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How to Stay Grounded in the Present

It’s hard to stay present, especially since we live in a world where our attention is constantly being called to things outside of the moment at hand.

Whether you’re fixating on the past, worrying about the future, or just indulging in one of many distractions, you’re probably having trouble focusing and feeling in touch with the present.

While it takes practice to stay grounded, there are things you can do to get on the path toward mindfulness, which can have positive effects on your overall wellbeing.


Key takeaways

  • Staying grounded means being centered, in control, and accepting of the present.
  • Staying grounded can help deal with stress.
  • There are many habits you can adopt to help stay grounded.
  • Supplements may help you stay grounded.

What does stay grounded mean?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you should stay grounded” thrown around, but do you know what it means? 

Essentially, staying grounded is to be centered, in control of your emotions, accepting the current reality, and casting away unnecessary thoughts.

When you stay grounded, you’ll feel focused on the present, increase your feelings of self-worth, concentrate on your sense of purpose, trust yourself, feel connected and balanced to nature and your surroundings, and practice mindfulness.

It might sound easy in theory, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds.


How to stay grounded in the present

Staying grounded requires time, practice, and patience. Still, it’s all well worth it once you start to feel yourself become more focused, calm, and ready to accept everything that life throws at you.

Baby steps are essential, especially if you’re just starting out on this journey. Let’s have a look at some ways that you can stay grounded in your life.

Practice gratitude

Sometimes we can be distracted by little annoyances and other times it can feel like the world is crashing down on us. While you don’t need to force yourself to be happy when you’re not feeling it, practicing gratitude can help you stay grounded and appreciate the beauty in the things that you might not see.

Did someone compliment you? Noted. The sunset today was especially beautiful? Write it down. You were able to treat yourself to snacks? That’s reason enough to be grateful.

Prioritize your mental and emotional health

Prioritizing mental and emotional health is essential to staying grounded and in the moment. Everyone deals with stress, sadness, anger, and other overwhelming emotions. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, but allowing yourself to feel these emotions is part of staying grounded.

Still, know when you should reach out for extra support. There’s nothing wrong with needing help. Talking with a mental health specialist or reaching out to supportive friends can make a difference when you feel overwhelmed with emotion.

Get grounded physically with exercise

Physical activities can help you stay in touch with your body and mind. You might not feel like hitting the gym every day, but there are other things you can do to boost your energy, stay grounded, and get your body moving.

Hiking, dancing, playing sports, doing yoga, and playing tag are all great exercise options.

Apreciate simple gestures

It’s all about the little moments. Your roommate offered to do the dishes. A stranger smiled at you. Your fur child cuddled up to you on the couch. All of these little gestures can help you appreciate life, live in the moment, and enjoy every moment as it passes. 

Take a break

There’s no shame in needing a break. In fact, it would be strange if you didn’t need one from time to time. Think about it: bears hibernate, trees lose their leaves, ocean tides recede, snow melts, and you deserve a break. Give yourself a chance to ebb and flow and just chill out.

Connect with others

Social connection is a human necessity. While you don’t need to be out partying every weekend (unless that’s your thing), it is important to stay connected to people who make you feel good. Sometimes, the difference between a good and bad day is a chat with a friend.

Connect to your breath

Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Hold. Repeat, repeat, repeat! Mindfulness is best achieved when you’re focusing on the simplest things, starting with your own breath.

By concentrating on the air filling your lungs and slowly being exhaled, you’ll not only feel better but also send signals to your brain that help you relax and stay grounded.

Eat grounding foods

Keeping your body nourished is essential to feeling your best. Definitely let yourself have a treat once in a while, but also make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to feel good.

Fruit, veggies, greens, and proteins can all help boost your system. Keeping a healthy balance between healthy and not-so-healthy but delicious food is important.

Be kind

Be kind to others and to yourself. The world is a cruel enough place as it is, why would you want to be another cruel voice? Learn to see yourself as an extension of other people, and vice versa.

At the end of the day, you never know what someone is going through, just like they don’t always know what’s up with you. Staying kind and considerate can help you foster healthy relationships and encourage empathy.


Techniques to stay present

Counting something

You’ve probably heard about counting sheep to get to sleep, but counting isn’t exclusive to sleep remidies. When you feel overwhelmed or out of touch with the moment, you can try counting things around you to become more aware of the present.

Try counting everything green, everything clean, everything bright, everything pretty, or everything interesting to you. 

Body movement

Moving around can get you out of a funk and help you feel centered and present. Sometimes, all you need is a little solo dance party in the middle of the day to help you feel your best when the circumstances are furthering you from the present.

Savoring a scent

Try taking a deep breath when roasting coffee beans, enjoy the smell of the rain outside your window, revel in the scent of fresh air, put on your favorite perfume, or walk into a bakery to relish the smell of freshly-baked bread.

Scents, particularly those you find to be pleasant, can help to relax your mind and keep you grounded in the moment. 

Listen to your surroundings

Just like scent, listening is another sense that can help you stay grounded and centered. Maybe there’s silence around you, enjoy that. In a bustling office, appreciate the sound of humans working together.

In a place of nature, remember to listen for the rustling of leaves, the crashing of waves, or the chirping of birds. 

Solo task

We like to think of multitasking as a skill, but it isn’t always ideal. When work or responsibilities seem overwhelming, try to solo task. Solo task means tackling one task at a time, instead of splitting your focus between a million things.

By doing this, you’re more likely to avoid distraction and focus on the present.


Supplements to help with calm

When all else fails, you can find support with supplements that are great for brain health. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are a few examples.


L-theanine is an amino acid that’s often found in green and black tea, as well as some mushrooms. Because it may help ease stress and anxiety and reduce insomnia, it might help to fill up the pot with some hot, comforting tea.


MCT oil is found in many supplements, including CBD oil. Known for boosting energy and controlling appetite, it can offer a helping hand when you’re dealing with a lack of motivation.

Ginkgo Biloba

Gingko Biloba has been used for thousands of years in Chinese ancestral medicine. Its potential antioxidant, stress-fighting, and brain-enhancing benefits are some of the reasons why people are including it in their lifestyle.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen, meaning it may help your body deal with stress. The 140-plus active ingredients in the root have helped people for generations in Russia and Scandinavia, easing stress, fatigue, and lack of motivation.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is also known as water hyssop and is an herb often used in Ayurvedic medicine. Its potential benefits include improving cognitive function and relieving stress, which can help you stay grounded by interacting with the dopamine and serotonin systems.


Resveratrol is a polyphenol that possibly acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body against damage from diseases. You can find it in the skin of red grapes, peanuts, and berries.

Maca root

The Maca root has been used by some populations in Peru for thousands of years. Nowadays, it’s known for its potential benefits to health and vitality, which include a boost in libido, energy, and mood.


CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. Unlike THC, it’s not psychoactive and won’t alter your perception of reality. It’s been used by many people who swear by its potential benefits, especially since the federal passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp-derived products including CBD.

While more research is needed to confirm CBD’s benefits, self-reports and early studies suggest CBD may help with stress, mild pain, and inflammation, among other ailments.

How CBD helps calm

It’s still not clear how or why CBD can be used to manage stress. Still, some research has shown that CBD interacts with the serotonin system in the brain. When serotonin is stimulated, it plays a role in regulating your mood, sleep, digestion, and behavior. 

This being said, CBD may potentially help you feel calmer, more centered, and more grounded.


Where to find CBD for calm

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