Works as a synergistic ingredient to bring together the benefits of other fungi.


Supports brain function, boosts energy and provides the body with vital amino acids and B vitamins that turn food into energy. 


Outsmart infections. Known for its antibiotic properties, this legume root helps train your immune system to fight off major attacks.

We blend all of our products in GMP Certified Labs that follow strict FDA Standards, ensuring a contaminant-free product. And because we’re so serious, we have our products regularly third-party tested for the highest quality and safety possible.

Free of Pesticides

Free of Heavy Metals

Free of Microbials

Free of Mycotoxins

Free of Residual Solvents

Free of Filth

Mother Nature's Best Ingredients.


Vitamin C and Zinc are not enough.

FOCL Immunity is strategically formulated to fill in the gaps left by standard immune supplements and naturally support:

White cell
Faster cold

Choose your level of defense.

Take Two

Take two (2) everyday as part of your daily supplement routine for consistent immune support.

Take Four

Feeling sick or just need a little extra defense today? Dose up and take up to four (4) per day.

FOCL Products

Ancient Medicine + Modern Science

We paired the most powerful, natural ingredients used for centuries to fight infection to create the ultimate immunity-boosting supplement—without the fungi taste.

Consistency is key.

Be Proactive About Your Health

We recommend incorporating FOCL Immunity into your daily routine long-term to help continuously fortify your immune system for more effective defenses.

Week 1

The ingredients begin to build within your body and naturally support your immune system when taken daily, but full effects take more time.

Month 1

With consistent, daily use, increase white blood cell support and amplify antiviral properties in your immune system for more reliable defenses.

Month 2+

When taken daily, thrive off a fully fortified immune system that proactively stops common illnesses before you get sick keeping you healthy and performing your best.

Common Questions

  • Why are there no vitamins in FOCL Immunity?

    We believe in plant-powered wellness. While a balanced daily diet is the best way to get many immune boosting vitamins and minerals, our unique superfood formula supplements a healthy diet and works with your natural defenses to protect your body from bacteria and viruses.

  • Should I take FOCL Immunity when I’m feeling healthy?

    Yes! FOCL Immunity was designed for everyday use. It fortifies your immune system, so you stay healthy. We always recommend consulting with a physician if you take other medications or begin to experience any symptoms.

  • How does FOCL Immunity boost my immune system?

    FOCL Immunity uses natural immune boosters to strengthen your immune system. Our immunity blend is packed with antioxidants and stress-relieving herbs to fight free radicals and boost white blood cells.

  • Can I take FOCL Immunity with Vitamin C, Zinc or other supplements?

    Yes. FOCL Immunity fills the gap that other vitamin supplements leave behind by blending uncommon ingredients, like echinacea, elderberry, and our unique mushroom blend, that most do not get through their daily diets.