Calm. Rest.

Your best night’s sleep. In a bottle.

Say Hello to The First Ever Hemp Wellness Stack.

Other products give you just hemp. FOCL Night is Premium Hemp plus five (count ‘em FIVE) stress-fighting adaptogens and calming botanicals. All that in one bottle.

Everyone Needs Support.
We Get Ours From Mother Nature.

Resting well is the difference between staying where you are and getting to the next level. FOCL Night was designed for that next level life. Take two at night and before you know it, you’ll be bouncing out of bed the next morning. Ready for a brand new day.

No high and no jitters

Stay present and clear-headed.

Non-GMO & Doctor Formulated

Premium American-grown Hemp.

Deep relaxation

Feel Calm & Relaxed

100% risk-free

Don’t love it? Pay $0.

Plant-Powered Rest.

With ingredients like Valerian Root, Ashwagandha, and Hops Flower, FOCL Night supports better sleep, relaxation, and an overall calm mind.

I’m loving FOCL Night with Valerian Root, Ashwagangda, and 5-HTP. I’ve been a bit on edge with my work schedule which has been keeping me up at night, but FOCL’s nighttime blend has absolutely helped me get a more restful night’s sleep!
- Brittany

Transparency Is Who We Are.

FOCL Night is formulated in an FDA-approved, food-grade, GMP-compliant facility (a rarity in the industry). Our third-party test results are publicly available, and our ingredient list is written in normal-person language.

Animal Ingredients
Pesticides or Herbicides
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Try FOCL Day risk-free for 60 days. If you’re not
happy with it, pay $0.

FOCL Night

Calm a busy mind

Sleep deeply

Wake up refreshed

My sleep has been so much better, nothing like sleeping like a baby on a Friday night right. I’ve been picky when it comes to hemp but FOCL is one of my favorite for sure.
- Jackie