FOCL takes 1st at the Aoki Olympics! | FOCL

FOCL takes 1st at the Aoki Olympics!


On September 21st, 2019, FOCL sponsored and participated in the first-ever Aoki Olympics to #savethebrain in Las Vegas, hosted by the Aoki Foundation. It was founded by our friend, DJ, and wellness enthusiast, Steve Aoki in 2016. 

The foundation’s vision is to realize a world where degenerative brain diseases do not exist. Since it’s founding, The Aoki Foundation has granted over $500,000 to support research on regenerative medicine, brain health, and preservation.



Powered by our FOCL Day stack—which kept us focused, energized, and balanced 😉—our team powered through games like Twister, A-O-K-I Basketball, and a Giant Trike Race. FOCL team member, Sharone Hakman made it to the final round, which included intense "Blender Bike" and "Save-the-Brain" Puzzle challenges. Sharone went on to become the 1st-ever winner of the Aoki Olympics!


Team FOCL participated in the Olympic games. Our team included:

Sharone Hakman - Chef and Founder of Hak’s Food & FOCL user

Cameron Han - Personal trainer & FOCL user

Jay Farber - Entrepreneur & FOCL user

Ken Lawson - FOCL CEO



Thanks to @sldesigns for taking over our Instagram Story for the day and giving us a behind the scenes peek at all the entertaining games and amazing event! 

Finally, we’d like to thank the Aoki Foundation for partnering with FOCL on a legendary day and applaud their efforts to raise money to #savethebrain

See all the highlights here.